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who said family had to be blood (zombieland male reader insert) by blood-viper
who said family had to be blood ( blood-viper
haven't seen many zombieland stories so I'd fought id make one (y/n) (l/n) originally a cop in texas but after a turn of events America is now zombieland and all he has...
Land of Outlaws (Velvet X Reader) by RyanJersey
Land of Outlaws (Velvet X Reader)by Ryan Jersey
The RWBY Universe, set way back with cowboys and outlaws alike. That's the main idea for it atleast.
The Two Gunslingers (Jesse Mccree x Reader) by FlameWolf111
The Two Gunslingers (Jesse FlameWolf111
You were Young when you First met Jesse Mccree. He was a year older than you, making him sixteen. At first impression you could care less about him and his gang, but aft...
Yugioh Vrains (Fem) Yusaku Fujiki x Ryoken Kogami (Revolver) by demonguy123
Yugioh Vrains (Fem) Yusaku Demonguy123
After all Yusaku had gone through, The Lost Incident, The Tower of Hanoi, The Ignis Warfare and Ai's betrayal, he should be able to rest now right? Well turns out no. So...
Link To Her Heart [Fujiki Yusaku/Playmaker X Female! Reader X Revolver] by epiphanymoon_93
Link To Her Heart [Fujiki Yusaku/ Maria ♡
You are his right hand, the one he could always rely on, you are loyal to him, but most importantly, you are someone he's willing to do anything for. Yes, Revolver, the...
Shadows Within The Crowd  (Jesse McCree x Reader) by FlameWolf0515
Shadows Within The Crowd (Jesse FlameWolf111
This is the second story to a book called "The Two Gunslingers" A book from my old account. When you were younger you met the Gunslinging idiot that soon...
Sand, Blood and Bountys by Umbramortes
Sand, Blood and Bountysby Umbramortes
From huntsman in training to a nobody, to a bountyhuntery. Follow along the tale of a man on the hunt for justice. Where will the storyead us? Who knows...
Yugioh Arc V Bracelet Girls x Male Reader by BigBoyGhost_04
Yugioh Arc V Bracelet Girls x ThatOneGuy
In this story, you will wield a deck that will evolve as you absorb and fuse with the Zarc counterparts. You will start with a blue eyes deck (A/n: It is now a Cyberse...
Angel Of The Battlefield  ~Venom Snake x Reader~ {PAUSE} by MagicalRaiRai
Angel Of The Battlefield ~Venom RaiRai
[Y/N][Y/L/N] is a young soldier, who fell in love with the Legend. One day they went onto a mission, where Boss made a huge mess. Will this Love still bloom on the battl...
"Silent lovers but violent killers" vol- one by MadihaAli786
"Silent lovers but violent MadihaAli786
This is the story of Aliza a criminal and the cop officer Maya. Aliza loves to do crimes and Maya had a passion to reveal crimes in front of the world. Aliza and Maya...
The Entertaining Demon by SparkyZero24
The Entertaining Demonby SparkyZero24
Thomas Sakaki was an ordinary child with a nice life, until one day he was kidnapped by unknown assailants with six other kids. All of them were forced to participate in...
Operation Intrude N313 by AbelardoGuajardoG
Operation Intrude N313by AbelardoGuajardoG
Near the end of the 20th century, the West discovers that a weapon of mass destruction is being constructed inside Outer Heaven, a fortified state founded by a "leg...
How could you love me [REVOLVER X READER] by Rin12323
How could you love me [REVOLVER Rin
Besides Yusakuu, Revolver is interested in someone else. A certain someone that goes by the name (F/N) (L/N). But what happens when they have an unexpected meaning into...
Linked In. A Yugioh Vrains Story  by xyzmountaindragon
Linked In. A Yugioh Vrains Story by MylesDenton18
As a victim of the lost incident, Hibiki Okida knew that his life would never be the same. Left with nothing but a deck of strange monsters and a broken spirit. His only...
Never Losing You Again by CamiStein8
Never Losing You Againby Cami Stein
Playmaker and Revolver are finally reunited again after the Ignis Warfare. And this time, Playmaker will never lose Revolver again.
No County For Criminals by FriskyWithFriesUwU
No County For Criminalsby 🌸 Flower-chan 🌸
Louis Faggan is a retired man from the army.1864 had arrived and the war was finally coming to a close.Louis sold himself to a rocking chair, by his porch, smokin a ciga...
Moss-Leaf by rockyboss52
Moss-Leafby Rocky Ray
The year was 1985, Summer Break Just Started and A Young Teenager Named Rocky Ray Gets Sent to a summer camp for 15 year olds like him. There he realises everyone is jus...
For Him by CamiStein8
For Himby Cami Stein
Revolver has come across Playmaker's unconscious state after his duel with Kusanagi. Even though his fear for Lightning might occur him, Revolver must defeat him for Pla...
Last Moment with You by CamiStein8
Last Moment with Youby Cami Stein
Playmaker spends the last moment with Revolver before he dies in front of him. a.k.a. How episode 98 of VRAINS should of ended when Revolver died!!! Cover belongs to Ta...
Yugioh vrains- Yusaku and company reacting to ships! by Tauriel105
Yugioh vrains- Yusaku and GhostGIrlViolinist
Ever wonder how our favorite characters would react to ships that fans have made through out the series? Join Yusaku and his friends and company as they react to ships t...