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Thoughts from a Patriot by unashamedlypatriotic
Thoughts from a Patriotby unashamedlypatriotic
These are simply the words of an American who loves the country they are in. If you are not a patriot or willing to become one and you don't love this country please do...
Rant Book by rU_nNIng_siDEwaYS
Rant Bookby .
This is the book I use to express my opinions, beliefs, and arguments. I prefer civil argument but if you want to cuss me out in caps lock, that's fine also. (WARNING::...
A Seat at the Table by AnnaRoams
A Seat at the Tableby AnnaRoams
This series is for people who'd like to get into politics, but don't quite know where to start. I believe everyone should have a firm grasp on their political stance and...
The Meindulce Project by stanenge
The Meindulce Projectby Stan
Donald Trump, through deliberate scandal, has been re-elected and America falls into a bloody civil war. Political, religious, gender, and racial animosities are inflame...
Conservative Politics by BillyBayou
Conservative Politicsby Pencil Player
This is my political opinion. Anyone who differs from my opinion is welcome to a debate. :)
The Life by BernaTale
The Lifeby David Berna
A poem for the ever wondering mind.
moonlight | dick grayson by adam_no
moonlight | dick graysonby adam_no
I'll be with you till dusk and dawn.
Free The United Kingdom by Joey0056
Free The United Kingdomby Joey0056
A non-fiction fact-based novel discussing issues within the British culture. Looking at Racism, Islamophobia, Feminism, Religion, Foreign affairs and much much more.
Liberalism: It's Easy to be a Liberal  by Cat_4488
Liberalism: It's Easy to be a Libe...by Catherine Washington
Someone kills your mother and you sympathize with the murderer, then you're a liberal. Someone raped a child and you think pedophilia is normal. You're a liberal. Some...
Generation identity by instinctformed
Generation identityby instinctformed
Inspired by someone I would call a friend
Star Wars Episode 7: A Corpse Through Which the Force Speaks by kylebstiff
Star Wars Episode 7: A Corpse Thro...by Kyle B. Stiff
The fall of the Empire heralds dark times for humanity. As the New Republic concedes much of the galaxy to alien rule, a group of special forces stormtroopers must find...