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Her Assassin's Heart - Book 2 by WriterByNight12
Her Assassin's Heart - Book 2by WriterByNight12
**SEQUEL TO HER SISTER'S FIANCÉ** London of the mid 19th century: a city of feigned propriety, snobbery, and tempestuous attempts at the upkeep of the law. Beneath the v...
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The Nights We Wandered by buttercup-skies
The Nights We Wanderedby t e g a n - l e a
"How is it that we always find each other?" he asked, voice still husky with sleep. Small and broken. I smiled and gave a small shrug, sticking my hands into t...
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Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epochby Ian D. Ghrist
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
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Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy) by NyckMisfit
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy)by Nyck
What would you do if you were mated to a vampire. Impossible right? Or so you thought. But what if they were male? Where does that leave a freak like me? Will there be a...
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To Protect A Child, To Love A Child by OldSoulNiktor
To Protect A Child, To Love A Childby OldSoulNiktor
This story is set around 2004. Nikki and Victor are married. Abby is about 9 or 10 maybe a little younger haven't really decided on a set age leaving that more up to you...
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Restless Hearts (Dark Past 4) by Kweenyxx
Restless Hearts (Dark Past 4)by Amanda Trei
It must have been love but it's over now...
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Send Me Flowers| Ongoing by elidels
Send Me Flowers| Ongoingby elidels
Sky and his five friends just graduated high school, they don't know what to do with their lives. Sky decides the most productive thing he could do with his life right...
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Story's and poetry for a rainy day  by goth_gf_kisses
Story's and poetry for a rainy day by Goth_gf
This is my first post I'm a bit rusty so don't judge and I'm just here to have fun
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Restless nights. by B_Shadows1999
Restless B S
Paisley Valentina is a roadie for Metallica. She is really close to the band. They're a big family. Metallica is also close to Avenged Sevenfold. Whenever they tour toge...
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EMBROIDERED DREAMS | poetry ✓ by procrastinity
EMBROIDERED DREAMS | poetry ✓by maits⁰³
❝For your love, I became meek and humble. But into your trap, I did tumble.❞ A collection of thoughts and memories, marking the journey of a teenage poetess, all sewn up...
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The Forgotten Child, The Found Child by OldSoulNiktor
The Forgotten Child, The Found OldSoulNiktor
I guess you could say this is some what of a sequel to "To Protect a Child, To Love a Child". It does take place after that story so some things may be pulled...
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Restless by my_crown_my_kingdom
Restlessby Kristine
Victoria is the princess of Aurelia and has to marry Prince Nicholas of Aragon but when she discovers the dark past her family has worked so hard to hide, nothing is the...
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Numb Poems and Dumb Thoughts  by WriterEps
Numb Poems and Dumb Thoughts by Mr.OreoCookie
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The Stranger Named Tessa Porter by OldSoulNiktor
The Stranger Named Tessa Porterby OldSoulNiktor
This young girl had come into the Newman's life, more appropriately this young girl, Tessa Porter, had changed one particular Newman's life, Nikki Newman. Nikki had foun...
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Restless [Eremika] by EremikaShipper4Life
Restless [Eremika]by EremikaShipper4Life
[DISCLAIMER: I OWN NOTHING! (Except the story XD)] Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack on Titan, Eremika Fanfiction. Some Eremika fluff I wrote taking place after Anime Episode 25...
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Jax's Life by shazzamboy
Jax's Lifeby Dark Prince
A book dedicated to a ruthless yet caring friend named Jax. Happy New Year bro.
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Oppressed and Exploited by tanishaparekh
Oppressed and Exploitedby Tanisha Parekh
Her story is the truth... she lays herself bare... she goes through abuse... and he doesn't care.
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Love Somebody Like You by anotherloseranthem
Love Somebody Like Youby Jordan
It's time for season 3 of the popular X Factor. Only one winner, but a million plus acts will try out. Who among these acts will stand out to win the $5 million dollar c...
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Her story by doublehihi2
Her storyby Layla Bitches!
Why is this happening to me? It started out as a tragic story. Her tragic story. How could I let her turn it into my own demise? (Cover @sakshi16)
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Something never change by BeKindNCourageous
Something never changeby BeKindNCourageous
There are few things in our life that makes us want to turn back and change everything... but we can't because it's not only us who made that situation.. it's everyone...
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