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Brutal Beauties (Supa Strikas) by Masterofchange
Brutal Beauties (Supa Strikas)by Masterofchange
I suck a descriptions so Haven Foret a waitress and a derby girl tuff as nails. She plays for the Brutal Beauties one of the best Roller derby teams in the world what ha...
  • brutalbeauties
  • soccer
  • rollerderby
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Barbies Can Skate Too (lesbian) by JessSkywalker
Barbies Can Skate Too (lesbian)by Jess
Lucia Day hated stereotypes. People who looked at her would immediately believe she was a dimwitted blonde who comes from a high paying family and had dreams of marrying...
  • barbie
  • lgbt
  • lesbian
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Raka & Roll by jameshroberson
Raka & Rollby James Roberson
Roller derby is a big deal on Micelle, much like it is in many corners of the galaxy. When a prominent player on Micelle's national team turns-up dead, questions and ac...
  • detective
  • crime
  • funny
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False Start (Falling Small Duet, #1) by rebelfarris
False Start (Falling Small Duet, Rebel Farris
False Start (Falling Small Duet #1) by author Rebel Farris! Get yours on February 7th! ☛ Sometimes bad decisions... are made for...
  • firstperson
  • tattoos
  • romanticsuspense
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Moral Objections by ErRonie
Moral Objectionsby E. R. Ronie
Briana, a former sports trainer, is now involved in charity work, a passion inherited from her uncle. Her partner, Joe, is a private detective working on a murder in the...
  • rollerderby
  • mystery
  • shortstory
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Derby Saved My Life (Lesbian) by 4theLoveofWomen
Derby Saved My Life (Lesbian)by 4theLoveofWomen
The Derby team that helped this one person find what was lost thru blood, tears and rage.
  • adventure
  • vampires
  • truelove
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Skating On Your Own  by riverstixxs
Skating On Your Own by kitty Cheshire
this story is about a girl named hanna who wanted to be a roller derby champion but people think she can't do it but then she meets 3 people who believes she can. what w...
  • rollerderby
  • skating
Muggle in a Wizards world by MakaylaDelaney6
Muggle in a Wizards worldby Makayla Delaney7
  • weasley
  • rollerderby
  • harrypotternextgen
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mad by lolgirlz100
madby June Fucik
Jade is a normal eleven-year-old who is in roller derby and is in middle school until she finds out something that will change her life forever.Shes gone mad.
  • mad
  • gory
  • rollerderby
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Pain And Punishment by BlueFishFood
Pain And Punishmentby Mad-Dog
Pain And Punishment was Kathrine Jake's derby name. Well, was until the fateful day that her family + the car got slammed into a rock. She lived. But there were three bo...
  • death
  • lesbian
  • derby
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Gear Up by CrayWobblerFF5
Gear Upby CrayWobblerFF5
Emmiline Baker, nicknamed Emmy, witnesses the murder of her abusive fiancé. She is then moved halfway across the country as part of a Witness Protection program. There...
  • murder
  • rollerderby
Las Luchadoras 1 by hserrata
Las Luchadoras 1by hserrata
Corporate power-house Dana Sharp has decided to sponsor a Roller Derby team for Uniques. Try-outs are being held on Jenny's home Earth and she's determined to join desp...
  • powerrangers
  • derby
  • loteria
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Laps (ON HOLD) by Clutch-Kill4WD
Laps (ON HOLD)by Sorry, Honey. i ate the sun's...
A new girl to a big game, Lilah, is extremely intimated as she shows up to her first bout. (Even though it is just to watch and keep skaters under control.) She was recr...
  • bout
  • jammer
  • skates
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Daybreak by psykicked
Daybreakby nandini
--- In 1955 seven-year-old Finn Wrangley moved to the suburbs of Michigan. There's nothing worse than being hurled into an unfamiliar environment, especially when you'...
  • 1960s
  • talkthepoc
  • baseball
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Roller derby player vs basketball player  by jimineHQ13
Roller derby player vs I_stole_the_jams!!!!
You are just a shy nerd in school no one really notices you. But what happens when the hottest most popular yet stupid boy in your school needs your help to pass the gra...
  • suga
  • myg
  • bts
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When Derby Hurts by emohair
When Derby Hurtsby 67% troll 33% cherub
For a teenage girl named Kay with anger issues roller derby helps a lot. She has split personality disorder and mental instability. She's gay and falls in love with a gi...
  • lesbian
  • rollerderby
  • love
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roller derby ! finn wolfhard (under development) by ElevenIsMyAlterEggo
roller derby ! finn wolfhard ( ElevenIsMyAlterEggo
and if you lose... boohoo.
  • noahschnapp
  • calebmclaughlin
  • finnwolfhard
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Princess on Wheels by Mudbug95
Princess on Wheelsby Olivia
The sport of roller derby is exciting and intriguing to many people. Including four boys from the Australian Pop-Rock band when they hear about a match "through the...
  • 5sos
  • lukehemmings
  • 5secondsofsummer
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Derby Baby! by Koba72
Derby Baby!by Rizzy Ti
A story of Love, Addiction, and Rink Rash. (I do NOT own the cover all rights reserved.)
  • rollerderby