Her Billionaire's Daughter by NShairah
Her Billionaire's Daughterby NShairah
Her story was different. She was broken, she was left alone and without anything left since a little angel came into her life. Her daughter. Her little angel, her everyt...
  • singlemom
  • kidnapped
  • romance
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Their Eternal Love by Aria6262
Their Eternal Loveby Aria6262
Lin Xi, a designer from the 21st century, dies as he admires an alluring stranger. He meets a system that promises him the chance to encounter many sexy men. This begins...
  • transmigration
  • rebirth
  • boyxboy
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Beverly by beyondlocks
Beverlyby beyondlocks
Clyde Dante A smart ass architect who always lock himself in his office working. He's a workaholic and that made him a really successful architect. He came to his bestfr...
  • architect
  • cute
  • lovestory
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The Billionaire  by alizzz10
The Billionaire by alizzz10
Eva Taylor joins a new high school when she shifts to New York with her sister, Hailey. There she meets a billionaires son, Max Ward who's the biggest playboy of school...
  • arrogant
  • billionaire
  • billionaireromance
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His Possession by Crystal7016
His Possessionby Crystal7016
What happens when a delicate flower is forced to live in harsh darkness? ________________________________________________________________________________________ ||Meet...
  • love
  • bookworm
  • pain
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Grangers by lightthecandle
Grangersby lightthecandle
HIGHEST RANKING: #241 In Romance (03/21/2018) Alisia Granger is the daughter of a notorious gang leader, and she's her father's right hand girl. She's dangerous and quie...
  • deadly
  • sexy
  • wound
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His Forceful Love(Beastly Love)✔ by hinashiekhfff
His Forceful Love(Beastly Love)✔by hinashiekhfff
ABHAY SINGH RAIZADA he is a mafia don.he is also called beast .noble people dont even want to cross his path MYRA KAPOOR she is as pure as snow .her innocence makes it...
  • mafia
  • sweetgirl
  • innocentgirl
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His Flower (COMPLETED) by hinashiekhfff
His Flower (COMPLETED)by hinashiekhfff
Its a sweet romance AARAV SINGH RATHORE He is known for his coldness in the whole university .girls fall at his feet and he doesnt even bother to take a glance at them ...
  • sweetlove
  • sweet
  • innocentgirl
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The Legend by Bosy_elselhdar
The Legendby Bosy_elselhdar
I pulled myself of the bed , wearing my bra and my dress, searching for my G-string.. Then his hands waved up my G-string "Where do you think you are going? Conquer...
  • mafia
  • obessive
  • bosy
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His Ruthless Love by hinashiekhfff
His Ruthless Loveby hinashiekhfff
WAHAAJ ALI KHAN he is the definition of ruthless mafia . he doesnt care about anyone except his mother. people avoid looking in his eyes in fear of seeing his black so...
  • romance
  • aimankhan
  • sweetgirl
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Fulfilling my husbands desire - SS  by Sukorian
Fulfilling my husbands desire - SS by Sukorian
A village woman 21 years married a city man 30 years An arranged marriage with leads to a passionated love + 18 stuff will come
  • lakshya
  • friendship
  • laksh
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DUSK TILL DAWN by radhaajay
DUSK TILL DAWNby radhaajay
This plot deals with newly wed couples Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Anika Raichand.It will initially showcase on how couples ideally support each other and picturise commitm...
  • romance
  • ishqbaaz
  • shivika
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Highschool DXD x Male Reader: Cheated by Alanics
Highschool DXD x Male Reader: Chea...by Alanics
(Y/N) (L/N) is the rook and loving boyfriend of Rias Gremory, when (surprise) he finds Rias with her pawn Issei. After being completely heartbroken (F/N) begins to ques...
  • akeno
  • highschooldxd
  • harem
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Ironhand (Riders Of Tyr #5 - MC Romance) by AdelinaJaden
Ironhand (Riders Of Tyr #5 - MC Ro...by AdelinaJaden
Chiara is a journalist. A good one. All she needs for the world to know that is a scoop. Her instincts tell her that the Riders of Tyr have a few stories to offer to the...
  • captive
  • violence
  • enemiestolovers
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Doomed To Be A Cannon Fodder by jaycelb24
Doomed To Be A Cannon Fodderby jaycelb24
*This is not Mine* Written by: Whistling Night Rain (潇潇夜雨) Translated by: etvolare, Eudaimonia, Grace, Grenn, mycyan, Ruyi, timebun, tranzgeek, ying Edited by: Deyna Fro...
  • male-lead
  • romance
  • china
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Ai eshte... by LiMonCellll
Ai eshte...by LiMonCellll
Rreth paragjykimeve dhe ideve njerezore , dy te panjohur por aspak te njejte u duhet te jetojn sebashku.Ajo ishte vajze arrogante ndersa ai nje djal me mistere por I par...
  • drama
  • romance
  • judge
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Reincarnation Of A Prosopagnosia Villainess | ☑ by aquaseries
Reincarnation Of A Prosopagnosia V...by aquaseries
Yu Yan Ran lived in the 22nd century, in a humble home and a complete set of family. She has always had prosopagnosia, face blindness in other words. However, this never...
  • comedy
  • love
  • drama
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My Mother's Boyfriend by user88812824
My Mother's Boyfriendby user88812824
I'm Millie I'm 17 nearly 18 I'm tanned, size 10 have curves, long brown straight hair to my hips, I have hazel eyes. I live with my mum (Nancy) her boyfriend Rueben (hot...
  • sexy
  • turnons
  • sexualintercourse
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