Taken by QueenSniper2003
Takenby xXSniperXx
"Once you know who I'am you'll regret it..." Lily Montero, 18 year old girl, just lost a job and the only job she can do is... as a stripper. She can o...
  • stripper
  • trust
  • fighting
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Diario de una suicida by suicidecrazygirl
Diario de una suicidaby Luna Black
Esta historia trata de Luciana Wisent, una joven de 17 años, que vivió y hasta ahora vive una vida llena de dolor, sufrimiento y abusos, descubre qué es lo que pasará e...
  • black
  • taehyung
  • pobreza
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 Opposite Choices  by QueenSniper2003
Opposite Choices by xXSniperXx
• Luna Bianca and Alpha Bryan died by their worst rival, The North Pack. • Sierra promised her brothers and her brothers promised her that WHEN they find their mate. &q...
  • rocio
  • rejecting
  • coldhearted
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Three Chained Hearts by jennyramos465
Three Chained Heartsby jenny ramos
Three girls Cecilia, Rocio, and Jenny Who fight for each other. Lot's of drama and action.
  • rocio
  • cecilia
  • love
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ALMAS GEMELAS by LoreleideJackson
ALMAS GEMELASby LoreleideJackson
- esto es imposible - pues créelo por que esta pasando - no puedes ser mi hija - soy tu familia, no puedo creer que hagas esto
  • jackson
  • michael
  • vampiros
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