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Sander Sides Modern Cinderella au (Prinxiety and Logicality fanfic) by Alena_exe
Sander Sides Modern Cinderella Botanica
Cover art by: Brelooming on Twitter Virgil- Cinderella Remus- Stepmother Remy & Deceit- Step sisters Roman- Prince charming Patton- 'fairy godmother' best friend of Virg...
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TextPal by StitchedIvy
TextPalby You decide lolz
Virgil Grey was given an assignment from is Sociology teacher Mx.Jones. It was their version of a penpal but with a phone instead. After being late to chose a number Vir...
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King of Mean by StitchedIvy
King of Meanby You decide lolz
#1~ #virgilsanders 9/16/19 #1~#sanderssides 10/25/19 Prince Patton has officially won over the vote for the VK raffle. 3 kids from the isle were to be chosen by random d...
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Don't Let Me Be Gone by lunaeclispe22
Don't Let Me Be Goneby Jinxx
Virgil, once a Dark Side is now a Light Side. But the past often doesn't leave good enough alone. When the other sides only make Virgil feel worse, who's to stop him f...
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But Now We're Stressed Out  by lunaeclispe22
But Now We're Stressed Out by Jinxx
Sanders Sides High School AU A popular jock with a passion for performing A friendly boy with a happy go lucky attitude An emotionless nerd with the title valedictorian...
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Truer Love - Polysanders by OkNerd3
Truer Love - Polysandersby Karebear
No one can lie to their soulmate. It is physically impossible. Whether a blessing or a curse, it's how the world works. Things start to become weird when a young boy mee...
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The Cursed and Gifted by StitchedIvy
The Cursed and Giftedby You decide lolz
This is a soulmate Au in which everyone is born with two gifts (powers) and one curse. I found inspiration from a photo someone had posted saying would you rather not be...
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Scars~Prinxiety by 21fangrellsathedisco
Scars~Prinxietyby Too Rare to Die!
~soulmate human!AU~ The marks that still stung on Virgil's wrists matched the ones on Roman's. The ink still hadn't dried on Roman's hand when fresh ink appeared on V...
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Colours // Prinxiety by TheGhostKing8442
Colours // Prinxietyby The Ghost King
!!Soulmate AU!! You can only see in black and white until your soulmate touches you When your soulmate dies, it goes back to black and white Virgil, a 16-year-old boy li...
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Sanders Sides Smut by TheOneAndOnly_Trash
Sanders Sides Smutby TheOneAndOnly_Trash
Welp can't belive I'm actually making this but whatever XD If you an innocent smol child then don't read. I mean you can, but it will ruin you..... ruin yooouuuu Also I'...
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-SANDER SIDES- X Reader ONESHOTS by EatA2ndCookie
[I UPDATE BASICALLY EVERY DAY] I dare you to request ;) (Does Smut and Regular Oneshots) Includes: Thomas, Roman, Logan, Patton, Virgil, Deceit, Remus, Remy, Emile Pican...
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Cursed~OnHiatus by StitchedIvy
Cursed~OnHiatusby You decide lolz
#2~ Creativity (7/5/19) #1~Fairies (4/20/19) Prince Roman's royal 21 birthday... ruined! Well that a nice way of saying his ex-best friends cursed his father and his w...
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Sanders Sides Ask or Dare by Sir-Sings-A-Lot
Sanders Sides Ask or Dareby Roman Sanders
Cover was made by @Emo-Nightmare None of the characters are mine. Did you not read the title?
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Innerworks by Prplzorua
Innerworksby Prplzorua
Because of an "Incident" Anxiety falls ill, Thomas won't speak, Logic is mad, Morality is just trying to be a good dad (they tell the best jokes) and Prince i...
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Take flight| |sander sides| |prinxity| by little_katten
Take flight| |sander sides| | Alex.exe
A world where superheroes angels and people live together in peace... well they used to. In these angels are Dark Angels or colored wings.. after a while they became the...
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Logically Parenting (Logicality & Prinxiety) by The-Suicidal-Lizard
Logically Parenting ( BOOPER DOOPER
Logan and Patton have known each other since high school, they are complete opposites but that's what drew them together. After being together since Prom and throughout...
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Jailed - Sanders Sides by ElliottGreen333
Jailed - Sanders Sidesby Elliott
Detective Logan Sanders has been put on the case of prisoner #04891219 or Virgil Black. Virgil's case is difficult. Not only is he being framed for a murder he pleads no...
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Imperfectly Perfect Match | A Sanders Sides Fanfic by ExitWayOut
Imperfectly Perfect Match | A ExitWayOut
No one thought the Dark Emo would fall in love with the Light Prince, and vice versa. But who knows? |~\~|~/~| STARTED | 8-15-19 ENDED | ?-?-? |~\~|~/~|
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Sides High | Sander Sides by Cakey876876
Sides High | Sander Sidesby Cakey876876
When the sides have to go to "Sides High", Love is in the air! But wait!- Logan has his gas mask, and Virgil has febreeze. Basically, they're avoiding the othe...
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Crystals- Sander Sides AU by Lunapoop
Crystals- Sander Sides AUby Luna
(This is polysanders) Ever since the beginning, people were born with crystals. Appearing next to you once you are born. These crystals were powerful, holding an entity...
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