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The Mob Boss' Girl by Belle_Bete
The Mob Boss' Girlby Mary Caitlyn
~*~*~*~*~*~ #1 in 1920's! #6 in History! ~*~*~*~*~*~ "He backed me up against the wall, placing his hands on either side of me to prevent my escape. His cobalt eyes...
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roaring 20s | h.s by sarahxstyles16
roaring 20s | h.sby Sarah💕
"Why do you want so much power?" "Because Olivia, Daddy likes control."
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SHELBY | ISAIAH JESUS by streetlights-
"I'll beat you up worse than the first Jesus, don't you fret." When the Shelby's little sister finds out that Isaiah Jesus isn't so bad after all.
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The Rebellious Ones  by EleanorRutter
The Rebellious Ones by Lindsay Dale
Newark, Ohio is a wild town that has its sleepy moments. But there's a reason why the town was known for not being messed with. After the lynching of a man tensions rais...
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when war wasn't war by FemaleGentleman
when war wasn't warby Female Gentleman
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DEVIL IN ME||❝We are Shelbys. it's what we do best.❞ peaky blinders s1-4 ®all rights reserved ©voidroman, alexwinchester_25 it's slightly similar to my someone else pes...
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champagne bubbles {closed} by overgrowth-
champagne bubbles {closed}by 愛
❝ you hear that? that's the sound of forgiveness!❞ ❝that's the sound of gunfire!❞ ❝that's how his forgiveness sounds! like gunfire!❞
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Yours Truly by la-la-lys
Yours Trulyby la-la-lys
Chicago. 1920's. Flappers, jazz music, prohibition. Looking good means being so much dirtier on the inside. Welcome to the Gilded Age. Enter Klaus Michaelson, immortal v...
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All That Jazz by hi-its-lefty
All That Jazzby •Lefty•
Money, men, adoring fans... She's got it all. She could crook her little finger at any one of them and be plenty busy all night. But there's only one fan this jazz singe...
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Against the Current by AmateurSketch
Against the Currentby Faye Forehand
Summary: He was supposed to bring her home; He didn't expect to fall in love. When Katie learns of what truly happened to her parents, she returns home with a quiet Musc...
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Roaring 20s by godisaasinner
Roaring 20sby haylee
Brendon Urie, a famous silent film director, is at a burlesque club one night in 1920s NYC. Ariana Grande is the main act for the night. Patrons love her for her seeming...
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Murder & Lies by scarletcheryl
Murder & Liesby scarletcheryl
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What the Future Brings by ShyHidingShadowGirl
What the Future Bringsby ShyHidingShadowGirl
[Completed] ||Book One in the Charlie Lore Chronicles|| Charlotte "Charlie" Lore's father has the coolest job in the world. He's a Chronicler, a time travelin...
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The Sun's Last Dance {ON HOLD} by Love_is_4_Infinity
The Sun's Last Dance {ON HOLD}by Alana U.
"Her feet never seemed to touch the ground. Whether she was real or not, nobody seemed to know." Aspiring young writer, Johnathon Marks, decides to leave the N...
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The Barbershop Slaughterer by emilydugdale
The Barbershop Slaughtererby Emily Dugdale
When Elsie meets a handsome stranger, her life changes instantly. For the worse.
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Untitled Story by debna_
Untitled Storyby Debbey
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Pretty Face, Electric Soul by kurisuo
Pretty Face, Electric Soulby GalaxyBunny
In the summer of 1922, Wu Yifan moves from the American Midwest to the exciting and flashy New York City. He settles in a small house next to the mansion of the mysterio...
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The Purple Dress by Boodle44
The Purple Dressby Mary Emma
Tom Bennington leads a life that is expected of him. During a gin-soaked party one evening, he meets a woman that resonates in his memory. How long will she linger?
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The soul we share by heb0012
The soul we shareby Hannah Elizabeth
A exciting story about the roaring twenties. Filled with love, lust, mobster wars, heartbreak, and a shocking ending. Join our main characters Minnie Everett and Valenti...
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