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Kpop Memes by _kpop_hoe_
Kpop Memesby Ⓙⓐⓔⓑⓤⓜ
Random shit on my phone [Loads of Stray Kids, but other bands are in this too]
  • retarted
  • multifandom
  • kpop
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Stupid Mario by Jae0921
Stupid Marioby The Person Standing Here
What would the world of Super Mario be like in a universe full of dumbness? You're about to find out as soon as you start reading! This takes place during Mario Bros. an...
  • mario
  • immature
  • dumb
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Fuck my life by Nadia_654
Fuck my lifeby Nadia
  • relatable
  • fml
  • hoe
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Your Nan and co. by MikaelaBergonia
Your Nan and FrIeD cHiCkEn
⚠️swearing⚠️ Random stuff we do everyday by a bunch of jocks. JOIN OUR ARMY - YOUR NAN AND CO ~updates every Friday..probably~
  • bored
  • shrek
  • fanficfriday
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weeb spam by beautifulkaramatsu
weeb spamby hoseok can choke me
i dont post on here whoops
  • edgy
  • cringe
  • dumb
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kitten fairy ( by OdeToKenzie )  by OdeToJordy
kitten fairy ( by OdeToKenzie ) by ✨Migical Bish🌙
I am I cat INNA tutu and fairy wings |||this is for ages 10+
  • icantstoplauaghing
  • fairy
  • kitten
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Most Retarded Fan Fic Ever by NG785_
Most Retarded Fan Fic Everby Elise Winchester
This is basically just plain right retarded. Everything is off and some clearly not true. I thought I would just have a laugh trying to come up with all this stuff. BTW...
  • fanfic
  • retarted
  • youtubers
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Life or death by princeerton
Life or deathby princeerton
Samia: Psst Psst Me: watt!!! Jake: y'all must want to get caught by it me: ummm no Jake: shut the fuck up den Reggie: U shut the fuck up ????: Give me my bay bee Regg...
  • comedy
  • crazyhoes
  • mindlessbehavior
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Gay  by dakota_dogg
Gay by Dakota
  • fatty
  • gay
  • retarted
Sweggy peesh by HockeyKid4
Sweggy peeshby HockeyKid4
I a sweggy peesh that never rots or get ate
  • creative
  • lol
  • stupid
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A retard's life by Sapphy6713
A retard's lifeby Sapphy6713
  • diary
  • life
  • retarted
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Not What She Wanted by SabyDoCouto
Not What She Wantedby Saby Do Couto
Suzan DeRafto was a normal girl, just normal, not popular, not a loner, not a nerd, not a jock, just normal. She had friends and a best friend named Beth Sarsci. She als...
  • random
  • realistic
  • retarted
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💙NICKI💙💜 MINAJ💜 💛DAUGHTA💛 by Sierria_10
💙NICKI💙💜 MINAJ💜 💛DAUGHTA💛by Sierria Star
💚Its Triyha its ya gurl 😘 Nicki Minaj Daughta Love Ya see ya next time💚 😘🔛🔛and should i keep going 😂wit dis story 😂
  • crazy
  • boydrama
  • funny
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Yo mama jokes by ericdtwarren
Yo mama jokesby ericdtwarren
Yo mama so ugly she can't fit the the house door or it will tip over into pieces Caden Turner
  • awesome
  • dumb
  • cool
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You Won The Game by blackrosebabe
You Won The Gameby Piper
  • played
  • boy
  • heart
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Our True Heart's Desire by bungeegum540
Our True Heart's Desireby Mellisa Jones
For the past 200 years humans in the magic realm, were extinct or out of love. All humans have been following this rule, however no one knows the real reason why there f...
  • nalu
  • retarted
  • featureme
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A F*CKED UP B*TCH by _Olivia_-
A F*CKED UP B*TCHby Olivia Brooke
  • retarted
  • selfies
  • bio
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The Farm"her":The most ridiculous and retarded story you will ever read" by abthebest05
The Farm"her":The most abthebest05
This is a story I wrote PS it's retarded and I was bored😂😂😂
  • farm
  • retarted