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Fairy tail lemons by fairytail900
Fairy tail lemonsby Zayla
I enjoyed writing lemons when I started but then these same people commented rude things and I got really pissed so I stopped. This book of lemons is obviously going to...
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Do You Remember Me? [completed ✔️] by honeycrumbles
Do You Remember Me? [completed ✔️]by honeycrumbles
Is it possible to forget the one that taught you to love? . A new threat arose in Magnolia. The guilds decided to join forces to beat this threat together. But what if t...
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Kings without queens  by MalisaMisa
Kings without queens by Malisa
Every king needs their queen right? In one school, not only one king rule but 8 of them. None of them liked being famous. None of the wanted all the girls. None of them...
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Sleepover! Fairy Tail Fanfic! by Almost-Dead-Inside
Sleepover! Fairy Tail Fanfic!by SomewhatDeadInside
Yes I know their are already a thousand stories like this but eh. Mirajane plans a sleepover and invites all her friends to the sleepover and plans to make her ships set...
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Fairy Tail High by AlterPerception
Fairy Tail Highby Logic
Where there are towns, there are schools. Where there are schools, there are students and people. Where there are students and schools, there is a lot of excitement. Thi...
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Fairy Tail Texts! ^~^ by FireFistPSLs
Fairy Tail Texts! ^~^by FireFistPSLs
As you can see in the title, this is Fairy Tail characters texting one another. It may not seem much at first, but it'll get better, or worse.. Honestly I couldn't tel...
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Fairy tail the matchmaker by Tyger420
Fairy tail the matchmakerby Tiger_Kiwi
It's the perfect time...for my plan It's dragon mating season It's right after the grand magic games What happens when all the guilds go on vacation? what happens whe...
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The Love Of Tigers (A StingYu & Rogura Story) by TheEmeraldLegend
The Love Of Tigers (A StingYu & TheEmeraldLegend
Things around Sabertooth are pretty normal. Except for one thing. Mermaid Heel is staying with them. After the Mermaid Heel guild hall gets destroyed, they ladies have t...
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Bands In School (Discontinued) by fairytailships4ever
Bands In School (Discontinued)by Ships
There are two band. Fairy queens and dragon kings. Each band has 6 members and have a manager and stylist. Fairy queens hate dragon kings because something happen in the...
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My Reckless Dragon... Slayer by LunarQuinn
My Reckless Dragon... Slayerby Wolvine
Rogue isn't the type that takes risks. He likes to play it safe and hides behind a cold exterior. Kagura doesn't like to show expression. She always wears the same cold...
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That Room by Naneru
That Roomby Okotte
While Hosting a secret sleepover party at in the Fairy tail guild, After midnight, One by one of all those girls were disappearing. 【 Not in order. Story is in Third...
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It Was Illegal by Walkerishly
It Was Illegalby ani
Welcome, to a society named Fiore. The best of the best. This is the laws you must follow, break these rules, and their will be consequences; 11. No smoking/drinking 10...
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{COMPLETED} If Our Story Was Different (A Rogura FanFiction) by freshtaebreze
{COMPLETED} If Our Story Was mika — 미카 🌿
What if the Grand Magic Games never happened, how would they meet? And if certain guilds weren't AS active? What difference would it make? This FanFiction is pinpointed...
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Would You Love Me If... by honeycrumbles
Would You Love Me honeycrumbles
you don't know me. but nonetheless, you still loved me. more than anyone else, who has seen the real me.
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Fairy Tail Beach Vacation (Hiatus) by Almost-Dead-Inside
Fairy Tail Beach Vacation (Hiatus)by SomewhatDeadInside
I know I already had a story like this but I just didn't like it at all. So I'm starting over! It's going to be the same kind of thing but a little different. It's the b...
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Little Crystals [Slow Updates] by CitrusPanda44
Little Crystals [Slow Updates]by Rebecca Fullbuster
We're rich We're famous And yet we're ordinary, right? No one knows yet but with really annoying boys popping up everywhere it won't be too long. ----------------- Not...
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The Summer When We Met by honeycrumbles
The Summer When We Metby honeycrumbles
" I just want to be loved. " -L " I don't want to be abandoned. " -W " I hate being gloomy, I want to spread happiness. " -J " Just l...
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The Way of the Dragon Call | Fairy Tail fanfiction //COMPLETED// by skylight_eevee
The Way of the Dragon Call | skylight_eevee
All the dragon slayers are summoned by the once strongest dragon slayer to now, one of the six dragon rulers by a dream. The dream is said by their dragons either being...
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Circle Of Light  by Devakibb
Circle Of Light by Devakibb
वासांसि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय नवानि गृह्णाति नरोऽपराणि। तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णान्यन्यानि संयाति नवानि देही।। As a person gives up old and worn out garments and accepts new...
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Fairy Tail Messenger Group Chats -February Overload by SageSandigan
Fairy Tail Messenger Group Sage Sandigan
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