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His Tiny Abused And Innocent Runt by N_Bell
His Tiny Abused And Innocent Runtby N.A. Bell
WARNING: due to this being written was I was really young, this book is hella cringy and cliche, it's also a rough draft and contains spelling errors. She was an unwante...
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Love Scars(Under Major Editing) by lil_apple
Love Scars(Under Major Editing)by shaniqua appleton
Kate Newman was physically abused by her mother and step-father when her father died at age six. The abused stopped when Kate got sold to the most feared mafia leader in...
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Ally is a little, she hasn't always been abused, but when her mom passed away that all changed. Tyler is a daddy dom who owns his own company. Will Ally finally be saved...
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The Rogue Society by ABGrace2
The Rogue Societyby A.B.
Fifty years ago, werewolves made themselves known to the human world. The humans took it surprisingly well, or so we thought. It took them twenty-five years to build an...
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She's Broken~Joanne by twinklingpisces
She's Broken~Joanneby twinklingpisces
Dianne Buswell ends up living on the streets for years. How will her life turn out when she gets rescued by the person who led her to becoming homeless, the love of her...
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Sold And Abused Wolf by ElleJonesy
Sold And Abused Wolfby Elle
Ever since her parents were killed her life took a bad turn. Lyra Kingston gets sold from pack to pack and it's all the same every time. All she gets is abuse 24/7. Is...
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Harry Potter and the secret Past by 14al92
Harry Potter and the secret Pastby HogwartsMagic⚡️
Why can life never be simple? Harry turns up to Hogwarts in first year but he has a lot more to worry about than just fitting in. Can a past as traumatic as his stay hid...
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My Beginning by Lightning-013
My Beginningby Harley
Experiencing fear at only a few days old is every parents fear for their child. Unfortunately for Lightning's parents, they have to let their little new born femme go; n...
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the girl that was broken! by AmarisL5
the girl that was broken!by Amaris L
Rose has been through so much stuff. but she has conquered them with her family. one day her and her sisters sneak out to go to this party. she meets a guy named Jack. h...
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Harry Potter-Rescued by Daycee1
Harry Potter-Rescuedby Daycee1
Abused three years old harry potter is rescued by his godfathers. Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, that right is reserved for J.K. Rowling Also, I am in need of pr...
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Healing Touch by B_and_R79
Healing Touchby *****
At the young age of ten, Lily was kidnaped by a band conniving rouges. Lily had suffered from mental and physical tortures. The leader of the rouges has taken an interes...
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Will it ever get better? (A Harry Potter story) by 14al92
Will it ever get better? (A HogwartsMagic⚡️
Little Harry Potter at just seven years old has never been loved. Abused by those he calls family, Harry spends endless nights in his cupboard wondering if it will ever...
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Spread your Wings ✔️ by queen_mash
Spread your Wings ✔️by Unicorn-potato
Highest ranking #1 in wings [01.17.2019] #3 in fighter [01.31.2019] #17 in motivation [04.15.2019] ~~~~~~ "The deal is that you train a couple of my fighters an...
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The cries of a little potter by RavenClawPrincess101
The cries of a little potterby brianna
Imagine a life where James and Lily were in coma's for 13 years after the attack on them, Sirius never went to azkaban, Harry is still a the chosen one and is returning...
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The Storm Before Dawn by Rainyawesome
The Storm Before Dawnby Horses are Life <3
Asha lives with her mom, Andrea, on a rescue farm called Last Chance. One morning, they get a call from an anonymous person reporting an abused horse. Once they reach t...
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His Babygirl by crazybaby2005
His Babygirlby crazybaby2005
Eliza Rose Harper is a goodgirl who has never gotten into trouble. She lost her mother at the age of 13 because of a heart attack and her father abused her bevause he bl...
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The Baler rescue by Priceisrightrusher
The Baler rescueby Priceisrightrusher
Okay I had this for a really long time, and so I am going to put it on here. What happens when a little girl gets thrown into a baler at the local grocery store cause he...
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The Secret of the Dragon Fire (COMPLETED) by AmorieQ
The Secret of the Dragon Fire ( AmorieQ
After coming home from school one afternoon, Haylee Oak discovers her dead father in her bloodied mother's arms. Her mother utters one word and with that one word she ru...
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Dark's wittle kitten. (Darkiplier x child!Reader) by CakieBoo_
Dark's wittle kitten. ( That person
Y/n had her own style. Pastels and black. her parents hated it and her style. Living like this for 13 years plus abuse you finally learned how to block out the pain, you...
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Cinders by AHobbitPun
Cindersby AHobbitPun
I'm standing in the gateway to the larger ballroom, almost too far away for my weak eyes to see the three figures that glide onto the stage. The King and Queen walk side...
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