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SURVIVOR ▹ ENDGAME ✓ by -sebstan
SURVIVOR | ❝part of the journey is the end.❞ ❪ completed ✓ ❫ ❪ avengers: endgame ❫ ❪ multiple characters x multiple ocs ❫ ❪ part 2 of 2 ❫ ❪ final book of the endeavour...
WWE Lesbian Requests Book by Bliss3240
WWE Lesbian Requests Bookby Bliss
Any Women in WWE or NXT or NJPW You Ship?
Woven. [Leonardo x Reader] TMNT by Nacatu
Woven. [Leonardo x Reader] TMNTby P a t h e t i c
plip, plop plip plop. The rain quietly fell from the sky. there was no thunder or lightning. just rain. The water slid down your already drenched body in tiny droplets...
FEELINGS // Stan Uris x reader by badaquarius
FEELINGS // Stan Uris x readerby badaquarius
"Holding in your feelings is unhealthy." "I don't have a healthy lifestyle."
《Internet Sensation》 by datbrattnana
《Internet Sensation》by dattbrattnana
"Let me love you girl, I see through your pain
XXXTENTACION Imagines by jahsehsgold
XXXTENTACION Imaginesby leonaa🤎
what the title says. ⚠️SMUTS⚠️
The Apprentice by c42000
The Apprenticeby c42000
an apprentice chef and a pampered prince with a bad attitude they were both going through losses and wins. George Davidson who needs to find a source of income after hi...
Dc legends of tomorrow  preferences and imagines by superfan35
Dc legends of tomorrow superfan35
This story includes: Rip hunter Ray Palmer Lenard Snart Mick Rory Sara lance Jefferson Jaxon Nate Haywood John Constantine I do not own any of these characters st...
Mini me by Nbaklove
Mini meby Nbaklove
" you knocking on my door like 12 so its not the time to be pussy now whats yo name.. and what the fuck happened to yo face"
Washijo's grandson (haikyuu fanfic) by Rei_vin982
Washijo's grandson (haikyuu fanfic)by Rei
HERE WE GO AGAIN Washijo has a smart as hell grandson that somehow steals the hearts of everyone. -this story is very random I'm sorry in advance for what you are abou...
PJ Masks! ask and dare! By Dj by randomfangirl001
PJ Masks! ask and dare! By Djby dj_craizy
i've seen a few of pj masks ask and dare, and i wanted to try it out too.ships in this book are owlette x catboy gekko x luna nightninja x an yu and romeo pl...
Despair  by TheGeminiJoker2835
Despair by Darkened Joker
Daniel Cassels, one of 4, and the least successful out of them all, decides that life is too much, and that running away is being too much of a coward. Trying his hand a...
Izuku the Doomslayer by hunterfromhell9050
Izuku the Doomslayerby Hunter
What if izuku snapped after the 10 years of abuse he got from Bakugou? What if he gained the Doomslayer's strength and power ups as a quirk? And has the preator armour a...
Lil Peep Imagines by fading_scars_
Lil Peep Imaginesby fading_scars_
Just a bunch of random Lil Peep X Reader imagines. - - - In Loving Memory Of Gustav Elijah Ahr Rest In Peace Angel, We Miss You❤ "Energy Doesn't Die"
Noah Schnapp Imagines  by tomhollandd22
Noah Schnapp Imagines by :))
Noah Schnapp Imagines w/ Will Byers :)) Started 7/1/19
How To Stan an Idol: A Guide by Lee Taeyong (Jaeyong) by Bambam_the_dab_lord
How To Stan an Idol: A Guide by Haoudoin
Taeyong didn't ask for this. He was supposed to be a regular idol, giving out fan service, practicing with his members, but here he was instead, slouched on the couch in...
Never Again (Luke Ross X Reader) by Fangalaxy1
Never Again (Luke Ross X Reader)by Galaxy <33
#2 IN LUKEROSS When Jessie's sister Y/N gets heartbroken in Texas, she swears to herself that she will never fall in love again. But what happens when she moves to New Y...
Ships of the Glitch: oneshots  by sparkle123tt
Ships of the Glitch: oneshots by Sparkle123tt
The one where Clarity Springs is shipped with multiple Dc characters in the form of Oneshots