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Sztuka życia według Connora |HANCON| by ZuzannaSemenov
Sztuka życia według Connora | Dinozarek
Bo Connor kocha niszczyć sobie życie. ___ Uniwersum, w którym to Connor jest uzależnionym od tytoniu dupkiem, a Hank pilnuje, by nie zrobił sobie krzywdy.
  • dbh
  • soft
  • android
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Qibli+Winter Reverse! by EmberTheStorian
Qibli+Winter Reverse!by EmberTheStorian
What if Qibli and Winter switched personality traits? Winter the funny and sarcastic IceWing, and Qibli the edgy and serous SandWing. Both dragonets meet for the first t...
  • jadeacademy
  • qinter
  • reverse
And I Love Her (RevEdd x Reader) by HourBelt
And I Love Her (RevEdd x Reader)by HourBelt
You're a 16 year old sophomore who has just moved into Peachcreek. Things are pretty okay for the most part- besides the snarky asshole that keeps bothering you. But you...
  • badboy
  • eddxreader
  • ed
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Billy The Kid (A Gravity Falls Fan Fic) (Book 3) by TheGirlWhoWrites1997
Billy The Kid (A Gravity Falls Danielle Cipher
There's a Scientist out to get Bill, if he wasn't already dealing with high school, bullies and making friends, this new threat would be so much easier to handle, plus t...
  • gravityfalls
  • reversefalls
  • demon
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Reverse Fairy Tales (If that is what it's called) by HuginnWithMuninn
Reverse Fairy Tales (If that is HuginnWithMuninn
Just twisted fairy tales. Funny or depressing, ya gotta know. Doesn't always ends in a Happily Even After.
  • reverse
  • tales
  • snowwhite
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Princess Grayson by penpal2626
Princess Graysonby Penny Palton
Princess Rochelle Grayson of The Kingdom of Bats had been put on the table to princes. What if she didn't want a prince. She was the daughter of King Bruce (bats) and Qu...
  • somanykingdoms
  • royharper
  • wallywest
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Wonderland  by JustALonesomeReader
Wonderland by Eggs Benedict
The world is a difficult place, but often times I find myself making do with what I have. In three years..I will be happy. At least that's what she told me before she di...
  • harem
  • reverse
  • boyxgirl
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Fairytales - A New Era by ItsRuleBreaker
Fairytales - A New Eraby RuleBreaker
Have you ever read fairytales? What happens if fairytales occurs now...?
  • snow
  • snowwhite
  • change
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Tally hall x falling In reverse by Nomron
Tally hall x falling In reverseby Nomron .
tally hall goes to reuintine.. and FALLING IN REVERSE IS THERE TOO?!?!?!!? they decidee to have a chat and end up falling in love ;) (sfw)
  • hall
  • tally
  • falling
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Coalesce In Darkness by SuicideInTennessee
Coalesce In Darknessby Ivey Recquel Mathews Montgome...
Love is a strange thing isn't it? Isn't it funny how people will sometimes do ANYTHING for those they love? Clara Mills definitely isn't some innocent little girl but, s...
  • reverse
  • romance
  • black
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Reverse Adversity by etherealpoppies
Reverse Adversityby etherealpoppies
We all have regrets. And how do we go around coping them? We speculate what we could have done. Meet Anna, a working adult, who should find a boyfriend but can't do so...
  • reverse
  • adversity
  • youngadult
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Reverse Roles {Citrus Fanfiction} by JuliaTheBrightPuppy
Reverse Roles {Citrus Fanfiction}by Julia W. Fudala
Mei and Yuzu are the complete opposite, Mei is a troublemaker and Yuzu is the posh and well mannered young woman. Until one day, They both find out they have something i...
  • reverse
  • gxg
  • lesbian
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Boboiboy Reverse by -_Zise-Size_-
Boboiboy Reverseby Zise Size
Author:Zise Size Nội dung:Boboiboy rất đáng yêu và dễ mến nhỉ.Nhưng mà,trong fic này,cậu ấy sẽ k như thế nữa.Mà thay vào đó là một con người tàn nhẫn độc ác.Thì...còn j...
  • boboiboy
  • ais
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My random stuff of kpop and anime  by lennylinny22
My random stuff of kpop and anime by lenny v
Wasssup I'm Lenny and I'm giving you thaaa goods so yeah -we got lemon and lime boiii -
  • harem
  • oneshot
  • lenylinny
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Honestly, I'm just like you. by Imalittlelost3
Honestly, I'm just like D34thb3ds
Ronnie Radke goes to a tattoo parlor and leaves with so much more.
  • reverse
  • în
  • ronnie
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i'm Evice  by adzie881
i'm Evice by adzie azakie
can i kill you? /Evice/
  • kawan
  • wattis2019
  • rohjahat
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P H A S E S by ShortPoetry
🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕 Poetry♡ A Reverse chronology Strictly no copying of my work in any manner All poetries in this book is an original work of mine ©️ ShortPoetry / Diya
  • chronology
  • reversechronology
  • poem
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