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Taken by swanqueen-nessa
Takenby Swan Queen
SwanQueen... Emma, Snow and Charming's princess suddenly goes missing. All eyes turn to the Evil Queen, she suffers with depression causing a voice in her mind. The peop...
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Unpredicted Love by swanqueen-nessa
Unpredicted Loveby Swan Queen
Emma Swan: Age- 28 Job- Teacher For Storybrooke Elementary Husband/Wife- None Family- Henry D. Swan ---------------------------------- Regina Mills: Age- 30 Job- Mayor...
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Promises by ssweetsleep
Promisesby ssweetsleep
What happens when Emma and Regina's magic gets a little...out of control?After Zelena's curse is casted and hook has to find emma, what happens when he finds Emma with...
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Late Night Snacks by SupBoy11
Late Night Snacksby SwanQueenSwanQueen
As Emma try's to get Reginas trust back by giving her baskets sent from Henry, things get suspicious when Emma stops bringing baskets and just leaves all together. Set w...
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Advanced English by gigglesw1234
Advanced Englishby dub daddy
Emma has lived in Storybrooke for as long as she can remember and she has a 4 year old son. This is her 5th year of teaching and she lives on paycheck to paycheck. She w...
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Redamancy (A SwanQueen Oneshot) by the_flying_ostrich
Redamancy (A SwanQueen Oneshot)by Hogwarts Will Always Be There...
~*Once Upon A Time Season 6 Spoilers Ahead*~ The Evil Queen and Regina Mills always have shared their cores, and this doesn't change after they are split into two separa...
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Daniel and Bonnie a love story  by Bblue86
Daniel and Bonnie a love story by Bblue86
This is about Bonnie and Daniel as they journey through life after Harry Potter ( drama and love , swearing , break ups )
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The Queen and her Swan by Odessa315
The Queen and her Swanby Odessa315
The Evil Queen tricks Snow into thinking she enacted the Curse that rips one's happy ending away. When really she just made a distraction so she could kidnap Princess Em...
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Fighting for What is Right by Fahmster
Fighting for What is Rightby Fahmster
This story is SwanQueen!! What happens when a senior lusts after their teacher and then eventually falls in love with them? What happens when one woman saves the life of...
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Regrets A Riker Lynch Story (OLD VERSION) by AmeliaLynchRatliff
Regrets A Riker Lynch Story (OLD AmeliaLynchRatliff
(I am writing a new version so go read it. It will be called the sane, it will have the same cover ) Riker Lynch, the bad boy of the school made a bet started by his fri...
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You, silly by Danica-SQ
You, sillyby Danica-SQ
How I imagined S3EP22 should have finished. It's a SwanQueen one-shot, you have been warned. This is my first story, so please be kind 😊
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Let's try anyway. by Quinnelise_SQ
Let's try QuinnElise
Regina and Emma are an unusual couple. Could they actually beat the odds and make it? Living in Storybrooke, news will travel fast. How will the town take it once they...
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Someone Like You by Sarah_Regal
Someone Like Youby Sarah_Regal
Emma is about to marry Hook. But as she's walking down the aisle, she panics and runs away. Regina follows her and so they start a deep conversation about Hook, Emma's c...
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That hockey player (swanqueen fanfic) by SupBoy11
That hockey player (swanqueen SwanQueenSwanQueen
Regina mills is a single mother with her 14 year old son who's father died some years back. Emma swan is one of the most famous hockey players known also Henry's idol. W...
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I Want To Feel Alive by NatashaTheOncer
I Want To Feel Aliveby Nat
Ms.Regina Mills is hurt after her divorce with Mr.Robin Locksley. But she still has a cooperate company to run. But she is lonely, and when Ms.Emma Swan is hired as her...
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Magical Birthday by MajkaSammie
Magical Birthdayby Mary Sammie
"Then we have to show Henry that magic can also create something beautiful." A story about a boy that created something without using magic. SwanQueen
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Crack! Swanqueen  by kimswan1
Crack! Swanqueen by Hemo is hot
Crack! Swanqueen #needyregina
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High School life with the Wiggles: Series 1  by SnazzyJazzy17Art
High School life with the Jasmine
This series is going to be about a Fictional life with my friends based on my real life at my school. Some of this will consist of truth and fiction in a twist, Also rem...
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A SwanQueen Fanfic by NatashaTheOncer
A SwanQueen Fanficby Nat
Emma Swan Single Mother Working to Earn A College Degree Regina Mills College Professor Both Are Lonely How Will This Play Out?
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Dreamland by mfprincesst13
Dreamlandby Tia Morgan
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