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Best Friends with Benefits by lookingforabadboy
Best Friends with Benefitsby Kate
Yes, I, Katie Anne Summers, am sleeping with my best friend. And no, I am not dating him. So yes, I am in a friends with benefits relationship. Best friends with benefit...
A Fox's Vacation (Sample) by BrandonVarnell
A Fox's Vacation (Sample)by Brandon Varnell
Hot springs, nude scenes, and fan service galore! Spring break has finally come. Kevin and Lilian are traveling to California with their friends and family, where they p...
Why Can't We Be (Bro X Sis) by CrescentMilk
Why Can't We Be (Bro X Sis)by Hart P.
taboo: brother X sister This is not for young readers and proponents of morale and character. This discusses controversial issues. Therese is appalled by his brother's i...
Foursome by B0b_Burrit0
Foursomeby Socks
This story is about a crippled boy who decides to go look for four boxes who can help his life be less miserable, or make it more miserable.
To repress a virgin by trav99
To repress a virginby Hazel
Sasha Evans isn't like your average teenager. Her parents are very conservative and Sasha has to face the difficulties of living with such conservative parents. She isn'...
Risqué Red by SophiaMills9
Risqué Redby Sophia Mills
Mystery Contest: When the Villains Win... - Short Story After losing her father, Ruby must return to her childhood home and clean house. Doing so, her life is forever ch...
High Enough | Sweet Pea by toxictana
High Enough | Sweet Peaby G h o s t
" 'Cause I'm already high enough You got me, you got me good "
Unforgettable by mekoria
Unforgettableby mekoria
Everybody wanna friggedy frack but i just wanna sniggety snak
HELP by ZoeEcrivainte
HELPby ZoeEcrivainte
Lors du naufrage du DunkyBoat, j'ai failli mourir noyé, mais une main attrapa la mienne et me rapatria sur une barque. Sur cette barque, il y avait une dizaine de person...
𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒒𝒖𝒆 ↝ 𝒈.𝒅 by -angelazile
𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒒𝒖𝒆 ↝ 𝒈.𝒅by ♕ 𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒛𝒂 ♕
in which an ex-teacher stumbles across his old high school student inside a strip club. three years later, he's stood in the audience watching her swing around the pole.
Sois parfaite  by serpentard15
Sois parfaite by UneMalfoy_uneGranger
Harry , Ron ,Draco et tout les sorciers de la même année qu'eux sont à leur dernière année à Poudlard ( après la guerre de Poudlard toute les dernières années ont dû rec...
Modelée, la jeunesse. by ElisabethSimon
Modelée, la jeunesse.by SYMON BAB
JEUNESSE. Les adolescents se construisent mutuellement, à leurs risques et périls, du moment que leur vie sociale soit favorisée.
Emerald and Ruby by MoshiBun0
Emerald and Rubyby MoshiBun0
The world was formed from the breath of the dragons but yet instead of it being ruled by the beasts it's ruled by politics. Elspeth, the youngest daughter of king, finds...
A Different Story of O by DebCaputo
A Different Story of Oby Deb Caputo
What you can do with a single letter of the alphabet. Originally a submission for a writing competition.
Vivant un jour mort toujours  by XxyanxX57
Vivant un jour mort toujours by XxyanxX57
Vous aimez avoir des frissons,vous allez être servis...
Heartbreak by BreakfastFanGirl
Heartbreakby Violet the Dragon-Fairy
Poems about relationships for you sappy heartbreak readers.