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Riddle School : The Next Generation (Season 1) by GreedDiamond
Riddle School : The Next Generatio...by Yee
(Season 1) (Play the games first, then read this) (This doesn't belong to me. All credit goes to JonoChrome, the Creator of the Riddle school series) 5 years. Its been 5...
Riddling Into The Unknown by StarryCats
Riddling Into The Unknownby Octoling
(EDITED) Book 1 *Based off Jonochrome's (Jonbro) flash game series, Riddle School* 6 years after the death of Diz, the gang finally attend Riddle High School, for real...
An Unforgettable Smile ||Complete~|| by jjaybirdo
An Unforgettable Smile ||Complete~...by Jay(gay)
This book will no longer be continued. However, feel free to read this book whenever you please. Not my problem XD ___ OmG tHiS sHiP iS mY lIfE.. AhhhHHHhhhHh Annyywaayy...
The Riddle School Collection by supershadicdude
The Riddle School Collectionby SuperShadicDude
This is the entire Riddle School series as well as a new chapter for Riddle Transfer 3
Riddle School: The Retelling by NightOfNetter
Riddle School: The Retellingby NightOfNetter
Riddle School is a simple point-and-click puzzle game, and is super short and fun to play. But, what if the game was more in-depth? More realistic? With more thought out...
A Whole New Riddle by StarryCats
A Whole New Riddleby Octoling
Book 3. 10 years after R's defeat. Everyone is living their casual, peaceful lives...... Well, peace that would not last forever...... One summer night....Stella Cats;...
ASK DIZ! by DizTheAlien
ASK DIZ!by DizTheAlien
This is about a stereotypical alien named Diz with two other characters:Smiley and Phil
Ellie Rose and Henry Stickmin: Pardoned Convicts by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
Ellie Rose and Henry Stickmin: Par...by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
After Completing the mission with Charles, Ellie Rose and Henry Stickmin were pardoned for all of their crimes. So Henry and Ellie Decided to take some time off to refle...
Journey Through The Stars by StarryCats
Journey Through The Starsby Octoling
As the 20th century draws to a close, quite literally, a young scientist named Travis Nook is visited by his high school friend, Jack Amano, with a huge proposition. T...
Riddle School: Ask or dare by Undertale_Fan_Ultra
Riddle School: Ask or dareby Undertale_Fan_Ultra
Hello Everyone, welcome to our ask Blog~! We will be joined by some of our Friends from Kindergarden Elimentry, and Heretown Elimentry~! (WARNING!!! THERE WILL BE SOME S...
Riddle School Oneshots by StarryCats
Riddle School Oneshotsby Octoling
Let's start this over lmao This is basically a place to throw in short stories canon to my series, or just random oneshots Some chapters may contain oranges and limes. E...
Riddle Transfer Truth Or Dare by QuestToBookIt
Riddle Transfer Truth Or Dareby QuestToBookIt
Truth and Dare with the riddle transfer characters, comment a truth or Dare and I will use it
the worst story to ever be created by AAAAAlexb2810
the worst story to ever be createdby Italian boi
This used to be a Riddle School Ask and Dare, then it became a randomness thingy and now it's just pure dog sh*t. btw requests are still open
Written Riddles [EDITING] by StarryCats
Written Riddles [EDITING]by Octoling
(Currently editing) Book 2 Sequel to Riddling Into The Unknown Ever since the real defeat of Vizion and Diz, everything has never been so calm, Phil, Smiley, Phred, Zack...
Riddle School series in book form by theNiGHTMARE24
Riddle School series in book formby theNiGHTMARE24
read the title ( riddle series is owned by jonbro\jonochrome )