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Once Upon a Quidditch Match by spideyyyyyyyyyyyy
Once Upon a Quidditch Matchby Def not Peter Parker
Harry Potter is sick, but cannot risk skipping a Quidditch game that turned out to be almost fatal.... Until someone saves him..
The Resorting of Hogwarts by pointlesstests
The Resorting of Hogwartsby Yeet
What happens when Hogwarts goes through an entire resorting? Will Harry make friends in his new house?
Resorting || Drarry by cindy__rella
Resorting || Drarryby cindy__rella
What if in Harry's 5th year everyone was resorted? Will Harry make new friends in his new house? Drarry!! I don't own the art!!
The Sorting by YukimuraShuusukeGrl
The Sortingby Yuki Iseri
The war was over Voldemort Gone. Kagome was back at Hogwarts, but this year was different. Headmistress McGonagall is having all students resorted. A Lot of people staye...
The Hidden Truth by IzzyMane24
The Hidden Truthby IzzyMane24
What if the golden trio we all know was just a very wel placed and impossible to see through facade. When the golden trio returns for their sixth year after the summerbr...
Two Pieces of a Riddle by BasicBitchTheSecond
Two Pieces of a Riddleby It's me, I'm bitches
'Harry James Potter, July 31, 1980' As he wrote, he felt a terrible sting from the back of his hand. He ignored it and finished his writing, but by the end, th...
Why Us? ~A Drarry Fanfiction~ (original book)  by pokemonmaster9
Why Us? ~A Drarry Fanfiction~ ( Luna Phionex
It's fifth year, and Umbridge has only one goal. To cause chaos in Hogwarts. What will Harry and his twin do? 'Why are we the only ones that have to change?'
Hadrien marvolo Riddle by KodaJames03
Hadrien marvolo Riddleby The Prince
What if one night could change your whole life? What do you do when everything you've been taught is a lie? Those who are supposed to love and care for you are the ones...
The Resorting by b1s3xual_b1tch
The Resortingby the_slytherin_gay
After the war everyone must repeat the year and they all have to get resorted. Sirius and Remus aren't dead. Also i wanna say an obligatory fuck you to JKR and canon Dr...
Drarry oneshots by AntiDepressantsAdict
Drarry oneshotsby AntiDepressantsAdict
Just a group of Random Drarry one-shots. A lot of Veela stories because they're my favourite genre for Drarry stories. Might do smut but idk? :> Warnings!! Boy x Boy ...
let me fix you - drarry  by harrypotterships_
let me fix you - drarry by harrypotterships_
R E V O L U T I O N by NovaStiles
R E V O L U T I O Nby Nova
The Ministry is taking back control. As though they ever had control. Voices are being silenced. Future generations are being exploited. Children are being sacrificed...
Hell Is Freezing Over by ryanroscoe
Hell Is Freezing Overby ryanroscoe
Alan's been in a abusive relationship for two years now. No one knows except for him, and his "boyfriend", not even his best friend Austin, and his band member...
The Things You Think You Cannot Do by xXAussieGirlXx
The Things You Think You Cannot Doby r a i e n e t t a
One-shot written for the IWSC on Harry chooses to be resorted because he no longer feels like he belongs in Slytherin. He meets Ian and Salem and together the...
Fresh Start - |Draco Malfoy| by SlytherinSoulWriter
Fresh Start - |Draco Malfoy|by MHatter37
It's a new year! Time for a fresh start. Speaking of which, that'll be the theme for this fanfiction. Draco Malfoy, infamous for being the biggest bully at Hogwarts, is...
Drarry - It's ok (it has to be ok) by ochasuki
Drarry - It's ok (it has to be ok)by ochasuki
Harry stared at his trembling hands and attempted to calm his erratic breathing. In, out. In, out. In, ou- he was startled from concentration by the slam of a door. Harr...
Change Of Heart  by Lavanya_trust
Change Of Heart by Lavanya_trust
my first drarry story nothing much hope you enjoy (plz dont judge too hard this is my first fic I'm only 12) this a year 8 resorting
If Only  by MoLemTheShipster
If Only by MoLem
This is an A.U. where Harry never met Draco in Diagon Alley, or on the train. Having no problems with any of the houses, he is sorted into Slytherin. He still gets along...