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Sonny Robertson Imagines by heyitsvicki
Sonny Robertson Imaginesby Vicki
For all you Sonny fans out there here's Sonny imagines for ya! 5th member of roadtrip! Enjoy! *Slow updates*
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RoadtripTv oneshots by Valiwyatt
RoadtripTv oneshotsby Valerie
I write oneshots about the boys from Roadtrip, a Boyband from the UK. I might also include some of their friends. boyxboy Requests are always welcome, so please send som...
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Randy OneShots💫 by faultyfovvs
Randy OneShots💫by anon🐰
Just small stories about Rye and Andy :) smut included because your all unholy
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GirlxBoy One Shots [Requests Open] by wild_with_no_e
GirlxBoy One Shots [Requests Open]by Don'tMindIfIDo
Just random one shots and stories for ideas I have some will just be fluff and others will be a bit more smutty. They are my first attempt at writing also have no dialog...
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If... [complete] by Choccco-milky-Mikey
If... [complete]by Issa.flippin.fowler
Andy is forced to go to a boarding school where he meets rye. A hot, lovable goofball. But and won't let himself fall for him. Not after what happened last time.
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Crazy Lover (RANDY BXB) by randyteaheart
Crazy Lover (RANDY BXB)by randyteaheart
Rye, bad boy of school (17 yo) . Andy, fun little fella. (16 yo) Fell in love. What if Rye loves Andy too much. Maybe... Killing for his lover? ×××WARNINGS××× -SMUT -BAD...
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The Babysitter by swissroadtrip
The Babysitterby Swissroadtrip
In this Story you are the new babysitter of the Twins Sammie and Shaun. You and their older brother Rye start flirting but there is one problem.... Story written by Giul...
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I was just me // randy (Completed) by hallznd
I was just me // randy (Completed)by hallznd
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Randy oneshots by randyteaheart
Randy oneshotsby randyteaheart
Little bit smut ;) little bit fluff. Randy oneshots sorry for bad english, but hope you enjoy :p Started: 24.1.2020
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Cashier Boy // Jack Duff ✔ by ryanbeaumont
Cashier Boy // Jack Duff ✔by (:
❝Love requires two people with mutual feelings. Our relationship was one person in love, and one person who was too nice to refuse it. & I was the lover.❞
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Master by error_331
Masterby error_331
Randy fanfic - RoadTrip Includes: ⚠️Smutty scenes⚠️ ⚠️Stockholm Syndrome⚠️ ⚠️Strong language⚠️ ⚠️Rape⚠️
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Oceans - Pearl Jam by pearljamten
Oceans - Pearl Jamby pearljamten
We were all sort of geeks. Not the kind with goofy glasses who read books for pleasure. No. We were the cool kind. Just nobody new it yet. We were absolute music nuts. I...
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The Girl At The Bar // Rye Beaumont  by roadiegal
The Girl At The Bar // Rye Holly
Lexi and rye met through music Lexi has always been into music and one day she at work she she goes outside to empty the rubbish and sees 6 boys trying to get inside...
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After I Met Him (sonny Robertson FF)  by Aurora_O4
After I Met Him (sonny Robertson Aurora
" I was expecting this year to be a usual boring and terrible year of my with my dad, my step-mother and my step-sister. After this year I would have finally ran aw...
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Roadtrip Imagines by allnightannie
Roadtrip Imaginesby annie ☕️
Cringey RoadtripTv oneshots 😊
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RoadTripTv quotes  by darkfovvs
RoadTripTv quotes by K E F O 💁‍♂️
quotes of the boys x
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Finding RoadTrip by duffsrobertson
Finding RoadTripby soph x
This is a story about how a girl called Phoebe is bullied and goes through a stressful life. Phoebe gets through it by listening to Roadtrip, she is never allowed to go...
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My Brother's BestFriend by duffsrobertson
My Brother's BestFriendby soph x
Chelsea's brother, Brooklyn is in a band called Roadtrip. Jack is also in the band, however, he also happens to be Brooklyn's best friend, what happens when Chelsea star...
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The promise ~Brooklyn Wyatt~(RoadTrip) by allnightannie
The promise ~Brooklyn Wyatt~( annie ☕️
It all started with a promise. And that is all it was ever meant to be. A promise. But things change, people change, circumstances change, and one tiny promise can turn...
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Don't ;  {Randy} by ryanbeaumont
Don't ; {Randy}by (:
"Andy, Don't!" He cried. But I did. {Randy}
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