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Nothing More by Hermazing
Nothing Moreby Hermazing
Merlin suffers at the hands of foreign lords. Arthur dismisses the situation as he doesn't appreciate Merlin as more than just a servant. *bromance, slight whump, mainly...
  • funny
  • roasting
  • fanfic
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Roasted ☆ RiceGum (Social Media a.u) by voidanusha
Roasted ☆ RiceGum (Social Media anusha
"Braelynn? More like Bracelynn! Ayeeee" in which bryan le roasts braelynn sanders and they roast each other back and forth until their unplanned meeting.
  • camerondallas
  • vine
  • ricegum
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Best Savage Comebacks 2「COMPLETED」 by NatTaeTae
Best Savage Comebacks 2「COMPLETED」by Nat
*Sequel to Best Savage Comebacks* ❝Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it's a beautiful day.❞ Please check out my other books: + Best Savage Comebacks + Ho...
  • insults
  • hilarious
  • fun
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stupid things that these bitches do for some apple juice by Rosemarry555556790
stupid things that these bitches Rosemarry555556790
this is about me roasting stupid bitches probably fucking cows
  • helpingyoutuberswithgettinganewwigwhenimdone
  • roasting
Reacting/ "Roasting" Fangirls by WoahSickMemes
Reacting/ "Roasting" Fangirlsby SansCentral
THIS IS A JOKE DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING I SAY SERIOUSLY. I AM AWARE IM A FANGIRL TOO. also if you want to roast me back tag me so i can read it lol. If you want to send m...
  • roasting
  • fangirls
  • joking
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roast me | love me by ravsisrekt
roast me | love meby °« r a v s »°
my heart, basically.
  • namjoon
  • random
  • bts
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All The Roasts by Artistic_Demigod
All The Roastsby Invisible
Razzeldazzel salty boi!!!!!! (Yeet) Good, now that I've gotten your attention, here's the real description 😅😎😋 I'm salty and tired. This is the product. These might o...
  • wattys2018
  • burns
  • roast
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INCORRECT | BTS by mjmkluv
INCORRECT | BTSby ( 赤月沙織 )
❝ Fucc off ❞
  • random
  • bts
  • nunyabussines
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Rap Battle Roasts by NoobDoode
Rap Battle Roastsby Noob
Just helping you if you get in a rap battle. These are some rhymes you can use, and you can say it was yours.
  • comedy
  • funny
  • jokes
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"random roasts"  by -shrekdvds
"random roasts" by SMIRNOFF ™
my old book, when i thought i was funny. ( unedited , full of puns ) this is probably never gonna be taken down, ENJOY !
  • wattys2017
  • roasting
  • comebacks
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Actually offensive Unpopular Kpop Opinions  by skinnynipples
Actually offensive Unpopular Taebreeze
Look at the title hoe
  • seungricanchokeonygsass
  • bts
  • insults
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Safe Sex ☆ RiceGum (Roasted Sequel) (Social Media a.u) by voidanusha
Safe Sex ☆ RiceGum (Roasted anusha
"it's braelynn bitch" in which braelynn gets handed the L and tries to stay calm - but fails
  • musical
  • ricexgum
  • bryan
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Celebrity Burn Book 2 by biebygirl
Celebrity Burn Book 2by 1-800-BIEBYGIRL
نعم Don't read to get salty this time.
  • biebygirl
  • arianagrande
  • funny
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Slide Thru ☆ RiceGum (Social Media a.u) by voidanusha
Slide Thru ☆ RiceGum (Social anusha
"lmao who the fuck does he think he is?" in which vanessa harris calls ricegum out for being a sexist pig
  • ricexgum
  • rice
  • vine
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mune x reader by corlinejones109
mune x readerby semaurie dorsey
your were not from the sun or the moon you were from a forest in the clouds the forest was made of ice your home was undiscovered now creature like you exsits enymore ex...
  • memes
  • cute
  • romance
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Ricegum Imagines by eslaynahh
Ricegum Imaginesby eslaynahh
This is a series of short imagines with Ricegum as your loving boyfriend. ;) ;)
  • fanfiction
  • youtube
  • gum
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broadway roast book by RalbertEnthusiast
broadway roast bookby dad
I'm sorry
  • broadway
  • roasting
The Player And The Loud Mouth by boycrazyfangirl
The Player And The Loud Mouthby ......
"You're just a big loud mouth that has no idea what you're saying!" He yells in my face. "And you're just a walking bad of aids and std" I yell back...
  • teenagers
  • badboy
  • player
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celebrity burn book by knjfridays
celebrity burn bookby K I A N & J C
petty petty petty
  • roasting
  • celebritys
  • jokes
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