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My colleague (Rob Jetten x Jesse Klaver) by xoxodutchgirl
My colleague (Rob Jetten x Jesse xoxodutchgirl
Rob has been on and off with Thierry, his closeted lover, when suddenly a tall mysterious stranger enters the House of Representatives (2e Kamer). His dark curly hair a...
Dumb Decisions (Resse AU) by Ledinn
Dumb Decisions (Resse AU)by Ledinn
It's been a year since the shipping of #resse. Jesse is going through a divorce with his wife. Rob has already gone through a separation in the past year. Jesse has gone...
What Are We?/ Resse by OneOfResseFans
What Are We?/ Resseby One Of Resse Fan
Debates going on in the chamber between parties, meanwhile, Rob kept on teasing Jesse who doesn't want to admit the feelings he has for Rob. What could possibly happen b...
Smart Decisions by Ledinn
Smart Decisionsby Ledinn
Three years after dumb decisions ended, and Rob is in Naples for his new job at ProRail to get a new investor. But the memory of Jesse still haunts him. But he is over h...
Extraordinarily Ordinary - A Resse Love Story by Pinksharksx
Extraordinarily Ordinary - A Pinksharksx
Love is bittersweet. It is impatient, all encompassing, taking over, and so often unrequited. Is it worth it? Rob is lovelorn, and it is devouring him. Time rolls past...
Casual // Jesse Klaver x Rob Jetten ENG // RESSE on tiktok by loveresse
Casual // Jesse Klaver x Rob x
[] for legal purposes this is a joke [] What happens if Rob Jetten, former leader of D66, starts catching feelings for his colleague Jesse Klaver, leader of Groenlinks...
Resse- SOLD TO JESSE KLAVER (Mafia AU) by Qiplutic
Resse- SOLD TO JESSE KLAVER ( Qiplutic
Rob Jetten is not like normal teenage girls, he is a grown adult man. One morning, he gets sold to the dutch mafia by his mother for the low price of 5 bottles of Heinek...
Party planners // Rob Jetten x Jesse Klaver by politiekebesties
Party planners // Rob Jetten x politiekebesties
Rob and Jesse are complete polar opposites. The rivalry makes it almost impossible to be nice to each other. Almost.
There's something about Rob... a Resse love story by resse_forbiddenlove
There's something about Rob... a r+j
Jesse Klaver is a tall, curly haired and flirty politician from the house of representatives. His life is going nowhere until he meets Rob Jetten. Tall, dark and handsom...
minister climate // Resse by goldenlightsup
minister climate // Resseby goldenlightsup
Where Rob is burried deep in paper work and documents to read and Jesse is boiling up because of Wilders and needs to blow off steam.
resse | a political love story by resselover123
resse | a political love storyby resselover123
love story for jesse klaver & rob jetten 😩
Forever? Forever. (Resse) by Coco_aha_im_coco
Forever? Forever. (Resse)by Coco_aha_im_coco
Jesse Klaver gets send to Robs house for chrismas by his father Ziggy. Once up on a time they were best friends however right now all they feel for each other is pure ha...
inseparable // a resse fanfic :) by ResseOneTruePair
inseparable // a resse fanfic :)by :)
somewhere at midnight i decided to write some resse out of boredom.
Resse || A uncalled love story by teethf4ngs
Resse || A uncalled love storyby teethf4ngs
!Disclaimer: this is all just a joke, so don't take it too serious! A love story between Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver Rob and Jesse always had a connection to each other...
Resse  by ass_fat_baguette
Resse by Iliveforships
Yupp Resse is perfect😍 Rob or Jesse if you read this, i'm sorry
The green energy sparkle between us by ZoxEyx
The green energy sparkle between usby -
⚠️NOT GOING TO FINNISH ⚠️ "De groene energie vonk tussen ons" (The green energy sparkle between us) Rob Jetten and Jesse Klaver. A story about forbidden roman...
behind closed doors / rob jetten x Jesse klaver Resse one shot  by goldenlightsup
behind closed doors / rob jetten goldenlightsup
Resse might have gone viral on tiktok but no one knows what goes on behind closed doors
drown it out / rob jetten x Jesse klaver / resse by goldenlightsup
drown it out / rob jetten x goldenlightsup
sometimes you simply can't stop from feeling, sometimes there seems to be no way out and sometimes you leave people behind, heartbroken.
Political love affair (english version) by kipfriet
Political love affair (english Lana
This is the exact same book as the other one i wrote but in English since #Resse is going international. But if you speak Dutch I'd recommend reading the dutch one becau...