Good Night (Jamilton) [DISCONTINUED] by I_Dunno_xD
Good Night (Jamilton) [ JJ
*Discontinued* -Collage AU- -Soulmate AU- facts about Soulmate AU -You and your soulmate only see white and black until you guys meet and kiss each other. As, soon as y...
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Roasts by Hanah859
Roastsby Hannah
Ever wanted to roast someone. Well here is your chance. I post randomly but I try to every week. 😘
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The List of Comebacks and Roasts by donteatmyfoodiswear
The List of Comebacks and Roastsby Celine
Not all fights have to be with fists, some are verbal. And for those types of fights, you're going to need some comebacks- good ones too.
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Book of PTA Sans by nighttime-ninja
Book of PTA Sansby Silent but deadly
This book contains fanart, reposts, oneshots, and skits of PTA Sans. Also some sick burns to Linda and Helen (WARNING)Hide your children away from Helen and Linda whenev...
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kpop burn book by -soosooception
kpop burn bookby joshu
" i'm sorry. " -requests are open- -don't read if you're an oversensitive piece of shit- - highest rank: #573 on random (310518) - highest rank: #486 on random...
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Roasts and Comebacks by Quackdom
Roasts and Comebacksby MeLOn
Be a savage and roast those enemies! Leave 'em on the ground like a burnt turkey. Or your friends, they probably deserve it too ;) Results of usage may include: enemies...
  • savage
  • roastyourfriend
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100 Roasts by xrainbowsunshinex
100 Roastsby d x j
Collection of Epic Roasts and Comebacks! Occasionally some funny jokes! xoxo, your fav authors D and J 💗
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Comebacks, Roasts, jokes and random things to say by acidspittingcactus
Comebacks, Roasts, jokes and The holy prick
and ways to annoy people
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Beyblade Burst/God Roasts by DevilMayCryV
Beyblade Burst/God Roastsby EdgyMcEdgeLord
Skits of different Beyblade Characters roasting each other.
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  • beybladeburstgod
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The Roast Book by skylayn1001
The Roast Bookby skylayn1001
A book of comeback and roasts to say to people!!!!
  • burns
  • savage
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BTS roast book + memes by ieatNamjin
BTS roast book + memesby - iguana die
if you're sensitive, this isn't the place for you
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My Book of Insulting Comebacks by FeatherLimes
My Book of Insulting Comebacksby Feather Limes
The title is self explanatory
  • comebacks
  • burns
  • roasts
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Wendys Roasts by catchingrevolution
Wendys Roastsby r
˙ ͜ʟ˙ plEaSE ENjoY thIs BoOk BasEd oN WenDy's RoaSts ˙ ͜ʟ˙
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Savage Insults by _crustypotato_
Savage Insultsby Christine
Savage comebacks to roast that dog who's competing against you. Thanks for the amazing cover Kae!
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The Cafe  (#Watty's 2018) by sophie_mccarney_
The Cafe (#Watty's 2018)by Sophie McCarney
We're not like other cafes. Instead of serving coffee, we dish out lighthearted roasts on cliches and sereotypes. Enjoy!
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Good Roasts by beanydudu0525
Good Roastsby beanydudu0525
This book tell you what's good roasts to tell to bullies.
  • burns
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Roasts!!! by Noona-_mina
Roasts!!!by Park Mina
I'm really good at roasts so let's do this!!
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Roast Book 101 by YouHaveBeenHoranized
Roast Book 101by HoranNiallicious
Full of comebacks and Insults
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Spongebob Roast by bitesa
Spongebob Roastby KlanceIsCanonKing™
I have searched far and wide for as many as I can find so I hope you enjoy! :D
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Funny Posts by -creamyy-
Funny Postsby -` ↠┋𝐂
You better have your will signed, because here you will die laughing.
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