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The night of love  by Figueiredo_rafaa
The night of love by Figueiredo_rafaa
todo bom romance, começa com uma boa amizade!
The academy (of love) (lesbian)  by oliviaMJBC
The academy (of love) (lesbian) by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
August is a new student of the all girl academy Of gifted girls. Every single girl in the academy are some what special. There either musically talented, or with sport...
Would you do anything I ask?  by oliviaMJBC
Would you do anything I ask? by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
I made my life a poem I give it short verses slowly I made them into songs when you came into my life. I felt my life become longer but will Our love be long or is it ju...
Love is never easy  by oliviaMJBC
Love is never easy by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
A one week holiday to London leads to a new friendship then more the lonely introvert mets a bubbly book shop worker met each other and spend one week together but when...
When the day met the night. by oliviaMJBC
When the day met the Olivia🏳️‍🌈
Two completely different people who look completely different in all different ways a prefect blonde who's up tight and someone who thinks there flawed but can they chan...
Us together (LESBIAN. GXG) by SkylarKate6
Us together (LESBIAN. GXG)by Skylar Kate
A young girl named Ren has been questioning her Sexuality for years. She meets a young girl named Alice and ever since she met her everything has been different
It's only us  by oliviaMJBC
It's only us by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
Two opposite people but only one thing in common. Jade had always been a stubborn hot headed musician who always had something wrong with her. Luna is a bubbly basketbal...
Trying not to fall for the rockstar  by oliviaMJBC
Trying not to fall for the Olivia🏳️‍🌈
When Lillie the manger of Rose with thorns realise the lead singer/ bassist is cocky ambitious but mostly attractive but you can't mis pleasure with business even if th...
how we met.(lgbt) by oliviaMJBC
how we met.(lgbt)by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
It's a big city full of life and people but it's funny how I ran into you more than once. London is a book store owner in New York City a simply life she leads with hers...
Garoto Canadense by JorgeRodrigues
Garoto Canadenseby J. V. Rodrigues
Gui e Steve namoram há dois anos. Ambos acabaram de se formar no ensino médio e estão em busca de seus sonhos, porém não esperavam que seguiriam caminhos diferentes.
Erotismo e Salvação by PauloCruz1
Erotismo e Salvaçãoby BIXAPRETA69
Após um tempo afastado dos palcos por problemas emocionais graves, Xoloni (Oni) retorna à Bolha, sua cidade natal depois de ser convidado à interpretar um dos papeis pri...
Ádrien é Jornalista, praticamente impedido de exercer sua função corretamente. Jovem esguio, míope, inteligente e solitário se aventurou no Brasil em busca de uma inexpl...
Life too the fullest  by oliviaMJBC
Life too the fullest by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
Olivia has always been too scared to live life too the fullest until she meets Roxie and all the sudden they both wanted to live there life's too the fullest so they can...
What the hell is that school love by topazguy
What the hell is that school loveby topazguy
Cheryl Blossom é uma garota de 17 anos que tem poderes. Quando tinha apenas 7 anos, foi enviada para uma escola interna para pessoas como ela. Não é uma tarefa difícil q...
The Journal || GxG by CassFlores001
The Journal || GxGby C a s s 🐜
Then,I remembered the journal.It was left on the bathroom floor before I attempted suicide.Mother would have been angry at me,she doesn't want a broken daughter,especial...
The man HE dreamed by Halakadaizz
The man HE dreamedby Jewel Balajadia
So this is like an LGBTQ... story and i hope you like it hehehe<3
The new girl..  by oliviaMJBC
The new girl.. by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
I've always had a normal life with everything in order. Being 16 in Wales in a small town as a lesbian things can get complicated no matter how hard I try. But now there...
Amor en cuarentena by Leyre_RR
Amor en cuarentenaby Leyre R.R.
Historia de un amor en tiempos de confinamiento.
Por Dentro do Armário (Romance Gay) by WhesleyDiniz
Por Dentro do Armário (Romance Gay)by WhesleyDiniz
Quando as portas forem abertas, quantos abraços das pessoas que dizem que me ama serão verdadeiros. Receberei abraços? Receberei amor? Tais perguntas não serão respondid...
You'll be mine  by oliviaMJBC
You'll be mine by Olivia🏳️‍🌈
Everything has always been simple for grace she lives in a small town with even smaller school just outside of London but when she mets a American she isn't interest...