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A love reversal by queen_of_fun
A love reversalby Olivera💝
This is my 2nd fanfiction story written about my sweetiest couple, Reymir. Well, here a storyline will go in opposite direction...well, let's start with it that Reyyan w...
Their first night by vellich4r
Their first nightby Gratia
I wrote this according to how I imagined the scene on the hut in the second episode
No secrets left to hide by mardi89
No secrets left to hideby mardi89/stydiastartoftime
I started this MONTHS ago and I thought I incorporated part of it into a different fic but I didn't??? So here we are. I was inspired by thoughts/discussion on Miran's v...
🦋 An Unstored Memory 🦋 by RayRayy91
🦋 An Unstored Memory 🦋by RayRayy91
Do you know those forgotten memories that humans store in their memory dump? Memories that are no longer remembered? Well, this short story tells us about an unstored me...
Hercai (translated) by MajestUnicorn98
Hercai (translated)by Micaela De Andrade
Reyyan is a granddaughter of the Sadoglu Family, a prominent family in the town of Midyat. Her grandfather and father are very important figures in her life and Sadoglu...
Star-Crossed 💫 by RayRayy91
Star-Crossed 💫by RayRayy91
Before it all began... Before Miran and Reyyan, there was Hazar and Dilşah ♡ This is my own take on the story of Hazar and Dilşah that was left untold in the show 'Herca...