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Don't Let Me Be Gone by lunaeclispe22
Don't Let Me Be Goneby Jinxx
Virgil, once a Dark Side is now a Light Side. But the past often doesn't leave good enough alone. When the other sides only make Virgil feel worse, who's to stop him f...
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I'm Not A Bad Guy, I'm Me by KotaInDaTardis
I'm Not A Bad Guy, I'm Meby Da Book Dragon
(A kind of sort sequel to You're Not Broken, You're Human) Trigger Warnings- Cursing An attempt at writing intrusive thoughts Sexual Innuendos (It's Remus, what did you...
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Please Don't Leave Me by smn021
Please Don't Leave Meby syd.
Remus Prince is a 15 year old boy who was placed in an orphanage following a horribly dark and traumatic past with his biological parents. A tall nerd and a sweet goofba...
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Lying Isn't Logical|Loceit by ChelleBug10
Lying Isn't Logical|Loceitby LoRoLo
Logan rarely lies. When he does, Deceit likes to call him out on it. When Logan lies about something big time, Deceit questions him.
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SANDERS SIDES Oneshots by sirensstudios
SANDERS SIDES Oneshotsby sirensstudios
(smut/fluff/angst/other) this book may also contain gore and/or death so warning with that. I don't write angst alot but I do take suggestions!
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Crystals- Sander Sides AU by Lunapoop
Crystals- Sander Sides AUby Luna
(This is polysanders) Ever since the beginning, people were born with crystals. Appearing next to you once you are born. These crystals were powerful, holding an entity...
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TextPal by StitchedIvy
TextPalby You decide lolz
Virgil Grey was given an assignment from is Sociology teacher Mx.Jones. It was their version of a penpal but with a phone instead. After being late to chose a number Vir...
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King of Mean by StitchedIvy
King of Meanby You decide lolz
#1~ #virgilsanders 9/16/19 #1~#sanderssides 10/25/19 Prince Patton has officially won over the vote for the VK raffle. 3 kids from the isle were to be chosen by random d...
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Baited~ Book 2 by StitchedIvy
Baited~ Book 2by You decide lolz
Baited is book two My Disney Prince and My Knight In Dragon Scales. Please read those first! Peace has finally found its way back to Edawin and the whole kingdom is buzz...
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Intrusive Parenting by StitchedIvy
Intrusive Parentingby You decide lolz
Roman fucked up... Again. He and the others took a picnic only to get attacked by the dragon witch who took it as a great opportunity to put a curse on them... or well o...
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To Break A Curse by StitchedIvy
To Break A Curseby You decide lolz
To be determined... I'm not good at descriptions lolz Roman is a god, who now goes under the name Roman Black that gave up his divinity to his brother for his love only...
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But Now We're Stressed Out  by lunaeclispe22
But Now We're Stressed Out by Jinxx
Sanders Sides High School AU A popular jock with a passion for performing A friendly boy with a happy go lucky attitude An emotionless nerd with the title valedictorian...
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No Never Yes||Prinxiety|| by BadIdeasAreHere
No Never Yes||Prinxiety||by With You I'm Always Home
Virgil had his own life, his own group of mismatched, odd friends. Roman had his clique and his power. The two were about to collide in one big mess. High School/Soulma...
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Your Touch Is All I Need (prinxiety) by kawaii-_Potato-_
Your Touch Is All I Need ( Nerd™
A need threat is in the mindscape and it's up to Virgil to fix it. Roman slowly falls in love with the Anxious boi. They fight together against enemies and each other. L...
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Lovely Night - Prinxiety Fanfiction | Power AU by SloththeRainwing27
Lovely Night - Prinxiety One hell of a weeb
Anxiety has always been a cast out. Everyside is born with a power. Roman has the ability to create small holographic creatures. Logan has Telepathy and can Read Minds...
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The Cursed and Gifted by StitchedIvy
The Cursed and Giftedby You decide lolz
This is a soulmate Au in which everyone is born with two gifts (powers) and one curse. I found inspiration from a photo someone had posted saying would you rather not be...
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Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides memes by kxspbrak_
Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides memesby •••
Only for Fanders💕 Memes arent mine unless I say
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-SANDER SIDES- X Reader ONESHOTS by EatA2ndCookie
[I UPDATE BASICALLY EVERY DAY] I dare you to request ;) (Does Smut and Regular Oneshots) Includes: Thomas, Roman, Logan, Patton, Virgil, Deceit, Remus, Remy, Emile Pican...
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Sanders Sides Ask or Dare by Sir-Sings-A-Lot
Sanders Sides Ask or Dareby Roman Sanders
Cover was made by @Emo-Nightmare None of the characters are mine. Did you not read the title?
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 wrong number //Prinxiety  by Ironic-Peace-Signs
wrong number //Prinxiety by Rowen
(Roman)- You're Kayla, Right? Tonight was nice. [Unknown]- um, no i'm not. . . . [In which Roman gets the wrong number] {Started: March 22, 2018} {Finished: ----,--, 20...
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