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Junk (Overwatch) by _estato_
Junk (Overwatch)by uselessleetleman
An angsty Roadrat Fanfic I will be working on in my spare time. Epect updates on Thursday, Tuesday and Friday afternoons in Sydney, Australia time.
Having a blast (Junkrat x Roadhog!) by whole_hog
Having a blast (Junkrat x Roadhog!)by whole_hog
Jamison and mako aka junkrat and roadhog have been partners ever since the omnic crisis. Everything changed when they join the overwatch team. Before they joined it was...
Oh Yeah by usagibre
Oh Yeahby usagibre
Mako and Jamie meet on an online dating app. They strike up a relationship.
Overwatch One Shots by NichowlasWriting
Overwatch One Shotsby NichowlasFam
Just a few one shots for Overwatch! Using this as an excuse to practice my writing abilities. Requests are OPEN . . [Cover Art does not belong to me]
7 Minutes In Heaven - OVERWATCH EDITION by Peazecatch
7 Minutes In Heaven - OVERWATCH Peazecatch
7 minutes in heaven at an Overwatch party/get together. They all put their names into a hat and Lúcio and Lena pull two pieces of paper out and read who has to spend 7...
ROADRAT ONESHOTS ;))  by ZippyTheZip
Hi I love roadrat ???✨✨✨
Little boy Junkrat  by DJPonychan
Little boy Junkrat by DJPonychan
After an accident during training, junkrat develops amnesia and reverts to the mind of a 3 year old. Will Roadhog, Mercy, Winston and the other members of overwatch be a...
Overwatch Ships by wingwolf41
Overwatch Shipsby Storm wolf 228
I want people to send in ships, that they think are great. To show their is nothing wrong about shipping different people. So this is for everyone. I will put the most...
Speak Up by SamShibe
Speak Upby Sam Rivera
Junkrat never expected to find himself as close to his bodyguard as he had gotten. Friends was one thing, but this was something entirely different. (A self-indulgent sm...
Makin' me fall hard, huh? by DottiethekidRS
Makin' me fall hard, huh?by Hamildoot
Mako and Jamison have been lifelong friends since they lived in Junkertown but moving to the Overwatch HQ started to make the two soft. Mako had started to feel weird ar...
➹overwatch oneshots by a-nathema
➹overwatch oneshotsby 彡 
oneshots of ships from the video game overwatch ›ships include‹ -roadrat(junkrat x roadhog) -reaper76(reaper x soldier 76) -mercy x brigitte -boombox
Coming Clean- Roadrat by ChimeraManticore
Coming Clean- Roadratby Chimera Manticore
I've always headcanoned Junkrat to be trans, and I imagine he tends to get pretty dysphoric when he has to take a shower. So here's me exploring that, I guess. Enjoy!
Overwatch Headcanons by EmbreTheWorld
Overwatch Headcanonsby Swimmer
Cover made by me. Headcanons of mine and others, ships like no other.
Not yet by theguardian37
Not yetby theguardian37
Roadhog and Junkrat are sent on a mission to infiltrate watch point Gibraltar and take out any overwatch members they may come across. Question is, will they make it out...
Overwatch oneshots by ray_tranny
Overwatch oneshotsby Chich
Cover by yazzdonut because their art is adorable Will 100% do an school fanfic of yazzodonut's au but still feel free to requests other's au's even yours!
Getting to Know You- Roadrat by ChimeraManticore
Getting to Know You- Roadratby Chimera Manticore
A little thing I did kinda showing how Junkrat and Roadhog ended up as an official couple (or... something like that)
Roleplay Starters by Mad_Cat312
Roleplay Startersby Madison S.
I do a lot of roleplaying myself and what I write or come up with I'd love to share with all of you! It can range from prompts I've used to things I've thought up and do...
Overwatch book of Over-Shots by Psychgus
Overwatch book of Over-Shotsby Psychgus
Overwatch once stood as a beacon of hope to all those who wanted peace. Now, Overwatch is super gay and I love it. So basically I ship a bunch of trash And also write...