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Relationship Imagines by CadencePigeon
Relationship Imaginesby Cadence
A series of short stories/imagines and poems about love. Enjoy! :)
Poems I Write in my Head by Rose De Glanville by Rose_DeGlanville
Poems I Write in my Head by Rose Rose De Glanville
Romance, hurt, and a hole in the gut. 16 personal poems of mine that nobody has seen, and are based off of my own hurt and personal experiences. Interpret them how you w...
Unconditional by SeleneAmaris
Unconditionalby Selene Amaris
for the hopeless romantics🌹 #1 romance poem (04/09/2022) #1 creative writing (04/06/2022) #1 poems (3/30/2022) #1 poet (3/30/2022) #1 bookofpoems (3/24/2022) #1 freever...
crushing on him by ironicallyurl
crushing on himby Anna
'the feelings I get, I'd never regret' A journey of sweet and bitter memories with the persona as she expresses her feelings while she falls in love - in poems. [A poem...
Sweet Sorrow by rebelchild445
Sweet Sorrowby Arii🎶
I've always known sorrow was my smile. I've gone through pain and it felt like a breeze. Why? Is it that I'm too used to it? Or am I immune to it? Days and days go by an...
i miss u by biocidal
i miss uby biocidal
poems for the special people that roam inside my mind with music
Poems I Wrote When I Was 18 by Flutterby3000
Poems I Wrote When I Was 18by Andrea Rouillard
I've had these poems sitting around for a few years now, so I figured I'd put them somewhere.. They're not great.. a lot of pining and angst and depression (slight trig...
Love You by jacqueline_banks
Love Youby Jacqueline Banks
A short collection of modern romantic poetry. I may write more in the future so the collection is not complete. ❤️ Adonis of London ❤️ Do I Love You? ❤️ Love Infinite ❤️...
Written for him by Flutterby3000
Written for himby Andrea Rouillard
Just a collection of things I wrote for the one I love
♡❀~. Poetry .~❀♡ by winnyluvznihachu
♡❀~. Poetry .~❀♡by ophelia
Poetry Some Abt ex's, feelings, my current s/o, etc
A Book of Unspoken Thoughts by hangrycat_
A Book of Unspoken Thoughtsby Nadi
The story you wouldn't care about.
Songs From A Broken Heart. by thataviguy
Songs From A Broken Avi Mrigank
Well. Heartbreak is nothing New. But the pain feels like something never felt before.
A Poetry Book For A Past Time by imtheaceofyourspade
A Poetry Book For A Past Timeby Noah
I wanted to try writing poetry and try using other types of artistic writing so have some poetry pages!
The Love Within by authorDianaHills
The Love Withinby Diana Hills
This boy has my heart and he has me helpless. I am writing with all the love in the world, poetry of my heart; the love within. Just thinking about how much I love him a...
lofi boi by blasphematic
lofi boiby year xxx
an original story made up of chapters of sappy poetry entries of love. © blasphematic started: ~2017 ended: oct. 10 2017
Sad Poems (trigger warning) by BrookeyCookie30
Sad Poems (trigger warning)by Brooke
My words. Just words. So much meaning. So much hurt A message of self harm, anorexia, bulimia
•a string of poems• by riddleandme
•a string of poems•by myprettyjuliet
my own line of poems that i have crafted! each one is ambiguous, not tied to the other, however this will not always be the case. feel free to critique <3
Short Story poems by CreepyAbyss
Short Story poemsby Void
Poems that have meaning. A collection of poems. Poems that have short stories behind it. Poems that you can either relate. Some are in tagalog while most is in english...
THERAPY SESSION || Book 1 by QkeenC
THERAPY SESSION || Book 1by QkeenC
this is how he broke my heart.