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Choosing You (JJ Watt) by SimpleAndAnonymous
Choosing You (JJ Watt)by peace
"I promise to choose you, every day for the rest of our lives." From day one, J.J. and Levya were on the same page. "Til death do us part" meant fore...
Living 'The Life' by Reader_who_writes
Living 'The Life'by Phoebe Greengrass
Hi y'all, I'm Lily-Rose Lancaster. Not a particular name - right? Well, its not. I'm just another 11 year old from Wisconsin. I love it here. Nothings gonna happen to me...
Ricky Road and Jelliet by LollyPollylikesFood
Ricky Road and Jellietby LollyPollylikesFood
This was a story about food cause I love food. It was just for fun so I hope you all like it.
The Wonders of Destiny  by YAShopes
The Wonders of Destiny by Y@Smine.N
▸ The story's title used to be "Choices with bound Destinations" ◂ Faye ( a 15 year old ) went through hell and beyond in a few years . Like every other teena...
Rocky Road & Cherry Garcia by reddysetgo
Rocky Road & Cherry Garciaby Neveda
Elsa's lives a lie; she's alive but not living. Parker's life is perfection; he's alive and living. A story in which two flavors collide. She's rocky road and he's cherr...
Adopted by o2l: Me and Her by Doodlegirl116
Adopted by o2l: Me and Herby Doodlegirl116
Elliot and her big sister couldn't give up Darwin when they came to the orphanage. When they get adopted by o2l what will happen then? Will they find out or lose Darwin...
My way to Dublin  by DmitriMungers
My way to Dublin by Alex Munger
My name is Ryan O'Shawn, I live in Dublin but I had some business in Belfast. It had to be the perfect time to have the insurgency of the 1970, united Ireland.
Rocky Road  by suckerforfictions
Rocky Road by Afro Punk
"Its a known fact the dark skinned girl never gets to drive off into the sunset with the hot guy." Hugo juggled the keys in his hands walking to the driver's s...
Compass  by RyanSchunk
Compass by Ryan Schunk
This is essentially what i viewed as my road ahead aswell as the path tread prior in life. I use simple symbolism, which made the writing quite fun. it's honestly the fi...
rocky road || muke by hemnesia
rocky road || mukeby i'm your mistake
"oh my god, everything about you is vanilla." - "what? i am NOT vanilla. i'm like.. a peanut butter rocky road with multicolored sprinkles, hot fudge, and...
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This Is NOT A Fairytale by Kozuijun
This Is NOT A Fairytaleby Kozui Jun
A true story of the journey of a kid who dares to go against the norm, fighting against obstacles and walking down a thorny path in order to chase his dreams.
Flaming Fury:The Beginning by reece4124
Flaming Fury:The Beginningby reece4124
A story where one man a mystic been from a different universe meets a woman on earth called Amila they became married and had a child called flaming fury and his twin Ch...
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