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✔ High School Love On feat. Guanlin ➖ Jennie ➖ Taeyong by kangtaehee1998
✔ High School Love On feat. Hiatus
" Jen, anak kelas XI mah apa Jen? Gak ada yang ganteng?" " Iya. Gak kayak anak kelas X atau XII. Pada ganteng huhuhu." " Cewek ceweknya...
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97 LINERS by jvehyun
97 LINERSby 💌
- twobams: isn't it sad how there's only guys in this groupchat - jaehoney: you act like we have female idol friends born in 97 - kimgyu: speak for yourself you lonely h...
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Pristin Lyrics by venezici
Pristin Lyricsby diana prince
◾The 1st Mini Album:Hi!Pristin✔ ◾The 2nd Mini Album:SCHXXL OUT✔ ◾PRISTIN V ✔ Just for you who love pristin!!! Cr.Google
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[Seventeen 세븐틴 X Pristin  프리스탄 Imagines] by Rosy_Posie
[Seventeen 세븐틴 X Pristin 프리스탄 lost
[ONGOING] Pledis Fam Ships For all the Carats and HIghs Random Ships, Scenarios, Imagines and Group Chats {Request and Suggestion are open for everyone} || Started ✔️ :...
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Kota  (Male reader x Greed and the chimeras) by AdnamiButu
Kota (Male reader x Greed and Adnami
Set after Greed (fma) rescued the chimeras from the labs. The band of misfits have settled down in the Devil's Nest after an explosive exchange near the train yard. Eve...
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La Vie En Rose  (Black Butler X Reader) by matchayoona
La Vie En Rose (Black Butler X Josephine Hillary
You were the strongest swordwoman. You are queen's butler and also friend of Elizabeth Midford. You visit her fiance, Ciel Phantomhive.Youwillvwork with the queen's dog...
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Care Fore Some Art? by TeenCrafter601
Care Fore Some Art?by Ace
Just some art drawn by me...Feel free to use some of it, as long as you credit me as Ace Channel, TeenCrafter601, or TheCraftingGamer.
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headphones | minkyebin ✓ by sungyeonscheeks
headphones | minkyebin ✓by pristin forever <3
minkyung and yebin have liked each other since their trainee days, eventually ending up a couple as soon as they debuted. wonderful, right? well, you'd be surprised. ───...
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The Cheater || Nct Lucas X Reader by UnicOrns_takingOver5
The Cheater || Nct Lucas X Readerby UnicOrns_takingOver5
Y/n has a boyfriend named Lucas. She love him so much, she even leave her life style just to stay with him. One day her best friend and her boyfriend cheated on her. Sh...
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Split The Seams by Roxy_Gr33n
Split The Seamsby Roxy_Gr33n
Split The Seams are a post-hardcore type band on their first real tour. Will they be able to stand the pressure of life on tour? Or will the music business prove to be t...
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wee woo; pristin  by princeguanlin
wee woo; pristin by 美琦 ☁️
a story about ten girls who all live in the same dormitory and have to find a way to deal with everything that's about to come their way. started; 040517 finished; ...
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100% LOVE Featuring SEVENTEEN AND PRISTIN  by da5roses2017
100% LOVE Featuring SEVENTEEN da5roses2017
Seventeen × Pristin
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νѧňıʟʟѧ { ҡѧısoo } by korea_boo__
νѧňıʟʟѧ { ҡѧısoo }by 코리아부
ㄣkyungsoo like everything vanilla, expect sex.ㄣ - - - ©2019 | All Rights Reserved | korea_boo__
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All About HINAPIA by musicrv
All About HINAPIAby 🐻
HINAPIA is a girl group that are set to make their debut on the 3rd November, 2019.
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The Hidden Code Of Seven by jokbal_kween
The Hidden Code Of Sevenby jokbal_kween09
Meet the Code Of Seven(COS) kilala mo ba sila?I'm sure hindi pa.Three P's to define them Pretty Popular and Powerful . . . . Don't be deceive by their angelic faces...
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Hurting Hope by LoZ_Keyblade_Master
Hurting Hopeby LoZ Keyblade Master
(Sequel to Light From the Past) After Lelie was taken from her home and her memories wiped, she became a part of a much bigger picture than anything she imagined. Fres...
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Pristin° af by kimroro_s
Pristin° afby Saero
Chats, scenarios and many other things Pristin Highest: 19 in HUMOR
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Loveback  by wooziswitchitup
Loveback by Alexandria 🤘
"Mahal kita." "Mahal ka ba?" "Kahit hindi maging ako, basta masaya ka." 《 Is it true that if love is true, it'll find its own way? 》
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fake | napink by sungyeonscheeks
fake | napinkby pristin forever <3
nayoung only dates girls with unique charms; maybe a talented dancer or a hilarious laugh... you know, normal stuff. yeah, no, she fell for a fake girl. | • napink (nayo...
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[imagine] pristeen ☁️ by bighityg_btsbp
[imagine] pristeen ☁️by 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐭𝐚𝐧_𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩𝐬
Bunch of imagines for Pristeen shippers. [ ] completed [ ] discontinue [ ✔️] hiatus [✔️ ] ongoing
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