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Gift (Lucas Baker x Reader) by PyroMax
Gift (Lucas Baker x Reader)by Max
Life wasn't always good for Lucas Baker, that is... until you came into the picture... [WARNING: Contains Swearing! Contains Gore! Read at your own risk!]
The Gift  (~Resident Evil 7 Fanfiction~) {COMPLETE} by ThyMagicalSloth
The Gift (~Resident Evil 7 Victoria Casey
Abigail Winters, Daughter of Ethan Winters and Mia Winters. Three years after Mia goes missing, Ethan gets an email asking him to go get her in Dulvey Louisiana. Ethan...
Just Say When (Leon Kennedy x Reader) [ Vol. 4] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
Just Say When (Leon Kennedy x Alcauter_
One Step Closer ( RE4: Leon Kennedy x Reader) [Vol. 1] [COMPLETE] by Alcauter_
One Step Closer ( RE4: Leon Alcauter_
Ashley Graham, The Presidents Daughter. Doesn't matter if she's famous or whatever, to you-- she's your best friend. Ashley convinced you to come visit her while she's...
Resident Evil 7 One Shots by Lynn2425
Resident Evil 7 One Shotsby Nacho
ONE SHOTS...... and preferences....maybe because I need a life...
idk what to call this by Dragonqueen1215
idk what to call thisby MegaTrash™
Don't judge me I'm weird. Also sorry if it's bad this is my first ever story I've made. so, basically I had a idea of jack baker force-feeding Ethan, and it turns out th...
His Test Subject (Psycho!Lucas Baker x reader) by DeathByCyanidePill
His Test Subject (Psycho!Lucas Dysfunctional Loser
The setting and characters are not created by me, they're from Resident Evil 7 but I'm pretty sure you already know this. Lucas x female reader. ------ You wake up in a...
Lucas x Ethan I guess  by LowlifeTrash
Lucas x Ethan I guess by Trash Lord
This will probably not be taken seriously like my other stories, but this is a Resident Evil 7 fanfic... w o o
She's Mine to Protect(Lucas Baker Fanfic)(A Baker's Flower Series #1) by angelmarya24
She's Mine to Protect(Lucas Marya Wiegers
Chrys was the only person Lucas Baker ever really loved. She was a beautiful, fun-loving and talented girl who everyone around her couldn't believe it wasn't until Lucas...
Resident Evil 7 one shots by critical1231
Resident Evil 7 one shotsby critical1231
no artwork shown is mine. I am taking requests so if you want anybody from re7 and tell me the details and what you want for the story just tell me. I hope you like this
Lurk || Resident Evil 7 fanfic (FOR EDITING) by WinterChameleon
Lurk || Resident Evil 7 fanfic ( Chameleon
Ethan Winters preemptively think his wife, Mia Winters, is dead after 3 years of her unexplained disappearance. His current occupation as a sysytem engineer led him to l...
-ToRn- (A RE7 original Fan-fic) by Yunotheotaku
-ToRn- (A RE7 original Fan-fic)by Yunotheotaku
Please don't steal anything inside of this book I have written. The cover counts as well as I edited it so don't use it. If you do I will literally report you as I have...
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard | ✔ by HaylorSeltin
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard | ✔by Haylor Seltin
Ethan Winters, a young man who receives an email from a woman claiming to be Ethan's wife Mia. Mia supposedly died sometime in 2014, starting Ethan on a journey that wou...
Lucas Baker x Reader by JustYaoiTrash
Lucas Baker x Readerby diddly-darn trash
Oof Lucas fandom where are you the Baker fam takes you in as captive. You're doing your best to escape but something about Lucas makes you want to stay. warning: sexual...
RESIDENT EVIL 7 ( Eveline Gana) by crisdaniel101
RESIDENT EVIL 7 ( Eveline Gana)by crisdaniel42
esta historia esta basada en que hubiera pasado si todos perdieran, y ethan fuera parte de la familia de Eveline (Teoria echa por mi)
A Daughter's Gift (She's Mine to Protect Sequel) by angelmarya24
A Daughter's Gift (She's Mine to Marya Wiegers
Lucas and Chrys Baker are enjoying life as husband and wife along with their children, including the newest additions, Bella and Evan. On the surface, everything seems p...
Lucas Baker X Reader by DrunkHorse-INN
Lucas Baker X Readerby DrunkHorse
Something you might need to read to find out... Plus I couldn't find any fanfics involving Lucas.
say it again | Lucas Baker x Reader | Drabble by joutaros
say it again | Lucas Baker x Kent
a short fluffy drabble featuring lucas. real relaxing if i do say so myselfs. written in 3rd person using feminine pronouns.
Resident Evil VII: Shenanigans by LuthanAndMore
Resident Evil VII: Shenanigansby Resident Evil 7 FanFics
Literally just shit I came up with off the top of my head. Warning: May contain fowl language