Vow (The Fae Chronicles Book 0.5) by Awesomegal3015
Vow (The Fae Chronicles Book 0.5)by Awesomegal3015
You heard about The Search and all the secrets in it. But do you know the story that created it? Do you know why and how Jesse found out Silver Shadow's idenity? Do you...
  • steampunk
  • revealing
  • vow
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Titanium Academy: School of Magic(on-going) by UnknownGirl192004
Titanium Academy: School of Magic( UnknownGirl1904
She's Krystal Amber Trinity. An ordinary girl with an ordinary life, but it change when she transfer to a different school. The School where she will find out her true s...
  • magic
  • memory
  • adventure
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Funny Things Waatpad Writers Do😂😂😂😊 by iladophia
Funny Things Waatpad Writers Do😂� Stephanie George
funny, educative, great.
  • expose
  • funny
  • revealing
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My Vampire  Family  by Adri02Roses
My Vampire Family by Adriana Rose
Marianna(Ari or Ariana) was no average girl in fact she was a ripper Vampire from the 1400's and she has a large family but her parents killed themselves when they found...
  • lies
  • bestfriends
  • choose
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Would You Rather by Ima_Gummy_Bear
Would You Ratherby Kairi J
Swim With Sharks or Go Skydiving? - Have A Puppy Or Have A Kitty? - Be Rich But Have No Friends Or Be Poor And Be Loved By Many? - Be A Famous Wattpad Writer Or Beat A W...
  • wouldyourather
  • book
  • questionnaire
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Before My Tragedy  by ErikaSunlight123
Before My Tragedy by ♡Animated + Pasta♡
"When I discover who I am, I'll be free." -Ralph Ellison "Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself." -George Bernard Shaw ...
  • ghost
  • tragicdiscovery
  • journey
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The feathers on his chest. by mma96tessEd
The feathers on his mma96tessEd
The song sounds so weird The lyrics so apart The singers so distant Will he ever return? Will I ever hear his heart out to me? Will I see those soulful eyes again? He is...
  • revealing
  • emotional
  • strong
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WHEN MS.GAME MAKER MEETS MR.GAME Light angel cassiopea valle
My name is Samantha Young im a game maker and a music cover artist (but that a secret)..while i was making music covers i use a name LightAngel_11 that my user name they...
  • ticketcollector
  • guild
  • secretidentity
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The Shadow Awards | CLOSED | by TheShadowAwards101
The Shadow Awards | CLOSED |by The Shadow Community
Is your book hidden in the shadows of the underworld that is Wattpad? Never recognized for how hard you work, and can never earn a rank? Looking for an award that will s...
  • awardsopen
  • ongoing
  • feedback
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Revealing Raincoat by mikanlovie
Revealing Raincoatby mikan🌸
On a cold winter night, Chat Noir lends Ladybug his jacket. The next day, Marinette wears it to school. Of course, this wouldn't be a problem at all, if it weren't for t...
  • mikanlove
  • ladybug
  • agreste
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losing one's mind by BatmanEvolution
losing one's mindby Demon Knight
A journey like no other.
  • pain
  • revealing
  • truestory
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The Lex Project by folpflop
The Lex Projectby Rakiera_Gibbs
Lex Wallman is trying to survive life in High School but is facing alot of things that people can and can't see. It all started on her 17th birthday where she learns the...
  • scary
  • revealing
  • secrets
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MuCh LoVe by babRoss
MuCh LoVeby ross 🌝
Anxiety. Depression. Love. And worst of all;; feelings. Novel, "MuCh LoVe" by BabRoss ;; a heartfelt need-to -see book.
  • life
  • romance
  • revealing
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 Chat room friends.  {On Hold} by Golden-author
Chat room friends. {On Hold}by Golden-author
Ciara Johnson is a young girl 22 years old live in San Diego, who broke up with her boyfriend, Devon Nelson, she caught him cheating on her. And now she is heartbroke...
  • stormbreaker
  • part
  • room
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SHY ONE by kveen5
SHY ONEby kveen5
the picture is not the girl its the writer
  • juicy
  • interesting
  • awesome
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Watching Their Lives (Watching Miraculous Ladybug) by Galaxy_Kitty06
Watching Their Lives (Watching ~Callianne~
???'s POV ....... "I wanna go in NOW!!!" She said while getting up and started walking to the classroom door. But before she could go, I stood up and pulled th...
  • secrets
  • adrienette
  • revealing
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TMNT Ultimate Truth or Dare by Crazyanime5
TMNT Ultimate Truth or Dareby Little Weird
Have any questions? Well you've come to the right place. Just ask Wex, Leo, April, Donnie, Nick, Layla, Evelyn, Victoria, ect. and the rest of the group, and they'll an...
  • truth
  • tmnt
  • dare
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Bound to You  by SMKanu
Bound to You by Amoui
After witnessing the betrayal of someone she trusted with her life, Charlotte Sparro runs away only to find something more dangerous than the pain of a broken heart. Th...
  • werewolf
  • vampire
  • family
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May 2017       poems    thoughts     life stories by EdwinBrown9
May 2017 poems Edwin Brown
Reached a high rating of 89 in poetry... We have made it through winter... We are in the middle of spring... We will soon be in the heat of summer... Time is moving ahea...
  • heartfelt
  • informative
  • candid
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The Cafe Brew... by Arshiabanduni
The Cafe Arshiabanduni
Kylie jensen is a perfect girl with her perfect life .Her best sibling, her parents and her relatives make everything amazing. but........ everything changes after her o...
  • jealousy
  • teenromance
  • revealing
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