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kakaotalk。 by tinygguks
kakaotalk。by ♕
❝ it can't hurt, right? ❞ - in which a young fangirl somehow finds herself chatting with kim namjoon. CURRENTLY EDITING! © 2017 ; joonsoul. includes original character...
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Trail of Love  by WavyJoon
Trail of Love by Shaina
"How can I love you when I don't even love myself." - Namjoon "I know this is ridiculous, but you make me feel loved." - Nari "You barely know...
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Contract Relationship | Jeon Jungkook by JclynKana
Contract Relationship | Jeon Jungk...by Jess Kim
[BOOK 1 of Contract Relationship series] "I came here to find a boyfriend. To fulfil my mother's wish" - Kim Nahee ❝Read the rules properly before you sign it...
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The Wonderful History ✔ by JclynKana
The Wonderful History ✔by Jess Kim
Meeting Kim Seokjin is not something she expects at the park especially when he said... ❝I... want... to be... your friend.❞ •••••••••••••••••••••••...
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BULLY -[ ɱเɳ ყσσɳɠเ]  by Bangtndna
BULLY -[ ɱเɳ ყσσɳɠเ] by Bella🌼
Yoongi has always been a bully. Starla has always been bullied by Yoongi. They don't know any better. But what if that changed? " - Your name really suits you.- he...
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age gap. by agustoad
age gap.by yoongi stan
a 17 year old and a 33 year old? ew.. gross.
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Wonderland {MYG} by knjmonostar
Wonderland {MYG}by IPurple You
His fluffy black tail swished behind him as his black berry ears twitched. His emerald eyes stared at her with a glint of mischief. "W-Who are you?" Her voice...
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Dancing together - Namjoonxreader fanfiction by shippingsheep
Dancing together - Namjoonxreader...by shippingsheep
You started a YouTube channel some time ago which had more succes than you expected. Namjoon notices one of your videos and asks you to go to Korea with him. What'll hap...
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{RM x Reader} \\You are enough// by loarose17
{RM x Reader} \\You are enough//by san 🍃
NAMJOON APPRECIATION FANFICTION "You are the ugliest and least talented member of BTS, honestly you should just leave!" "I know." highest ranks: #1...
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Awkward | KNJ ✓ by lorilacy
Awkward | KNJ ✓by Lori 💙
"I'm half naked. Coffee guy is half naked. Dimples is like, 85% invisible. And now my food is getting cold." What happens when a clumsy superhero with nearly u...
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No One Could Stop From Love by xxyoureuphoriaxx
No One Could Stop From Loveby xxyoureuphoriaxx
This story is inspired by the Chinese series "Love o2o". Disclaimer: some parts of the story will have same plot as the series but there will also be parts tha...
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Obsession by IStanwayyytoomanykpo
Obsessionby I Stan wayyy too many kpop gr...
"Mine,only mine..."
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Namjoon my boss ( ambw) kpop bts by kmaluvkpop
Namjoon my boss ( ambw) kpop btsby Kmaluvkpop
(Y/n) comes to Korea for the most famous buissness and highly serious but her boss mr.kim aka namjoon abuses her because she did something bad beca when she met him she...
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Crystal Snow | Jimin ff ✔ by ChimChim5618
Crystal Snow | Jimin ff ✔by Kpop trash
Complete ✔ (currently editing) "Kill her," ... "Y/n, don't leave me..."
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Manager • Kim Namjoon✔ by jeerinn
Manager • Kim Namjoon✔by •jee•
Menjadi Manajer memang tidak mudah. Sejak awal, itulah yang aku pikirkan jika membicarakan soal Manajer. Apalagi aku harus menjadi manajer grup tarinya. Kuatkah aku? &qu...
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silent treatment - Bts Jin (Completed) by MuskaanKhan175
silent treatment - Bts Jin (Comple...by Muskaan khan
jin ff
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Villa Auguilia || BTS by JclynKana
Villa Auguilia || BTSby Jess Kim
"Namjoon-ie hyung..." Jimin called as he kept his figure beside J-Hope clutching his arm, while his free hand dragged his luggage. "What?" R...
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Ephemeral | k.n.j  by RmsLeftDimple
Ephemeral | k.n.j by RmsLeftDimple
"Nothing ever lasts, No one ever lasts, People always lose interest quickly, People die quickly; Death is always the ending of every humans life. Everything is just...
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Being the 8th member || BTS || by seuminiii
Being the 8th member || BTS ||by Seumi❤
,,What is it like to be the 8th member of BTS?"
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I To An O || Kim Namjoon (RM)  [editing] by sophauline
I To An O || Kim Namjoon (RM) [ed...by sophauline
"I can't imagine how happy Namjoon will be after hearing that you're back!" "Why Namjoon? Wouldn't they all be really happy?" "Wait...you don't...
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