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One shots  by sterlingmay
One shots by SterlingMay
Just a few sex one shots Also the sex scenes in my other book "the three alphas" are here if you just wanna read them fucking
You And Me (Gallavich) by kingshultz
You And Me (Gallavich)by s
He's dying. He didn't think about everything he failed to accomplish in life, but he more pitied himself for getting nowhere. He had thought of so many magnificent and...
Two of a Kind by countryreb020
Two of a Kindby Country Writer
Desiree loves riding her horses. After an accident she stopped doing what she really loved. Now she does reining and team roping with her best friend. Her dad and two ot...
Howling For Red by ZoeyTraver
Howling For Redby Author Zoey
Red is on her usual walk through the woods. Except this time shes looking forward to an erotic night with her savior and lover, the woodcutter. But something stops her i...
two different worlds || niall horan [completed] by fabulous_hemmo
two different worlds || niall hora...by ♡
Ashley Carter isn’t what you would call a ‘normal girl’. Normal girls put time and effort into their appearance. Normal girl go shopping, and normal girls listen to pop...
Maple Stream Riding Academy by cxntering
Maple Stream Riding Academyby college equestrian
(First book in MSRA series!) COMPLETED When Cami gets accepted to Maple Stream Riding Academy, she has to leave her friends, family, and comfortable way of life. On the...
His Little Red Luna by iiFor3v3rWrit3r
His Little Red Lunaby Jocelynn
He pushes me against the wall and places my hair behind my ear, his gentle fingers caressing my face. He leans in and whispers, "You are mine... Brooklyn Wood...
The Fault In Reality by DappledMoon
The Fault In Realityby Anne-Marie
A fatal mistake and a dead horse sink Era into depression, and she vows never to ride again. But when her mother sends her to her father's ranch to 'find herself', she's...
Rose Revenge by girlwuttt
Rose Revengeby girlwuttt
When Dimitri left Rose, she vowed never to let her or her daughter speak or see him again. Then Lissa calls them in for help with a Strigoi attack training the guardians.
Smut Oneshots | XXXTENTACION And S...by sad.angeexl
Requests are opennnnn.... 😂 And yea I be changing the picture of the book so yea😊
MSRA ⇢ Starting New by cxntering
MSRA ⇢ Starting Newby college equestrian
- Read 'Maple Stream Riding Academy' FIRST! (Sophomore Year: Book One) COMPLETED After Cami Taylor's almost fatal accident at Maple Stream Riding Academy, the academy sh...
The Hunter- Avatar Fanfiction by courtofroses0326
The Hunter- Avatar Fanfictionby Writergirl0201
20 years have pasted since the war between the Na'vi and the Sky people. The clans returned to their own homes and peace returned. Jake and Neytiri are now the lead...
Shifters by HorseGorl24
Shiftersby N
Dana is unlike any other teen, she is a shapeshifter who lives with her mom deep in the woods of Pennsylvania where she thinks few other mystic creatures exist. When all...
Oakland Ridge Riding Academy by KayKay_0824
Oakland Ridge Riding Academyby KayKay_24
Zoe Lewis is accepted into one of the most prestigious boarding schools in all of America - Oakland Ridge Riding Academy. Zoe brings along her horse, Indy, for the ride...
Silver Hawk Ridge: Winds of Change by EquisGem
Silver Hawk Ridge: Winds of Changeby EquisGem
"Are you still hungry enough to make it here?" Now entering her second semester at Silver Hawk Ridge, Savannah Bells has everything going for her: amazing frie...
The New Horse ~slow updates~ by CharlieTheGummyBear
The New Horse ~slow updates~by CharlieTheGummyBear
~Spirit Riding Free~ When Misty one day decides to explore the peaceful town of Miradero that Spirit was so loyal to, she gets captured by some cowboys. Lucky, Abigail...
Off My Mind- Free Rein (Pin X OC) by owarikimizuki_sos
Off My Mind- Free Rein (Pin X OC)by owarikimizuki_sos
Bethany just moved to England when she figures out Zoe is her neighbor and there's a whole barn close to her house. I'm bad at descriptions :( Sorry. Just read the first...
Cookie by PonyCookiesandcream1
Cookieby PonyCookiesandcream1
Melissa is horse obsessed so when Cookie, a nervous palomino, comes to meadowbrook stables she immediately falls in love with him. But Cookie catches the eye of another...
The Trust of A Dragon Rider by avifauna
The Trust of A Dragon Riderby g.
BOOK THREE. Lucy's parents are hiding something..Something so dangerous it can end the world of the Dragon Riders. Lucy has a dragon. A Crystal dragon to be exa...
My Ride or Die Girl by Annken727
My Ride or Die Girlby Annken727
Aria aka Angel parents decide to live out of state right before her senior year. She is devastated. She loves to ride and race her motorcycle though and it's the only...