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Yesterday (Will Poulter fanfic) by SunnyCoolKid
Yesterday (Will Poulter fanfic)by Sunny
"I don't know exactly when I fell in love with him. It could've been yesterday, or last week or last month or last year. But some part of my heart has always loved...
Lucille by WoodLynd
Lucilleby WoodLynd
"You marked me." She seethed, her breath hitting his skin. So many emotions swirled in her mind. Lust from his proximity, fear from it, but mostly? Mostly rage...
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We're in This For the Long Haul (A Scott McCall fanfiction) by MrsDerekHale14
We're in This For the Long Haul ( MrsDerekHale14
Since birth, Stiles, Scott, and Dani have always been the best of friends. When Scott was bitten, Stiles and Dani was also thrown into the supernatural world helping Sco...
ImmortaL Love by plsiwasin7thgrade
ImmortaL Loveby Anna White
Manson didn't care if his Lover was on his side or not. ALL that mattered was to bring Twiggy back to him safe & sound. He'd do just everything to save Twiggy, but what...
Ninjago one shots by LloydGarmadon17
Ninjago one shotsby Neko Lloyd~
a reader x ninja series of one shots. Enjoy!! <3
Fatal Wings by UnknownHeartship
Fatal Wingsby UnknownHeartship
Rebekah is a quiet 16 year old girl. She is basically a mute in school and doesn't really give a care about anyone, including herself. One day after work she finds herse...
Restless Heart by Miss_Anonymous14
Restless Heartby Miss Anonymous
She never stopped loving, it was here greatest quality and her greatest weakness. She would give you every piece of her restless heart.
how we meet  by dhritibathija
how we meet by Parth ki deewani
hi guys!!!! this is my first story, Hope you guys like it ... ...
The cycle by Txnyee
The cycleby Txnyee
If he can, why can't she ? If he doesn't care, why should she?
Rivals by bellmel0
Rivalsby Melanie
Violeta Blackthorn lives a normal life with her best friend Charlotte Lightwood. But her life seems to take a twist when she accidentally steps into a fight between two...
Abuse, Love and Romance by KelseyFenech0
Abuse, Love and Romanceby Kelsey Fenech
Spencer is a 22 year old student who's in a relationship with a guy called Mark. She isn't happy in the relationship, they often fight and he would often hit her. She ne...
Character files  by -WiIdFIower-
Character files by WildFlower
Character files for The feelings we seek If you're like me and don't like seeing photos of characters then don't click on this If you're not like me and want a referen...
Forbidden Love (Todobaku) by Joselynn_imbored
Forbidden Love (Todobaku)by Joselynn_imbored
I'm not good with descriptions so if you wanna know, read the story and also todobaku is my otp 😌
The Sound of Silence by danielyeshe
The Sound of Silenceby danielyeshe
How do you love without communication?
Sweet Nola by ChikinKoala
Sweet Nolaby ChikinKoala
Nola! Beautiful! Kind! She has a successful career and is surrounded by compassionate friends. She takes care of her beloved little brother who is prodigious in music. H...
The Umbrella ||Book: One|| by Ackerman_Megan
The Umbrella ||Book: One||by Ackerman_Megan
I am someone who only sees grey. I see no color. I have been through things no one ever thought possible. But one day I met him... The one who changed my life. Made me h...
Annoying Lovely (Conrad x Reader) (A Kong Skull Island Fanfic) by IAMTIEBROUS
Annoying Lovely (Conrad x Reader) thefudge
Y/n L/n hated James Conrad. And he did too. They loved to annoy and tick off each other. She's the cartographer and he's the tracker. BIG differences for them. But both...