Attached (boyxboy) [ON HOLD] by DarkHeavensAngel
Attached (boyxboy) [ON HOLD]by Ace Wu
Shawn made a decision to fix this broken boy: Travis. After going through joyous as well as tough times, they come together. But more complications are paved on the road...
  • skateboard
  • rock-climbing
  • competition
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The Dare by gorjussyoungblood
The Dareby Randomer24
Have any of you ever had a group of 3 girls, 3 boys and all turned into best friends? Then meet Katy (K), Jodie (Jd), Laura, Kaiden (Kaid) Jacob and Felix. The group of...
  • friends
  • free-day
  • asking
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On the Edge ((ON HOLD)) by The_Starzee
On the Edge ((ON HOLD))by Starzee
Tasinee Phoenix has seen it all. Japan, Korea, South Africa, Cambodia. Between her dad being a pilot in the Air Force and her mom being a doctor without borders, Tasinee...
  • high-school
  • air-force
  • quadruplets
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