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Rifts Threads Book 1.75 - "Two Weddings & a Funeral" by JoshHilden
Rifts Threads Book 1.75 - "Two Wed...by Josh Hilden
It's been a year since the final Battle of Red Rock and the formation of the Republic of New Detroit and Meg Carson has come home for the wedding of her friends Miranda...
  • palladiumbooks
  • megaverse
  • magic
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Rifts Threads: Book 1 "Out of Time" by JoshHilden
Rifts Threads: Book 1 "Out of Time"by Josh Hilden
Set in the worlds created by Palladium Books® THREADS is the tale of Meg Carson, a woman jerked from her place in time and space and thrust into a horrific future. Once...
  • psionics
  • palladiumbooks
  • riftsrpg
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When I'm Gone  by Deewildanddeefree
When I'm Gone by Dee
In which there were four, fully content. Then came the doubts, testing their trust and fidelity. Then remained three, trying to relive the thirteen years that was spent...
  • anger
  • neglected
  • misunderstanding
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Lost In Time by EternalDreamLorelei
Lost In Timeby MacKenzie "Mac"
Unraveling secrets is Eliana Bishop's day job. Keeping them is her life. Ever since her father died, she's been alone, outside of the glass, looking in on her mother's p...
  • boyxgirl
  • rifts
  • laveau
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The Velocity Project by HollySmith989
The Velocity Projectby Holly Smith
The Velocity Project was a group of people that were chosen to be experimented on. This group of people had reasons why they were in the program. The thing is it's beli...
  • powers
  • supernatural
  • future
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One love,two realms  by Imamarshallmallow
One love,two realms by Marshall
A vampire named Victor goes into a rift between his realm and an unknown realm.... if you wanna find out more your going to have to read this book
  • rifts
  • love
  • supernatural
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Estrella: A Rift Of Emotions (1) by StoryCubeBoi
Estrella: A Rift Of Emotions (1)by StoryCube
A girl has to travel through multiple dimensions of emotions, to fill her empty soul
  • emotions
  • rifts
The rift by Jason-S
The riftby Jason Seabourne
When a storm interferes with a teleportation experiment, causing the storm to strike a boy giving him the ability to open a rift.
  • portals
  • teleportation
  • scifi
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Collapse by KennyAndJordan
Collapseby KennyAndJordan
Two worlds, one of magic and one of military might, brought together in one cataclysmic event. Two heroes must use their new abilities to save their worlds from collapsi...
  • rifts
A Fissured Wall by RakhiChouhan8
A Fissured Wallby Rakhi Chouhan
In everything in this world is feeling just need to understand them had just. Take pen and paper and then give your word prefix their feelings. I here cracked the wall o...
  • rifts
  • wall
  • poem
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Doppelganger At The Doorstep  by Ecnelis_
Doppelganger At The Doorstep by ✨ ᴀʟʟ ʜᴀɪʟ ᴘᴜᴍᴘᴋɪɴs 🦄
When a body appears at the doorstep of a certain persons workplace, one person in particular is set uneasy.
  • rifts
  • time-travel
  • work
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Video Game Poetry©~Collection~Inspired. by nicollettenikki
Video Game Poetry©~Collection~Insp...by NicolletteNikki
Hello and welcome to my collection of my love for video games, and poetry. Currently featured in this collection are my merge of both Bioshock 1 and 2. A Red Dead Redemp...
  • movie
  • creed
  • dishonored
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Twin Rifts by TeamSpaderSanic
Twin Riftsby TeamSpaderSanic
Rifts, tears in space and time that can lead anywhere from across a planet to another dimension, and they've began showing up for the first time in known human history i...
  • oppresion
  • twins
  • sciencefiction
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ovel rousefly rifts by Kwiinnii
ovel rousefly riftsby Queenie Canoy
I never have had a diary. Not good at keeping one.
  • rousefly
  • diary
  • kwiinnii
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Genesis Hatter and the detective of fates~ by DeathScythe44
Genesis Hatter and the detective o...by Storm~
You know the fathers story, you know the mothers story. Of how a young girl followed a rabbit down a hole. How she met her friends of another world, or some would say an...
  • alice
  • rifts
  • mystery
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UnMeeting by misusup
UnMeetingby misusup
The story that unbroke their hearts but left them in pieces. ................................................... Their story started and ended on one single...
  • fiction
  • choices
  • pain
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Rifts Of Darkness by Maz211
Rifts Of Darknessby Maz211
The first book in the series. Elizabeth Crystal Northp
  • rifts
  • fantasy
  • shadows
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Nightmare's little side adventure. by SleepyKitten626
Nightmare's little side adventure.by SleepyKitten626
(P.S: This'll make more sense if you've read some of MergeTale:Rifts: https://www.wattpad.com/user/TriatomicRoom73 ) Nightmare, lord of darkness and slight dork, ends up...
  • timeline
  • âu
  • rifts
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