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Praeses Domina Ultimum - Doctor Who by FriendofthePhoenix
Praeses Domina Ultimum - Doctor Whoby FriendofthePhoenix
Freddie Trelundar Smith. She helps her mum investigate suspicious alien activity with the super computer in the attic, she helps her cousin Kate with U.N.I.T. investiga...
The Last Great Time War: part I by BlueWhaleKing
The Last Great Time War: part Iby Sam Dunford
The Eighth Doctor is summoned back to Gallifrey as tensions between the Time Lords and the Dalek Empire come to a head. What will the Doctor do as the universe is consum...
Glume cu Bulă by Catalina8300
Glume cu Bulăby Cătălina22
Titlul spune tot :) Bulă este un important personaj fictiv al umorului românesc, în esență neserios și, frecvent ajuns în situații penibile dar pe care le depășește cu s...
Eseuri pentru Bacalaureat-Limba și literatura română by dreamergirll24
Eseuri pentru Bacalaureat-Limba ș dreamergirll24
Bacalaureatul vi se pare stresant? Ei bine, nu este chiar cel mai greu examen... Tot ce trebuie să faci este să înveți și să te concentrezi... Dar întrebarea este: ce? Î...
Romana ~An 11th Doctor fan fiction by prudencejohanna
Romana ~An 11th Doctor fan fictionby Prudence Johanna
Romana use to travel with the doctor during his 4th carnation and now she is back. Join her with her adventures with the 11th doctor and Amy and Rory, starting with the...
Hetalia World Orgie by eatmywetazzholie
Hetalia World Orgieby Listerine
please don't do cocaine aye cocaine ruin your brain what. this be a crack fic and lemon
If I Might Fall by cftredrum
If I Might Fallby cftredrum
1#Fall 2#Nothing 3#forreads. 4#misunderstandings Romana Mare Pinchelli is a girl with a lot of older brothers and a lot means six...
Doctor Who: The Great Ferocity by AttakZak
Doctor Who: The Great Ferocityby Zachary Denoyer
Doctor Who Alternate Series 12 Episode 1: The Great Ferocity - Amidst a great anger overtaking the Universe the Doctor must reunite with old friends to search for the on...
Doctor Who: Planet Rome by CalebSchadeck
Doctor Who: Planet Romeby Caleb Schadeck
After finding (or re-finding) a coordinate cube in the TARDIS library, The Fourth Doctor and Romana land on the mysterious planet Rome. The doctor notices a problem, the...
Gallifrey Falling by writerofbookofspells
Gallifrey Fallingby writerofbookofspells
Romana. The Doctor. The Beginning. The End. 7 parts of their history together.
Secrets of the heart by Romana_II
Secrets of the heartby Romana_II
Narvin/Romana Narvin cant stop thinking about his President or is it a dream?
The perfect valentine by Romana_II
The perfect valentineby Romana_II
Eight/Romana The Doctot takes his true love to the singing towers
Running by Romana_II
Runningby Romana_II
The Doctor and Romana are running, some things never change Romana/Doctor really short scene between 11th Doctor and his Time Lady
Return to E-space by Romana_II
Return to E-spaceby Romana_II
The Time Lords have requested for the Doctor to bring Romana home but will he?
A marriage of  convenience by Romana_II
A marriage of convenienceby Romana_II
Romana is entering into a marriage of convenience but who does her hearts really belong to?