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'Heartbreak.' by Yellow_Daisys
'Heartbreak.'by ♡𝙷𝚊𝚛𝚕𝚎𝚢♡
After Juliet cheats on Nick he calls Monroe and Rosalee, unfortunately they are out of town. With no where to turn to he asks his captain for help. "Hey, what are...
A Helping Hand by ocficgirl
A Helping Handby R
CW: Contains nonconsensual spanking of a young adult OC, OW (original wesen), M/F, no lemon. This story is either AU, or in that brief sweet spot of the series where eve...
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The Little Grimm  by Jess11xx
The Little Grimm by Jess11xx
Nick Burkhardt, he's a Grimm and a Cop which can be a deadly combination at times. He was raised by his aunt after his mother left him there for his safety, completely u...
My Zauberbeist by llesalways
My Zauberbeistby llesalways394
Sean Renard is the police captain of the 3rd precinct. What will happen when he falls in love with one of his detectives. *UNDER MAJOR EDITING
Their Little Miracle  by Duscha18
Their Little Miracle by Duscha18
My name is Ava Calvert, I'm the sister of Rosalee. I had a one night stand with Sean Renard about 6 months ago, I ended up pregnant with his child. how am I gonna tell h...
Becoming Grimm (Sean Renard) {1} by bluerosewaterfall
Becoming Grimm (Sean Renard) {1}by bluerosewaterfall
Angela Burkhardt and her twin brother Nick Burkhardt are Portland homicide detectives. They discover their family is descended from a long line of "Grimms" who...
La créature mythique TOME 2 by girl_ghoulFRENCH
La créature mythique TOME 2by AnnaLisa
Ma vie n'est pas un conte pour enfant, j'ai connu le combat depuis mon plus jeune âge et je suis heureuse d'être ce que je suis. Je fais des mauvais choix dans ma vie, j...
Misunderstood Furry ( Boyxboy ) -French version- by Shirannui
Misunderstood Furry ( Boyxboy ) Okyan
Dominic (Dom) Chase Morgan, un adolescent de 16 ans, a su qu'il était gay pendant un certain temps et ne peut en parler à personne. Il est sur le point d'abandonner, s'e...
Grimm Season 6, Episode 15: Reaping Beauty by TRBL247
Grimm Season 6, Episode 15: TRBL247
After a series of brutal murders, the gang realizes that there is more to the victims than it seems. Nick begins to suspect that someone in Portland will be coming after...
What Are We Doing Here?  by TheLivingRagdoll
What Are We Doing Here? by Wilde-Moonchild
☆☆Inspired by conversations with friends & What Are We Doing Here by John Entwistle☆☆ // *All a work of fiction!! And for fun not historically accurate* 《If you'd like t...
The bumpy road of heaven and hell [CASTLEVANIA] by witch_of_jotunhiem
The bumpy road of heaven and Richter
Just a little Castlevania fan fiction I decided to write a while ago.
Spiritual Mission #1794: "Opposing Divine Blood" by MidnaxLink
Spiritual Mission #1794: " Elizabeth
His voice settles the room to nothing but darkness yet his eyes shimmer like stars. "Let your mind settle and I shall let my voice carry you into the dark of night...
Le Chat et le Renard by AlycianeCendredeau
Le Chat et le Renardby Alyciane Cendredeau
Maître Renard est un être malicieux et séducteur... Mais connaissez-vous vraiment son histoire, et surtout son passé dans les mystérieuses Terres de l'Est, au cœur même...
Love is a true spell (Adalind Shade& Nick Burkhardt//Grimm fanfiction) by still_dead_chases
Love is a true spell (Adalind Daannii
Adalind left her boyfriend of a year and two months, because she wasn't happy in the relationship but she lied to him and used a different reason to leave him. Adalind w...
Sasha Roiz Imagines by Riezse
Sasha Roiz Imaginesby Riezse
You and Sasha Roiz imagines. The very best kind.
Reader requests by Riezse
Reader requestsby Riezse
Various x reader requests
Dans L'Intimité De Mon Âme... by Dawntale
Dans L'Intimité De Mon Â Dawntale
Après mon premier Rantbook (qui n'est plus disponible) intitulé Dans L'Intimité De Ma Plume, je repars à zéro avec le second : Dans L'Intimité De Mon Âme ! (on se deman...
L'Homme truqué... par Amour by Rorshach28
L'Homme truqué... par Amourby Erza Strange
Texte inventif d'une potentielle suite de l'ouvrage de Maurice Renard: L'Homme truqué.
Rp LGDC - L'Ère des Trois   [EN PAUSE] by GrunFuchs
Rp LGDC - L'Ère des Trois [EN GrunFuchs
Dans la forêt depuis des lunes, trois clans cohabitent pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Un peu plus loin vit la tribu des Flammes Rousses, composée de renards et maîtri...
a la tombé de la nuit by jojocooki2008
a la tombé de la nuitby thefox
Julia,une fille de 14 ans,découvre,qu'a la tombé de la nuit,une chose qu'elle ne connaissait pas...