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The Billionaire's Price (A Steamy Romance) anselacorsino
8.5M 246K
Somehow I Ended Up Being Kidnapped By A Billionare beenalongtime
2.8M 80.3K
Miss Clumsy and the CEO VampirefangsRule
5M 138K
Under Mafia Protection alea_lee
5.8M 195K
Desire- Book I elizabethrosem
16.5M 419K
The Italian Devil F-CKSH-T
8.5M 279K
It's Simple. I use you. You use me. giveasmilex
1.5M 37.9K
Living With The Bad Boy crazycliche
5.3M 134K
What Vincent Wants #Wattys2015 katiecruz
4.2M 146K
Storm and Silence RobThier
28M 982K
Borgata - Book II #wattys2015 katrocks247
3.4M 190K
The Other CEO (REVISING) ivojovi
23.9M 424K
Cleaning For The Mafia inbar_bienner
402K 9.5K
Chasing Stars - A Midnight Mafia Novel ObsceneIrrationality
935K 49.5K
Sleep Deprived thepurplerose
1.8M 87.5K
Not love a business contract (formerly finding love in a marriage contract) sweetiezee
1.7M 41.6K
Dangerous Conceit alea_lee
837K 37.7K
The Billionaire's kidnapped Bride #Wattys2015 kitkatlove143
2M 60.7K