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Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Eagle's Path || a PJO/AC Crossover by TheAdventurer2001
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The...by Nico Di Angelo
(Was originally named 'The Camp & The Creed') After the second war of the Greeks and Romans, fighting together against the Giants and Gaea, Percy is left with a terrible...
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Percabeth a little after Blood of Olympus by AudreyCristan
Percabeth a little after Blood of...by AudreyCristan
This is about Percy and Annabeth's future- well, right after High School and Blood of Olympus. Lots of new things will be happening to them. And they will learn, and exp...
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Percico- a love never seen by omofosdeath
Percico- a love never seenby jaminha
Note: I do not own Any of these characters, they belong to Rick Riordan. I hope you enjoy!
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Rants/asks/dares/haikus/facts/tags/ships Apollo by _-TheHottestGod-_
Rants/asks/dares/haikus/facts/tags...by Still best
It's literally the title
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Mortals meet demigods!! :D by hamporter
Mortals meet demigods!! :Dby Short hiatus
The mortals meet the demigods with no mist because of gaeas convenient little present before being defeated. Please give suggestions on who I should do. Don't be a sile...
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Lone Soldier (Heros Of Olympus Fanfic) by baxterl23
Lone Soldier (Heros Of Olympus Fan...by Liam Baxter
Book 2 in the Thomas Hilton series Everything about this place screamed hell. A dark atmosphere, high temperatures, Ghosts milling about and the screeches of the dammed...
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Annabeth and Spidermen Don't Mix by Solid-wisp
Annabeth and Spidermen Don't Mixby Jamie Edge
♤ RANKING #3 IN TASM x PJO ON FANFICTION.NET ♤ [In terms of favourites] This is a showdown I have always wanted to read. I hope that it will entertain the people who are...
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Percy Jackson's Future Family by Everglade7
Percy Jackson's Future Familyby Everglade7
This story is about Percy and Annabeth. They have children and Percy finds out that he has two sisters and gets to know them while they stay at Camp Half Blood.
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The Seven in highschool  by Artdreyj
The Seven in highschool by Artdreyj
There are no longer seven but the great us! Meet Percy Jackson, but you probably already know who he is, but do you know how he and his friends will do in a mortal highs...
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The Descendants of Olympus by -HereComesTheSun-
The Descendants of Olympusby Sophie
The Seven Demigods' Kids are having troubles of their own...set 20 years after the Gaea War and end of Caleos Reunion. And yes it's a sequel!
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Child of the Moon by beautifulafflictions
Child of the Moonby ❁ Queen Soph ❁
Three new demigods enter the world of Percy Jackson. It all starts when Marisa Harrison's sister, Lia, gets kidnapped. Thomas Hill and Luna Rodriguez find her and Thomas...
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Gay Poptarts (Solangelo One-shots) by Solangelo_Stuff
Gay Poptarts (Solangelo One-shots)by Sølangelø
Just a bunch of Solangelo fluff and crap 😂
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What If? by thedancerwhoreads
What If?by thedancerwhoreads
This story is a bunch of different books with twists. They each have a 'What If?' Question, and I'm going to write a story for it. Enjoy! Disclaimer: all characters th...
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Solangelo by annie_likes_2_flip
Solangeloby annie_likes_2_flip
I letter written by Nico di Angelo telling the little known tale of his wedding day...
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Wisdom at Sea by ANSWriting
Wisdom at Seaby aimee
**DON'T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ TOA** 17 years since Annabeth was in the Giant War. 16 years since she got an apartment. 15 years since she tried to leave behind mytho...
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Trials of Apollo:The Dark Prophecy by SharvilAmin
Trials of Apollo:The Dark Prophecyby Sharvil Amin
This is a mere fanfiction
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The Son of the Darkness by ishine4jc
The Son of the Darknessby ishine4jc
*Sequel to The Eldest Daughter, read it before reading this.* Everyone gets back from the quest to save them gods. Just when Ezra thought he'd get to know Jasmine better...
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Ophelia Moore by gavidandy
Ophelia Mooreby gav
This includes minor spoilers for the first book: Magnus Chase; SWORD of SUMMER. Okay, Okay. I'll explain, but I'm going to make this very clear. THIS IS NOT AN OC X CANO...
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Magnus and Alex by kjls11
Magnus and Alexby Jemsies
This is a fanfiction based on Rick Riordan's Magnus Chase characters, Magnus Chase and Alex Fierro, and what happens after the book.
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MAGNUS CHASE MEMES!!!!! by otter87
MAGNUS CHASE MEMES!!!!!by kai emily metzler