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Miraculous Demigods Book #1/2  - Camp Miraculous By CandySwirl19 by candyswirl19
Miraculous Demigods Book #1/2 - 🍓 ⋆ 🍦 ⋆🐐 ⋆ 🐳 ⋆ 🎀 𝒞𝒶�...
Started - October 13, 2019 1:54 PM Ended - Time is ticking by fast... There is an great prophecy that could change the whole world as we know it. The only people who ca...
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Miraculous Ladybug And C(h)at Noir SPOILERS AND THEORIES #3 by M1racul0usher0
Miraculous Ladybug And C(h)at M1racul0usher0
I think the title says everything
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Servamp...Truth or...DARE? by IkuZgirl
Servamp...Truth or...DARE?by Kallen
It's time to have another humiliating game between the Servamps and Eves, as they are controlled by the unknown creator who happens to pass their own role to another per...
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Bungou Stray Dogs Truth or Dare by IkuZgirl
Bungou Stray Dogs Truth or Dareby Kallen
Ready to read an exciting story based on your favourite anime characters? This is the beginning of Truth and Dare. What will the characters experience? Read this story a...
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Light And Darkness: Ghost by VicciDiManora
Light And Darkness: Ghostby VicciDiManora
Ladybug is popular very popular. What happens when someday during a fight against a villain she does a mistake that causes for everyone to start disliking her even Chat...
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Swanna Girl and Braivary Man 3: The Rogue Hero by JunieWeathers
Swanna Girl and Braivary Man 3: Junie
Sylvia has made the tough choice of joining Team Miasma after the Castelia City Crisis in order to save Unova from Team Oblivion. Her choice cost Sylvia her morals, her...
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DISTANCE by queenlyzz
DISTANCEby queenlyzz
PLIS BUAT PARA PEMBACA DI VOTE YAH.... "Ga nyangka gue bakalan se-rumah ama lu. Siap siap ae lu gue siksa ampe mampus." kata Gerald. "Gada.... gue mah ku...
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Another Search Party (An Elsword Fanfic) by winterwolf_Likaboss
Another Search Party (An Elsword Wolf & Shiro
Of course everyone knows about the infamously awesome El Search Party but does anyone know the story of Another Search Party? Well of course not! Their story has never b...
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Miraculous Rock by Queen_Rainheart
Miraculous Rockby Queen_Rainheart
No one asked for this and I want to practice slice of life stories so screw it. What if, in an alternate universe, all the heroes (and a few villains) were in bands and...
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Elsword: Add x Rena - After You by Dragonwindes
Elsword: Add x Rena - After Youby Dragon!~
Assassination is the only world that they know, "I know you're there, come out and I'll make this painless." Their pasts, a mystery, their memories gone, &quo...
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Miraculous: Puntos y Garras by danyfox88
Miraculous: Puntos y Garrasby danyfox88
Los grandes héroes de Francias, Ladybug y Chat Noir, junto a su grupo de apoyo de súper héroes intentaran combatir a los akumas que envía Hawk Moht en su intento por con...
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Don't Forget Me! || A miraculous story by rosesareharmful
Don't Forget Me! || A miraculous despair roses
When the heroes known as Ladybug, Chat Noir, Rena Rouge, and Carapace are captured by Hawkmoth, it's up to the infamous Queen Bee, or Chloè Bourgeois to save them. But t...
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1st Señorita  by Locketteria
1st Señorita by Sofi@Histori@
Ang Señoritang madaldal outiside pero tahimik inside... Matakaw to pero hindi nataba... Pinakabata at pandak sa Sissy Squad... Mahal na mahal niya ang mga Unnie niya... ...
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AKB48 Chatroom(Crazy) by rookiekookie112
AKB48 Chatroom(Crazy)by rookiekookie112
Started:June 24,2K19 Ended:???? ??,????
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Out Of Love| A.I. by zoella1622
Out Of Love| Lover1989
Oh, when did you fall out of love, out of love?
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Team Miraculous (a miraculous fanfic) by HaydenChau3
Team Miraculous (a miraculous Hay hay
[COMPLETED] ____________________ Don't be bemused, it's just the news. Today at about 4pm in the city of Paris, our superheroes' have been defeated by Hawkmoth. Civilian...
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Blood in the Sand [Gaara x OC] by CultMother
Blood in the Sand [Gaara x OC]by Blood Initiate
Most wouldn't expect to return from hell. But that's exactly where Rena Hikari crawled out from. Her origins a twisted fairytale, discover the truth behind her birth a...
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Cold 감기 | Seventeen Wonwoo X Pristin Rena by Rosy_Posie
Cold 감기 | Seventeen Wonwoo X lost
[ONGOING] Wonwoo When you meet his eyes you'll see his cold eyes. Cold. Behind that coldness hides a warmhearted person || Started ✔️: September 5 2018 ||
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The Bloody Rose: They Call Me Rose  (A Higurashi Fanfic Sequel #2)      by BernNarakuFrederica
The Bloody Rose: They Call Me _BernNara_
"ROSANNA!" "HARU!" "RUKA!" "RUNI!" ...
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