Reminisce by so_hazel
Reminisceby Gypsophilia
"We should've never met in the first place..." Human's desire for perfection has led them to a downfall. A mass creation of androids traps them in a dilemma wh...
  • tragic
  • reminisce
  • obsession
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The New Steel Republic by NewSteelRepublic
The New Steel Republicby Drake Fladoor
welcome to the new steel republic, you will observe the growth of this faction as it picks it's self up from the remains of another 2 factions after a war. with the brai...
  • vegas
  • newsteelrepublic
  • fallout4
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Terranova: El Mundo Prohibido by FranciscoJQuezada
Terranova: El Mundo Prohibidoby Francisco Javier Quezada
En el año 2133 la humanidad enfrento el mas grande terremoto en su historia, su origen fue un misterio, afecto todos los países y regiones del mundo, destruyo prácticame...
  • catastrofe
  • futuro
  • novela
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Orobots of Atirood by legs_cramping
Orobots of Atiroodby Cᵣₐₘₚₑd ₗₑgₛ
Richard Dean Marshall is the genius behind the human-like Androids, Orobots. They immediately became a hit. They can help with practically anything, from cooking to taki...
  • robots
  • robot
  • fiction
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My flippin art book by VodkaFace69
My flippin art bookby VodkaFace69
About time I made one of these things.
  • art
  • mysterion
  • robots
Spare Parts (Detroit: Become Human)  by _x_chxrrrr
Spare Parts (Detroit: Become _x_chxrrrr
In a world that relies on androids to get the job done, two girls find that they may have more humanity than most humans. Will they help bring peace for all androids or...
  • android
  • romance
  • robots
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Zoey by _rrae_
Zoeyby rrae
After surviving a Massive Explosion in Chicago. Zoey feels nothing but Confusion, Guilt, and Fear while making a risky attempt to save Humanity.
  • action
  • apocalypse
  • worlddomination
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Nier Automata Hidden Secrets That Everyone Should KNOW! by _Zi0n_
Nier Automata Hidden Secrets 🐣
Well if you play the game or not, there are lots of random secrets and other stuff about this game that we loved about how Yoko Taro did this!
  • eve
  • robots
  • yokotaro
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Machines. by Wolfeimon28 Wolfeimon28
I am Amira. I am an android. In our world androids are given less respect then they should. You may know that we should be programmed to be to never harm a human being...
  • villain
  • robots
  • sify
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Cutie Cutie Ghost Show (scifi horror celebrity ghosts) by kfxinfinity
Cutie Cutie Ghost Show (scifi kfan
In a city where everyone's a social media celebrity, twin sisters Qannen & Qynka find it increasingly hard to stand out. There's always someone younger and hotter willin...
  • socialmedia
  • near-future
  • femalemaincharacter
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Short Story Collection by Claire-Sparkleheart
Short Story Collectionby Claire-Sparkleheart
Just a collection of short stories I've written, lol. Some I got from WritingPrompts on Tumblr and others are some I wrote for Free Writes in English Class. Pictures are...
  • dragons
  • princess
  • fiction
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Star Dogs by Jamesb111997
Star Dogsby James Barbatano
Based on the first Star Wars movie, Star Dogs follows a farm dog named Doug, who dreams of one day going on adventures. He gets his wish however, but he will have test h...
  • robots
  • doggy
  • spacetravel
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Creature X by Allen_Fried
Creature Xby Allen_Fried
Life is hard, it's fun. It's miserable, it's beautiful. It's painful, it's pleasurable. Life is about making friends, it's about being alone. It's about knowing a lot of...
  • meaning
  • robots
  • sadness
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Inferentia by jiglover
Inferentiaby Jake Glover
JP joined the family business mostly out of love and respect for his dad, Wallace Parker. It helped that the work was meant to do something good in the world - a hyper i...
  • familyconflict
  • robots
  • sci-fi
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A wirlwind of a life by Madwolfathogworts
A wirlwind of a lifeby Wolfgang
Are hearts were full of emptiness, even after the revolution. But one lone baby will change the world.
  • future
  • katsuki
  • adventure
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Transient by pastelxhearts
Transientby Alyssa Mitchell
A home with routine. The picture perfect couple. except, the wife is dead. Her conscious reprogrammed into a human-like robot.
  • fantasy
  • future
  • science
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Astro Boy X Reader The Seven Souls by Noonecame1212
Astro Boy X Reader The Seven Soulsby Noonecame
In every story, there's a protagonist. And that protagonist, always finds trouble. let's say that you are the protagonist. You travel along to different timelines who ha...
  • souls
  • romance
  • adventure
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Hiraeth by shezmytype
Hiraethby Mary Joy Munar
CJ03 is just a normal man who lived in a normal world.A world he thinks wasn't optimal for him,the immersion of humanity started and the race was destroyed by the viruse...
  • hiraeth
  • featured
  • galaxy
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The Only One (A TFA fanfic) by V_The_Skeleton
The Only One (A TFA fanfic)by V_The_Skeleton
(Warning:Strong language, gore, violence, OC x Canon shipping, mentions of alcohol and smoking, mentions of LGBT+ stuff, including polyamorous relationships. Also, slow...
  • foullanguage
  • tfa
  • gory
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