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Rock Bottom by AngelaLott9
Rock Bottomby Writesalott
Sometimes the events of life are completely beyond your control. Enduring the moment is hard, but it's what happens after that counts. Only a week from graduating high s...
There's A Thin Line Between Having Fun And Abuse by Mrs_applehead
There's A Thin Line Between Applehead😘
I turned the door knob with my hand sweating, nervous from what I'm going to face. I stepped inside reluctantly and saw Jacob staring at me with anger in his eyes. I gul...
Road To Rock Bottom ☆ᴇᴅɪᴛɪɴɢ☆ by YaDramaQueen
Road To Rock Bottom ☆ᴇᴅɪᴛɪɴɢ☆by 𝗛𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗮𝗵 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀
ROAD TO ROCK BOTTOM When Kingston High's popular girl Amber King got her heart broken for the last time, she decides being popular will cause her more difficulty than ev...
At the Bottom by _JerryDevonne
At the Bottomby _JerryDevonne
For the ones who reached rock bottom.. Here's someone showing you you're not the only one.. For the ones who haven't.. Here's what it feels like to reach rock bottom.. ...
For What It's Worth by hanhawoo
For What It's Worthby hanhawoo
Most girls want the same thing in a man-- tall, kind, handsome, and a gentleman. A man that showcases what a perfect prince should be. Except for Sam. She fell for the w...
By Any Means Necessary by FYDawn
By Any Means Necessaryby F. Y. Dawn
Life has a way of spiraling out of control and blindsiding you. That's what happened when Amelia received a phone from hell that changed the course of her entire existen...
The Aspiring Swordsman's Light by YasoMida
The Aspiring Swordsman's Lightby Fufu~
In Miriad Village, residing in Victoria kingdom, a place known for its closeness with nature, an aspiring youth, overshadowed by his father, a well esteemed knight, work...
I am James... by James_Thomas_Louis
I am James_Thomas_Louis
This is about various personal experiences I've had, due to being a trans guy. I'm writing this in the hopes it'll provide other trans people content they can relate to...
The Gift by Lovestruckcitygirl
The Giftby Lovestruckcitygirl
Two teenagers who are close to rock bottom find each other and love.
Lokai by gracielou_022
Lokaiby gracielou_022
"It's a Lokai bracelet," pointing to the object encircling her wrist "it represents the highs and lows in life." It was the last thing she said to h...
Is This Love? by ysmosmith5
Is This Love?by ysmosmith5
When two people accidentally fall for each other, what can be done? With many ups and downs, hitting rock bottom and building back up. Let me take you on a ride of...
It's Dark In Here by AdyIsAGoodGirl
It's Dark In Hereby Ady
When you can't see what's ahead of you, you fall. You try to feel your way around, but you can't stand. Finally, you let your mind wander. That's what I did. Because it'...
Welcome to Hell by IsThisReallyAThing
Welcome to Hellby IsThisReallyAThing
Hello there, I see you've hit rock bottom.
An Innocent Murder (A Spiral to Murder) by Creativecolette
An Innocent Murder (A Spiral to Charmed fan girl Book Author...
Five years ago, Brandon Meacham was living what seemed like a peaceful life, For once Everything seemed to go his way. He was doing so well at College and He was in love...
Shattered mirrors  by xeeeey1
Shattered mirrors by xeeeey1
Poems and writings, about love, life and everything in between
Dear Everyone Else by brokeasssgurl
Dear Everyone Elseby brokeasssgurl
So this is just a lil poem I made while reflecting on my life cause y'know why not document difficult tingz with words, its about our society and kinda my social life in...
Something more by Lilisdream
Something moreby Lilisdream
Words can be used They can mean something ... Or not
The truth about hitting rock bottom by wecantwejustchill
The truth about hitting rock bottomby justanothereader
"How do you explain to someone that you're sad but for no reason you can explain? That everything could be perfectly fine, but you are just sad. It takes over you...
The Harsh World 🌎  by Stoned2Daisy
The Harsh World 🌎 by Daisy Burton
How I feel about the world sometimes! How do you feel!