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Resurrected To Another World (RTAW) by Allter_V
Resurrected To Another World (RTAW)by @alipaterAB
■■Please do note that this is my original story, everything : the plot & characters are done by me. I'm not a translator and I'm not translating this story because I'm...
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Reincarnated as a fox?! (THIS IS CANCELLED BUT IM MAKING A NEW ONE) by heartlesslyspicy
Reincarnated as a fox?! (THIS IS heartlesslyspicy
This story will not be continued anymore, And for me this sucks... imma try to make a new version of this but a bit different and have the MC be Male because yaoi -^- bu...
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Valterra: Death Awakens by ktflynn
Valterra: Death Awakensby Katie Flynn Oman
This is a first draft. Story is being rewritten offline and should be ready late 2020, early 2021. The Shattering, a cataclysmic battle between the Light and Dark, lef...
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Alexis a 4th year Student who always got bullied by his classmates and he hate it very much, he was treated like a garbage and he always wonder he could just easily kill...
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Resurrection by Dom2040
Resurrectionby Dom2040
Years after the last war that had almost destroyed the world , Boruto and Himawari are in a situation were they have finally moved on from a tragic past. Having peaceful...
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Lover Come Back by SLFLET01
Lover Come Backby SLFLET01
Angelina is a girl who Is hated by her pack, unworthy to her family, and disgusting to her mate. Her pack abuses her and her mate rejects her. She turns to the last thin...
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Loving Her |✔️ by wiselemonpie
Loving Her |✔️by Nesis
Mateo Capello Once upon a time he was a different person. That all changed when he discover all the lies thrown his way. It was a turning point he became someone else. H...
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New Life by Tardis_Impala_221B_
New Lifeby Superwholock
What if Tris didn't die when she went in the building instead of Caleb? What if she survived the bullet and kept her promise to Tobias? *I don't own anything
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21 Ways to Resurrect Your Stupid, Stupid Brother by CloudtailGrandmas
21 Ways to Resurrect Your The Most Awesome People You W...
SEQUEL TO: '101 Ways to Kill a Cat' Follow Blossomfall during this new short special as she attempts to resurrect her brother, Bumblestar. This book was made to celebra...
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Revived  by thebestrose5
Revived by thebestrose5
At the end of the second wizarding war, something amazing happens.
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Naruto Usumaki's sister by Deviprabhaz
Naruto Usumaki's sisterby Deviprabhaz
what will happen when naruto have a sister who loves him a lot
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Dark Doorways Part 2 by stanjonesjournal
Dark Doorways Part 2by stan jones
A very short collection of very short stories.
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Angle by Katiepizzakat
Angleby Katie Duncan
I died ... everyone I knew thinks I died, but I'm still here. In the shadows living a different life, under a different name. A new identity force upon me by cruel circu...
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The End (lesbian love)(on hold) by Dreaming_of_a_girl
The End (lesbian love)(on hold)by Jamie
Zombies have taken over the planet. The only hope is those who survive. Elizabeth Trey is one of the few people who remains. This is the story of how she survives in the...
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The Resurrection [Nalu]  by Ryuunari
The Resurrection [Nalu] by Mokoto Kaminari
Hey Bros This is a new story that is meant to be shot after the Tartaros act and the Gray turning evil (not if you haven't read the manger sorry for the spoilers but you...
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Cast On Rainbows by vereaux
Cast On Rainbowsby ell
Just because Ember Kane looked happy, doesn't mean she was. But when a boy whose been dead for a century introduces himself in front of her class, Ember's determination...
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The Powerful One by magicals246
The Powerful Oneby Julia Magicals
She is a nobody... She's invisible... What happens when a school's nobody, Lia Adams gets to be a kingdom one and only true queen once she finds the hidden crystal ring...
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UA's Big Three by StarliteAlpha
UA's Big Threeby Meliodas Deriku
class 1 a have just finished their final exams and are looking forward to becoming the next class 3 a then... chaos strikes. Naruto is having a good time with Boruto for...
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Full Density by SirenQueenMayu
Full Densityby StepToMyBeat39
Irregulars and humans. Both born the same way, yet are seen as two different species. Irregulars and humans seem to all believe they are better then one another. Civil w...
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