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Riddling Into The Unknown by StarryCats
Riddling Into The Unknownby Octoling
(EDITED) Book 1 *Based off Jonochrome's (Jonbro) flash game series, Riddle School* 6 years after the death of Diz, the gang finally attend Riddle High School, for real...
Riddle School : The Next Generation (Season 1) by GreedDiamond
Riddle School : The Next Generatio...by Yee
(Season 1) (Play the games first, then read this) (This doesn't belong to me. All credit goes to JonoChrome, the Creator of the Riddle school series) 5 years. Its been 5...
Riddle school ask and dare by the-yaoi-shipper
Riddle school ask and dareby Jay
Ships: philey (Phil x smiley), phack (phred x zack) and 5chy (5 x richy) Characters: Phil, smiley, phred, zack, 5, richy, diz, quiz, viz, and b Art cover: ?
Riddle School: It's About Time..... by pinkninja0014
Riddle School: It's About Time.....by PinkNinjaMusic
Everything was going normally for once with the Riddle School Gang. Until....... Biz receives a call from Viz, and it's not good. All Viz can say is "You'll have t...
Riddle School: The Final Battle by pinkninja0014
Riddle School: The Final Battleby PinkNinjaMusic
Secrets will be unvailed Lines will be crossed Promises will be broken Fear bubbles inside A new war has started, and this time, Biz may be on the opposite side! Can Fai...
Written Riddles [EDITING] by StarryCats
Written Riddles [EDITING]by Octoling
(Currently editing) Book 2 Sequel to Riddling Into The Unknown Ever since the real defeat of Vizion and Diz, everything has never been so calm, Phil, Smiley, Phred, Zack...
Riddle School: Transfered by pinkninja0014
Riddle School: Transferedby PinkNinjaMusic
This is the sequel to Riddle School: The Next Generation. If you haven't read the previous book, I suggest you do. ____________________________________ Faith Sundae, Gab...
my art book #2 by sam_eggtree
my art book #2by Sam Eggtree
you can request had to remake it Warning: there might be gore, but what else do you expect from me? Pretty pink princesses? Ew Finished on: 7/2/19
Riddle Transfer ♥️Ask or Dare♥️ by LotsOfLaughsLOL1
Riddle Transfer ♥️Ask or Dare♥️by Cora
This is about a story about you asking or daring the people in the story. And this book is open for until I get bored with it (WHICH I WILL PROBABLY NEVER GET BORED WITH...
Riddle School: The Next Generation by pinkninja0014
Riddle School: The Next Generationby PinkNinjaMusic
Smiley and Phil got married and had 2 kids: Faith Sundae(girl) and Gabriel Eggtree(boy). See what happens when they attend Riddle School, the school that their parents...
Riddle School Truth Or Dare by deadheadx33
Riddle School Truth Or Dareby Nefarious Dead
this is my first truth or dare so I'll try my best! Arts not mine
Gathering (REWORK) by OddlesOfNoodles
Gathering (REWORK)by Meika Hime
(Book 3) After finding out Diz is alive after all these years, Phil and his gang take initiative to find him. Even their adventures, they aren't free from the obligation...
A Whole New Riddle by StarryCats
A Whole New Riddleby Octoling
Book 3. 10 years after R's defeat. Everyone is living their casual, peaceful lives...... Well, peace that would not last forever...... One summer night....Stella Cats;...
YT videos/other things 2 by sam_eggtree
YT videos/other things 2by Sam Eggtree
made on: 3/29/20 idk what im.doing pissed off phil is the cover lol
Riddle School season 2: hidden scars/V2 by DaisyTDM
Riddle School season 2: hidden sca...by Daisy
Phil and the gang bump into Jay at a cabin in the middle of the woods after they escape the underground base, and they feel confident because they have a secret weapon t...
♥ART AND RANDOMNESS♥by Egg with a wig
This is where I now kinda post artwork, besides in Tumblr and FB. Cause people in DeviantArt don't really care anymore (jk) And you can ask for requests, like OCs, and f...
Comeback by OddlesOfNoodles
Comebackby Meika Hime
Just ignore this one. Basically Skew breaks out of jail and he and his ex joins the Sentinels. (Book 7. Also the partner story to Story Jump.) It's been 13 years since V...
An Unforgettable Smile ||Complete~|| by jjaybirdo
An Unforgettable Smile ||Complete~...by Jay(gay)
This book will no longer be continued. However, feel free to read this book whenever you please. Not my problem XD ___ OmG tHiS sHiP iS mY lIfE.. AhhhHHHhhhHh Annyywaayy...