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Conflicted Hearts ✔ by BrianaLwrites
Conflicted Hearts ✔by Briana Lee
Aaliyah is a broken girl that's afraid to live, love and be happy. Getting physically abused everyday by her own father shattered her trust in guys. She fears for her li...
Dependent On You by Pelton02
Dependent On Youby Cheyanne
First it was her mom, then it was him. And he was no good for her.
His Obsession His Possession by Awkward_Turtle_Army
His Obsession His Possessionby Lexi
❝But that is where you are wrong, Lilly.❞ For the first time since I've met this man, I find myself resenting his muscles as they abet him in pinning me against the wall...
Meri Baazu Wali Khidki Mein ✔️ by MishtyDoe
Meri Baazu Wali Khidki Mein ✔️by Mishty Doe
A celibacy-vowed Omkara Singh rented a room in an all-men building, with the hope that he would be away from women. But what happens when a very beautiful Gauri Sharma...
My strange girl by ShineKhant07
My strange girlby Victus☪☪☪
ငါနင့္လို ႐ူးေၾကာင္ေၾကာင္ လူတစ္ေယာက္မျဖစ္ခ်င္ဘူး နင္က ႐ူးေၾကာင္ေၾကာင္လူတစ္ေယာက္ျဖစ္ဖို႔ အလားအလာမ႐ွိဘူး... ဒါေပမယ့္ နင့္စိတ္ထဲကမွာ ငါ ႐ွိေနတယ္ Blackpink fic Jisoo x Jen...
I'm His Mate by bnicoleluvslife123
I'm His Mateby B.Nicole
You know last year when I wrote Santa a letter (yes I’m 18 and still write letters to him) when I said I wanted to have a little more excitement in my life, that did not...
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Mixed Feelings! by PreethiVenugopal
Mixed Feelings!by Preethi Venugopal
When you are too much into something, you start getting influenced by it. Kathir Mullai is an emotion. So Yes..My love for KM has made me to take a plunge into writing...
Edward Cullen's Journal by edwardsjournal
Edward Cullen's Journalby Haley Hill
Positioned seven years after Breaking Dawn, Edward Cullen's Journal is a story line completely in Edward's point of view. Without a constructive plot, the story gives a...
Scribbling Zee | ✓ by uncraftedspell
Scribbling Zee | ✓by Lake
With none to share her innermost battle with, Zee writes to a particular Dazel Nutting. Feeling lost, she finds solace in scribbling her 'eventful' experiences into her...
Let Me In (One Direction Fan- Fic) by PRETTY_LITTLE_LIARZ
Let Me In (One Direction Fan- Fic)by Georgia Rose
"My bags were packed, my plane ticket waiting. Next thing I know, here I am." Ariana was kicked out of her house the second she turned 18. The events of the...
𝐅𝐄𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒. by demontique
𝐅𝐄𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒.by ❁ཻུ۪۪ ━ ❝ ばか !
𝖲𝖤𝖷, 𝖬𝖮𝖭𝖤𝖸, 𝗙𝗘𝗘𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦, 𝖣𝖨𝖤. 𝗥𝗲𝘀𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗲𝗱 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗋𝖺𝖼𝗍𝖾𝗋𝗌.
A Proper Stranger ( My Silent Admirer✅) by sweetbooklover25
A Proper Stranger ( My Silent sweetbooklover25
#5 in Reserved - 6/7/19 #9 in Indian- 8/7/19 #5 in Indian - 9/7/19 #1 in Reserved - 9/7/19 #9 in Note- 16/7/19 #8 in Note - 18/7/19 10K reads- 30/7/19 #53 in Mysterious...
Ryder by jadearianaeliath
Ryderby jadearianaeliath
Samantha was a rich 17 year old girl with everything she ever wanted. Big house,nice car, both parents together that loved her and she had anything her heart desired. T...
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Contest Entries by InfiniteDawnPhoenix
Contest Entriesby InfiniteDawnPhoenix
This book is for my contest(s) entries.
Wallflower by imtiazsarah
Wallflowerby imtiazsarah
"It is not only you, Merjan, it is us." From the meadows to the luxuries of life, everything goes absurd in the lives of two people. The pain of being a victi...
Lovely Coffee Dreams by xloveemmyx
Lovely Coffee Dreamsby Emmerson-Taylor Mya Radcliffe
Maiko Romas has always been a happy-go-lucky girl. Always dancing through halls of her high school or getting lost in a new romance book. Maiko tends to keep to herself...
Return of the Heiress  by ShineKhant07
Return of the Heiress by Victus☪☪☪
ကိုယ့္ေနာက္ေက်ာကို ဓားနဲ႔ထိုးနဲ႔လူေတြက ကိုယ္အယံုၾကည္ရဆံုးသူေတြ ျဖစ္ေနခဲ့တယ္
Astrology  signs by TerryCorbett
Astrology signsby Terry Corbett
In this book it's all about the different signs. whatever you want to know about your astrology sign, in this book it will tell you anything you need to know. you can fi...