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Praeses Domina Ultimum - Doctor Who by FriendofthePhoenix
Praeses Domina Ultimum - Doctor Whoby FriendofthePhoenix
Freddie Trelundar Smith. She helps her mum investigate suspicious alien activity with the super computer in the attic, she helps her cousin Kate with U.N.I.T. investiga...
The Last Great Time War: part I by BlueWhaleKing
The Last Great Time War: part Iby Sam Dunford
The Eighth Doctor is summoned back to Gallifrey as tensions between the Time Lords and the Dalek Empire come to a head. What will the Doctor do as the universe is consum...
Cine te-ar Iubi? (Chiar dacă ai fi singura fată din lume)  by Nabi345Nairobi
Cine te-ar Iubi? (Chiar dacă ai Na bi 🦋
Stă-tea în fața mea și mă privea -Cine te-ar iubi? -Chiar dacă ai fi singura fată ... nu te-as alege niciodată Apoi am rămas blocată , de ce eu ... am ajuns să sufăr...
Timelords by BaguetteManOfficial
Timelordsby BaguetteManOfficial
I got the idea for this story from the title of a doctor who episode. Honestly I don't even know what I'm going to make this story about.
Ziua in care ZappyTV a fost trimis in viitor de catre pateul lu Simion Tocanita by NOOBJJDKKJ
Ziua in care ZappyTV a fost The real noob Noob
Zappy TV vroia s-a faca un vidio despre pateu, dar a auzit un clopotel de la usa lui cand a deschis-o a gasit un package de la Amazon, ooooo DA AMAZON NU FACE LIVRARI IN...
For The Honour Of Gallifrey by doctorofhope
For The Honour Of Gallifreyby charlie
The 4th doctor landed on etheria to visit an old friend, while there he meets two young heroes Adora and Catra, but things soon go wrong, as the timeline changes leave t...
Romanadvoratrelundar by Romana_II
Romanadvoratrelundarby Romana_II
An Doctor/Romana reunion featuring the 11thDoctor and Romana_II
everything I didn't tell you [ENG&RO] by AnnaStyles508
everything I didn't tell you [ AnnaStyles508
[ENG] - the poems written in English [RO] - the poems written in Romanian Please do not use my poems anywhere unless you credit me. All rights reserved © @AnnaStyles508...
The mirror effect by Romana_II
The mirror effectby Romana_II
Romana is getting married to Braxiatel but is she marrying the right brother or is it the Doctor she should be marrying?
Back on Gallifrey by Romana_II
Back on Gallifreyby Romana_II
After having some time away from Gallifrey after her ordeal Romana returns to Gallifrey.
The forbidden room by Romana_II
The forbidden roomby Romana_II
A room that has remained locked since the love of his life has died. Can the Doctor keep the promises he made to her?
The Children of Rassilon by ankliterature
The Children of Rassilonby ankgaming
Returning to her homeworld to give birth, Ank finds herself caught up in plots by a cult of her own people and one of the creators of Gallifreyan society
4 characters  by IAmIdealisticBroski
4 characters by Aspiringdaydream
*not an actual story,yet,just a character description on 4 of the new characters in a potential future story*
My Reward by Romana_II
My Rewardby Romana_II
The Doctor is about to regnerate and they is one last person he has saved for last Romana. Some rules are meant to be broken
Carnaval - Poem by ADStephen
Carnaval - Poemby A.D. Stephen
Un carnaval nefast și un călător pierdut în negura pustiului.
Third Breakfast  by DeathsKittens
Third Breakfast by The Author of Your Pain
Rory Williams and Amy Pond get Time Lord regeneration explained to them over the best breakfast on the planet. This breakfast just happens to be so good it provides the...