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Outworldly Class by samsonpass
Outworldly Classby samsonpass
Lily who is a demon finally finds a home in her friends home world but like aways people(humans) don't seemed to like her here that much. So how will are heroine and fri...
  • heroes
  • return
  • fantasy
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Key to Her Heart by typicallvann
Key to Her Heartby laavanya
What do they say? They say Love finds its way. ** They were young and were inseparable. There was no her without him and no him without her. He was her intoxication an...
  • childhoodsweethearts
  • badass
  • tonimahfud
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Retorno da Cavaleira Feminino (Return of the female knight) by MahMarques1997
Retorno da Cavaleira Feminino ( Mah Marques
Elena, que passou sua vida inteira tentando fazer justiça à sangue frio, apenas para vingar a sua família, e acabou morrendo sem reivindicar sua vingança. Quando ela abr...
  • cavaleira
  • return
  • knight
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TGOTBB(Season 2):Return of his Past by BabyblueAye
TGOTBB(Season 2):Return of his Pastby Eya
TEMPORARY GIRLFRIEND OF THE BADBOY's Season 2 Riel and Ivan's Love story and trials.
  • return
  • past
  • tarayan
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James and Lily Return  by Kaylee_Madison2303
James and Lily Return by 💛Kay🖤
If James and Lily returned from the dead.
  • hogwarts
  • return
  • james
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The Return Of The Queen by Ramneek13
The Return Of The Queenby Forever_Blessed13
When put your trust in someone, you'd expect that they would care for you and always have your back. This wasn't the case for Bloom Orton. The sister of Randy Orton. Aft...
  • divas
  • randyorton
  • action
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Return by dallyeora
Returnby dionysus ; 🐯x🐰
"Have you ever thought someone who dies, came back to life?" Book 2 of "Letters" Wings Concept #4
  • kimtaehyung
  • yoonmin
  • love
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The Heroes of Flow 2 trailers  by SakiMisumi123
The Heroes of Flow 2 trailers by Andrea Misumi
This is the trailers of the Heroes of Flow 2! Book coming soon! Summer 2019
  • return
  • avengers
  • tmnt
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Apparently, his. - ALESSIO SCALZOTTO by Awesomely_Fresh_16
Apparently, his. - ALESSIO Ya gurl.
He left her for fame and stardom. She's angry and hates him now. What happens when he returns? What happens when he claims her? And he doesn't stop? Started : June 7...
  • fiction
  • depression
  • mine
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The Trip by daringoma
The Tripby Okeke immaculate
Heard of the word ' trip'...? yeah...2 things come to mind.. 1)A school trip. 2)to fall. Every high school student get excited for a school trip ...not just...
  • return
  • adventure
  • bitch
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AZULA'S BODY GUARD RETURNS by AntonioHernandez489
it's bee 6 year's since hi vanished Ryu has to choices come back to save Azula or go back to Konoha
  • player
  • weapons
  • war
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The Consequence of Carter by xAngels_Like_Mex
The Consequence of Carterby αηgєℓѕ ℓιкє мє
So far highest rated #94 in revenge. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Well, that's how the saying goes, and frankly it's completely true. Carter Jackson once broke my...
  • revenge
  • badgirl
  • badboy
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Blood and Chocolate by jmartinez_13
Blood and Chocolateby Jessica Martinez
Adrianna Reyes is your typical normal girl, well almost. She's a hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire. I also forgot to mention she's alpha of the most powerful pack...
  • beta
  • rejection
  • mate
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The Return by xjxlxnx
The Returnby xjxlxnx
return /rɪˈtəːn/ verb come or go back to a place or person. Alissa Kennedy gets pushed around at her school and is being treated like Shit by her mother ever since her...
  • confidence
  • gangs
  • highschool
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Return-New life (Sequel) by Rin_Min_Ah
Return-New life (Sequel)by Rin_Min_Ah
↔Min-ah : Nam Joohyuk? He's the worst guy i had ever met..he's loud and annoying.Why did i always bumped with him? Some people said that's our fate..Me and him? Obviousl...
  • return
  • kangdaniel
  • sejeong
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Noona's Return || Book Three Of The Noona Saga || @bon_appetae *SLOW UPDATES* by bon_appetae
Noona's Return || Book Three Of 😑
  • sequel
  • fiction
  • bts
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The Blessed Wolf's Rejection {reverse rejection story} by shyloner2000
The Blessed Wolf's Rejection { ShyLoner2000
My name is Angel White. At 15, I found my mate. That wasn't supposed to happen for another 2 years. He didn't know I was his, which made running that much easier. • • An...
  • wolfshifter
  • shifter
  • exmate
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Buried Secret by AlysiaPalma
Buried Secretby luna knight
I've changed the girl I'm looking at right now isn't the girl in high school. The man right behind me isn't the same one I met when we were kids. He encircled his arms a...
  • drama
  • secrets
  • adventure
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𝚁𝚎𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚗 × Bts Fanfic by xTea_Spillx
𝚁𝚎𝚝𝚞𝚛𝚗 × Bts Fanficby ༺ᴹᵒᶜʰⁱ ˢᵉˣʸ༻
A story where Jimin gets dragged into an ally by his best friend Taehyung, who wanted to show him something 'cute'. They didn't expect for the whole ally to light up at...
  • namjoon
  • vsope
  • boyxboy
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The Return of the Nerdy Girl(On- going)  by KwinRizi
The Return of the Nerdy Girl(On- Riz
Dark #1 ZHAKE COLLINS There was a Nerdy Girl who was hurted by a guy that she thought he can love her back. As the way she loved him. She went in Italy to forget his int...
  • love
  • wattys2018
  • queenrishhy
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