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"Revival" Murder Drones GN!Reader by LU1EAS
"Revival" Murder Drones GN!Readerby LU1EAS
"Welcome administrator. do you wish to initialize project "revival?" [Y/N] Loading... Humanity was wiped out in a mere second on Copper 9. leading to the...
Pick Up Husband  by Stans_BTS
Pick Up Husband by IKA
When a silent,shy and beautiful 24 year boy feels left out when all of his friends gets married and some of them even having good news with them . So he thinks about pic...
Yeager Chronicles: After Extinction by MaxForgotLogic
Yeager Chronicles: After Extinctionby Max Night
Well, this begins with the fight with Optimus and Lockdown - where he basically gets sliced in half with Optimus' Knight's sword from the arm of Lockdown's ship. After a...
Lost In Time (a Chrono Trigger fanfic)[On Hold] by lSoniaBladel
Lost In Time (a Chrono Trigger lSoniaBladel
*Disclaimer: I do not own the photo used in the cover!* Katara (also known as Red) is a young girl, assigned to help fulfill the prophecy by queen Zeal before she lost h...
Neon Hearts by MaxAtreyuNight
Neon Heartsby Max Atreyu Night
All seems well on the starship Argort. Captain Juno's crew has a new mission from the Council that changes the crew's entire mission. Stowaways and betrayals, who is the...
Pre-Marginadas. by EltioRob
#6 EltioRob
Un fanfic de tres capitulos diferentes, todos pertenecientes al universo de mi AU Marginadas la guerra, como se fue formando la historia de Lynn, Ronnie anne, Carlota y...
Chico Misterio by YehiraMurillo
Chico Misterioby Lucy
Era un día normal, todo igual. Mi rutina la misma, estaba acostada enrollada en las sabanas y mi habitación a oscuras por la madrugada, voltee para el otro lado de la ca...
Just an Ultimate Crossover by RoboDarthMaul4444
Just an Ultimate Crossoverby RoboDarthMaul4444
What happens when awesome characters meet in awesome worlds?!? What happens when they join forces? What happens when they fight? Includes characters from Halo, Star Wars...
Gears by Jitters_Box
Gearsby Jay
The gang goes on an expedition. Someone gets hurt. Gears, brought over from my AO3 Wattpad screwed up the cover orientation... again
The Prototype by DuskNightgem
The Prototypeby Ash Ford
Dusk is the first in a new generation of Androids, the Vanguards. Combat/Utility units. Built to be able to shift between Universes. He gets caught in a incident and is...
Cuidado con lo que deseas by NaydellineLoeraSwift
Cuidado con lo que deseasby Naydelline Loera Swift
Para ana,después de tanto tiempo Para todos los que tienen el valor De luchar por lo que desean. Y para los que,como yo,a veces no saben qué es lo que quieren.
Lincon la reencarnación de asmodeus by bcz8845
Lincon la reencarnación de asmodeusby bcz8845
Pus cómo dice el título trata la historia
En búsqueda del documento by juanma012
En búsqueda del documentoby juanma012
En una tarde tormentosa de 1847 llega un joven en búsqueda de ayuda con el robo de un documento que en caso de ser destruido podría causar la caída de una familia adiner...