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The Next Step Season 8  by calore_tns
The Next Step Season 8 by calore_tns
This story is about Nick choosing which team will go to Nationals and that team preparing for, and possibly winning, the competition. The story will include the couples...
together-richozzy by annasmith70
together-richozzyby annasmith70
After dancemania Richelle and Ozzy aren't on the best terms. When both experience hard times will they grow closer together or further apart? Parties meet family issues...
TNS Season 8 - A-Troupe VS B-Troupe by fanfictiioonns
TNS Season 8 - A-Troupe VS B-Troupeby TNSFanfic
Being disqualified in Dancemania makes A-Troupe no longer a professional dancers and back to competitive dancers. Which allows them to compete at Absolute Dance National...
i'm fine 2 by TNSrichozzy
i'm fine 2by <3
the second part of "Im fine"💕
i'm fine by TNSrichozzy
i'm fineby <3
A richozzy spin off (Ozzy and richelle from the next step) Enjoy💞 (Spoilers from season 5 and 6 of the next step) COMPLETE
the last to leave the party - richozzy by pearlsdahlias
the last to leave the party - pearl ☀️
Richelle wasn't the biggest fan of parties. Ozzy just wanted to impress the people in his grade. When the two continue to bump into each other at parties thrown by the...
The Next Step Season 8 by tiedtoyouyoutube
The Next Step Season 8by tied to you
After forfeiting at Dancemania, A-troupe are in an impossible position. It is now up to them to battle against B-troupe for a chance to get to Nationals. But at what cos...
glimpse of us by bylerodrigo
glimpse of usby gracie
a short tns story ozzy liked richelle for years but finally moves on, what happens if she liked him back the whole time without saying?
Richozzy oneshots by giigii123
Richozzy oneshotsby giigii123
Tbh I haven't seen many Richozzy one shots and my favourite ship that hasn't happened enjoy
The Next Step Oneshots  by thenextsteppiper
The Next Step Oneshots by cece (inactive)
The Next Step mini stories! Featuring Pinn, Richozzy, Kingstily + more ♡ Angst, romance, friendship, adventure, AUs, and more angst
i'm fine 3 by TNSrichozzy
i'm fine 3by <3
Third part to "I'm fine" P.s, the cover has nothing to do with the book I just had nothing else to put😂
The Next Step: Season 7 Rewrite by zozoey_05
The Next Step: Season 7 Rewriteby zoey
As the next step has just won regionals, they advance to nationals. But, a huge opportunity comes up with Dancemania, that they just can't pass up. What is A-Troupe goin...
4 Hearts by AlexChaves1155
4 Heartsby AlexChaves1155
Richozzy and Noacquie. Richille, Ozzy, Jacque and Noah are best friends that do everything together. Jacque and Noah are dating so sometime it feels Like Richille and Oz...
Best friends to Lovers to Forever Together (ON HOLD) by 99richozzy99
Best friends to Lovers to ~naileadevoraobssessor~
Richelle and Ozzy make it to be together with their friends help. But it takes a turn for the worst, later on in the story! Are they really the strongest couple to be to...
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The Next Step A-Z One Shots 3✓ by georgiawrite
The Next Step A-Z One Shots 3✓by Georgia
Open to all couples. Taking requests for part 4.
i'm fine 4 by TNSrichozzy
i'm fine 4by <3
Book 4 of I'm fine. (Read the other books so it makes sense).
Richozzy world tour by sabrinameetsdraco
Richozzy world tourby Guineapiggyg
Ozzy and Richelle get picked to go on a world will they react and how will they cope spending so much time together.Includes kingslily pinn,hamy,noacquie and cl...
richelle and ozzy oneshot by TNSrichozzy
richelle and ozzy oneshotby <3
Oneshot of richelle and Ozzys date from my a-troupes sleepover book💓.
Loving On a Stage by tiedtoyouyoutube
Loving On a Stageby tied to you
Richozzy oneshot from The Next Step season 7. Set during 7x23 when Ozzy is preparing for his resurrection round solo, in an alternate storyline where it is Richelle that...
Conquer (Richelle x Ozzy) by zozoey_05
Conquer (Richelle x Ozzy)by zoey
She's under-appreciated, and he's overlooked. But together, they can conquer the world. A Richozzy story.