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|Partner In Crime| by Lolo_Camz_2002
|Partner In Crime|by it's_jenlisa
Read it , I'm sure you're gonna like it
Want You To Be Mine by tehr33m
Want You To Be Mineby Tehreem R.
"You saved me last night. I wanted to thank you in the school but you didn't listen-" "Yeah. Okay. I get it." He takes a deep breath and closes his e...
Ice And Fire by Sans_15
Ice And Fireby Sans
New life, new town, new friends and of course a very first and new crush. Did you say just that opposites attract? She was fierce and fiery and he was cool and calm...
Stories which the walls hear by funkycookie8
Stories which the walls hearby theloner
Bad things happen to people to people everyday, things which are never talked about, things which are better left unsaid. These horrible, horrible things shape us to bec...
SUGAR-COATED WORDSby ❝dandelion❞
❝ sweetheart, your heart is so pure why do you want to destroy it? ❞ ❝ darling, nothing is completely pure in a galaxy where there's no innocence. ❞ A book where galaxie...
No Names  |Complete| by ThoughtfulSushi
No Names |Complete|by thoughtfulsushi
Kindra Pruett never had a problem keeping her gamer side tucked away from the prying eyes of her classmates, but when her estranged brother returns home and brings with...
Psychic Detective Team - Uncover the Supernatural Phenomena (COMPLETED) by frappucchinocafe
Psychic Detective Team - Uncover t...by Yuurina
Shibasaki's Detective Office isn't just an ordinary detective office. The investigators at Shibasaki's Office have unusual special abilities. Not only they have unusual...
(What if).. Books didn't have covers? by amaranthinepoetry
(What if).. Books didn't have cove...by Dayal Punjabi
"I write to facilitate myself with my deepest emotions." How much can a book cover hold or represent? How authentic can the artwork of a book jacket be? What s...
The Polished Hands of Poison by Emmawatson-fan
The Polished Hands of Poisonby .
Short lives have years of experience through their own adventures; such is the perfection they have wrought in themselves. Alexander the Great and Odysseus matter not wh...
Reading MAMA Contest, 2019 by ReadingMAMA-
Reading MAMA Contest, 2019by ReadingMAMA
Welcome to Reading MAMA contest, 2019 This contest is hosted by a group of aspiring writers who are willing to read and review your books and also to help writers to pro...
Ink Sisters by KirstenKaitlinSetty
Ink Sistersby K. L. Setty
Drakkor is a Fire Mage, a dark sorcerer who can bend flames to do his bidding with a quick snap of his fingers. Magic, however, always requires a steep price. His soul...
Wattpad World  by puneet_sekhon
Wattpad World by watty_art_freak
"My life isn't some kind of WATTPAD story. It's a real world, and people who say that wishes come true might have struck their head with something, 'cause that i...
An Overseas 'Moms Diary by dreamlover81
An Overseas 'Moms Diaryby JDreamer
My interest in writing is like a home i've ever wanted. Imagining it , full of furnitures and a calm atmosphere , things normal everytime I starts to write. A full of...
NOT THE ONE || Completed✔ by Amberdorn
NOT THE ONE || Completed✔by Ihemadu Precious
💞Completed. Started: 25 - 01 - 2019 Finished: - 02 - 2020 What do you do when your sister suddenly goes missing? Do you cry your eyes out and burnout every candle in y...
Point Blank by Avvalentine
Point Blankby Ava Valentine
~ An Open Novella Contest Submission ~ ~ Featured in ONC Long List 2019 ~ Kaitie McBarrow led a normal, simple life for twenty three years. She had everything any girl w...