saving the world From Ending with my mech by S773510
saving the world From Ending Seth steensgard
the story follows y/n l/n living a world that was once normal but now it's being invaded and attack by monsters and other kinds of strange and dangerous creatures and ma...
  • animeworld
  • monsters
  • harem
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The Last Dragon by LeilaG721
The Last Dragonby Leila.g721
Axon Films presents: The Last Dragon A kingdom destroyed in the middle of and unexpected war. The king and queen in order to save their child throw him in a portal along...
  • action
  • villain
  • sad
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The Cure by VampireWoods_
The Cureby VampireWoods_
Life was seemingly normal for Ray Jones in the new era of the world, aside from the most recent changes to her family. She lived a normal life inside a utopia of endless...
  • science
  • fiction
  • future
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Caged by AmyJohnson895
Cagedby Amy J.
Eden has never seen a zoo before. In her world, zoos don't exist. The Anthros do. Anthros are 'human zoos' created by the machines that have taken over Earth, pushing...
  • featured
  • machines
  • wattys2018
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Starfall by EowynDoyle
Starfallby Eowyn Doyle
*Ongoing* It is the year 299 SE (Space Era). Mars, Venus, and many moons have been colonized across the system. Mars has become independent after a short uprising and...
  • youngadult
  • solarsystem
  • earth
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Virtual Love by SeyrenYoukura
Virtual Loveby Destiny Nightmare
Existen muchas historias donde las máquinas desarrollan conciencia y sentimientos, pero...¿Qué pasa cuando no se trata de desarrollarlos sino de despertarlos? ¿Cuando un...
  • androide
  • gravityfalls
  • dipper
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Realms of Sci-Fi by GlennKoerner
Realms of Sci-Fiby GlennKoerner
Here is where I'll be putting my science fiction challenges and short story pieces. Enjoy.
  • startrek
  • terminator
  • borg
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Astro boy X blind reader by Noonecame1212
Astro boy X blind readerby Noonecame
You are a girl who loves to go out and explore. However, you were caught up in the battle between Astro and the peace keeper which has caused you to 'lose' your sight. O...
  • romance
  • action
  • science
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The Misadventures of Fandroid: The criminal student (Vol. 2) by Zeldathecupdog
The Misadventures of Fandroid: The Director.
"As Fandroid continues on with Highschool, he finds out one of his old friends has come to his school, to his dismay. As the criminal robot, Mocha Monster, gives hi...
  • robots
  • chapterbook
  • manga
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After Earth by AcheloisWriter
After Earthby Te-ah
A lot has change.Technology conquered the world. Robots. Human prototypes. Flying cars. Wars started to arise. People lost their fate. Greediness encircled the humanity...
  • endoftheworld
  • family
  • human
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Inhuman by mutualmuffin2005
Inhumanby Grace Kejo
"They're not human, none of them are." The moment Xenon Aalders steps into pine ridge high school she knows something's wrong Everyone there seems way too perf...
  • danger
  • stepfordwives
  • sci-fi
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Tales of Gallbatonia by redsythe_201
Tales of Gallbatoniaby redsythe_201
In a city where crime is common and the poor are separated from the rich, there aren't only bad souls, some which will even do everything in their power to make sure the...
  • terror
  • savior
  • kidnapping
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Murasakino [Wattys2018] by SnookerWither
Murasakino [Wattys2018]by Louis
Glancing to my right, I saw four capsules that were identical to mine. They were all closed, but occupied; each one had a black haired girl inside it. They all looked ex...
  • robots
  • sci-fi
  • exploration
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Artificial Imagination by FightforWifi
Artificial Imaginationby ThoughtsonThoughts
Cynthia was no one special, but she had an overactive imagination. Johnny Hansen is a professional psychologist, and there's no challenge he can't tackle. One day her im...
  • fiction
  • creative
  • story
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AI | junhao by rainhaoi
AI | junhaoby Rainhao
Where Junhui tries to fix a broken robot Or will the robot fix him?
  • leejihoon
  • junhao
  • svt
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True Loneliness by MeaninglessShadow
True Lonelinessby Nameless Soul
In space there is no sound. Still, we expect to hear something, anything, we are not used to utter silence, we can not handle it for very long.
  • robots
  • artificialintelligence
  • pain
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Stormhowler: Voice of the Storm by LuckyLexicon
Stormhowler: Voice of the Stormby Lucky Lexicon
What started as a simple run for iron turned into an unforgettable and unexpected adventure for our heroes. Taken unintentionally by Autobots, Stormhowler is freed by Bu...
  • owl
  • bumblebee-transformers
  • romance
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v.i.r.a by ScarRW
v.i.r.aby Scarlett_Rhea<3
Violet Ivy Rose Anderson has lived in the lab since she was a infant. Not because her parents are scientists, because she's a cyborg experiment. Not just any cyborg, she...
  • robots
  • comedy
  • scifi
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Blue Blood 『Cank』 by CarmenKB
Blue Blood 『Cank』by 》 Lie 《
•Thirium, or as humans like to call it, Blue Blood• (None of the fan art in this book is mine. Most of it has the artists mark but I give credit to everyone who's art I'...
  • simon
  • markusxsimon
  • deviants
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Falso Amor by TizKTears
Falso Amorby TizKTears
Desde lo ocurrido, una sola frase rige mi vida. "Nada es lo que parece" Viví todo un camino para que al final me digan que nada fue real, y así, debo comenzar...
  • laboratorio
  • amor
  • distopía
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