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Into the Unknown by Tizzie88
Into the Unknownby Tizzie
Shortly after the twins fifteenth birthday, Rin begins hearing a voice. He soon realises this voice is trying to tell him something about himself and decides to listen...
ChibaHaya Drabbles by ohayo-aka
ChibaHaya Drabblesby Ohayo, Aka
100-500 words because there is not enough books on wattpad, i had to get my source from fanfiction.net! so here, more chibahaya on wattpad. the timeline is in no particu...
Assassination Classroom: The Assassin School by ashdarkangel
Assassination Classroom: The Assas...by ashdarkangel
It was a normal Wednesday morning. Korosensei was teaching Class 3-E, when Karasuma-Sensei walked through with Jelavic-Sensei. "Excuse me, I'm teaching here!"...
Dreamer | Lady Chrystalle by rilynxme
Dreamer | Lady Chrystalleby Lurikafuku
Hiromi, a normal, intelligent girl who loves writing story plots and drawing, Had her friend, Rinka to help her with anything she could. But one day, had a new friend, Y...
Being With You by LindyGale
Being With Youby Lindy Gale
This is a story of friendship, respect, and love between the sniper duo of Class 3-E, Chiba Ryuunosuke and Hayami Rinka, beginning the start of the assassination classro...
Childhood Love (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu X Male OC) by Aminoritoki
Childhood Love (Ansatsu Kyoushitsu...by Aminoritoki
Naoki Asada, childhood friend of Rinka Hayami. Both of them always do everything together. Until, Naoki had to move out to a different part of Japan due to his parents w...
((ON HIATUS))The Heart Of An Assassin | Assassination Classroom | Hayami X Chiba by ThatDudeWithGlasses
((ON HIATUS))The Heart Of An Assas...by That One Guy
Hayami Rinka and Chiba Ryunnosuke have been friends since their second year in middle school. They took down multiple assassins and even took part in killing Korosensei...
Assassination Classroom A Field Trip  by GokmTheOtaku
Assassination Classroom A Field Tr...by Gokm
When a field trip goes wrong the Assassins are forced to not only protect themselves but also the other A-class. But at what cost? Join E class on this adventure Hope...
assassination classroom  by sashamcg
assassination classroom by sasha mcgregor
A new student she likes to be by her self but she has a secret will the class find out and will there be love
Безумно люблю. by Rinka_55
Безумно люблю.by Rinka_55
Не будем писать не нужные речи и всякую такую ерунду, которую тупо не читают, сразу же перейдем к главному. История будет о невероятной любви, где будет все: любовь, не...
Mischievous Heart [Karma Akabane x Reader] by -WeAreBulletproof-
Mischievous Heart [Karma Akabane x...by -WeAreBulletproof-
(L/n) (Y/n), a pro assassin, a teenager, was sent to Kunugigaoka Junior High School to complete a mission. Her mission is to kill the octopus looking teacher. She. Is...
Mystic High [Mystic Messenger AU] by Writing_Demon
Mystic High [Mystic Messenger AU]by WritingDemon
Mary Catherine is now entering Mystic High from an unknown place, in an unknown time, and for an unknown reason. Will all those unknowns be known? Probably not specifica...
About The Character: Assassination Classroom by scarletangel1308
About The Character: Assassination...by Megan Nich
This is about the characters information. Birthday, height, sign, anything.
TRAVELER ESP by jamesbond3w
TRAVELER ESPby Vampire Cavalry and Lady Yuuki
What would the world of Tokyo ESP be like if "The Unconscious Traveler" was there?
Soul Heart (Assassination Classroom Fanfiction) by ZathiaVira
Soul Heart (Assassination Classroo...by ZathiaVira
"Rock bottom grades and a bitchy attitude- sounds like me alright. Who cares about this world anymore when it has turned it's back on me." Tomori is a normal s...
Rinka x Chiba ( ceci n'est pas un one shot) by misterdu69
Rinka x Chiba ( ceci n'est pas un...by misterdu69
Rinka et Chiba vont bien ensemble et (qui se ressemblent s'assemblent) disent les parents de chiba et Hayami
I Got It For A Song  A Tokyo ESP Fanfic  by SaturnSoCoolioYep
I Got It For A Song A Tokyo ESP F...by SaturnSoCoolioYep
Yusatokana (Yoo-say-toe-kahn-ah) Sakuchi is having the weirdest day ever. First, some really strange fish flew- yes, flew- into her stomach and she can't stop the urge t...
Sakura-(Assassination Classroom) Hiatus  by KenOya18E
Sakura-(Assassination Classroom) H...by @SaruNa@
Ken Keima also known as an Italian detective Yona Shigami. She had a lot of secret and that made her suspicious. She can be kind , caring, sweet, scarry and specially s...
Assassination Classroom After Story by Cassilove19
Assassination Classroom After Storyby Cassilove19
9 ans après l'assassinat de Koro la classe E se regroupe pour une fête organiser pour fêter les 10 ans de ce début d'année très spécial. A l'arriver de Rinka et Ryunosuk...